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  1. rudi

    Plugin for protecting my precious ears...

    Fantastic - thank you for the tip!!! :)
  2. rudi

    Best Backup Solutions for Windows 10?

    I have used True Image since 2017 for both disk cloning (when updating an SSD or HDD) and for my daily backups. Currently I use version 2019 with a custom "Incremental" backup scheme - 1 full backup, followed by 6 incremental backups; repeated until I almost reach the full capacity of my backup...
  3. rudi

    Plugin for protecting my precious ears...

    How do you set that up in Reaper? It sounds like a useful idea :)
  4. rudi

    Forum changeover this Sunday - Forum will be down for a few hours

    :faint: Three hours offline? That means I'll be able to go three hours without spending any money on special offers, libraries and effects!!!:dancer:
  5. rudi

    Cubase.... quick controls, pain is the ass???

    I was the same with Cubase, it never felt intuitive to me... then I switched to REAPER. It works in a similar way to your description: touch a control, select learn, twiddle MIDI control and you're done :)
  6. rudi

    Berlin Woodwinds Exp. B & C: Soloists (A Review)

    If anyone else would like to take a look at the correct PDF for Berlin Woodwinds Exp B, it can be found at:
  7. rudi

    Berlin Woodwinds Exp. B & C: Soloists (A Review)

    Great review and playing Chris! Thank you for the walkthrough.
  8. rudi

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    It'd be nice to have a walkthrough of the drums being modified and actually hear the changes, as that is the big feature of MODO Drums. The overview only shows graphics of all those possibilities but not actual sound. The few drums only audio demos sound very compressed (with the exception of...
  9. rudi

    Spitfire Audio Updates

    Thanks for the head-up, downloading the Albion ONE update. Here is the changelog: Albion ONE v1.6 (June 2019) ADDED: All previews updated FIXED: NKS folder structure updated and improved FIXED: Tuning and NKS controls of CHX presets FIXED: Some CS patches are not CS FIXED: Darwin...
  10. rudi

    Zilhouette Strings for HALion

    Yes it has - it is actually a library that's been out for a while (as I found out when I posted the thread ) :sick:
  11. rudi

    New from Output, Steven Slate, Sonuscore's The Orchestra, and IK Multimedia

    Thanks for finding all this out @TigerTheFrog. The MIDI export was number one on my wish list! :dancedance:
  12. rudi

    64% Off: Adventure Brass by MusicalSampling

    Thanks for the insight Manuel - I tend to have a light touch, but I can see how they could overload when played in a different way :) I'll boost them to match my touch and re-save them... I had to do something similar with the NOIRE piano.
  13. rudi

    64% Off: Adventure Brass by MusicalSampling

    Great library but is anyone else finding the default (0dB) volume really quiet? Even with the mod wheel full on I have to crank up the volume to +6dB to match my other brass patches (e.g Albion One, BHCT, Majestic Horns, The Orchestra etc.) The library is version number is 1.1, and I am using...
  14. rudi

    Kontakt Video Tutorial: How to Make an Arpeggiator (sort of) + FREE TOY PIANO KONTAKT LIBRARY

    Great stuff - clearly explained and a nice insight into Kontakt scripting. Thanks!
  15. rudi

    Do You Use Analog Saturation?

    I use the Waves Kramer Tape Stereo plugin on either the full mix or just the strings. I first became aware of it when watching an Alan Meyerson master mixing video: (the video is worth watching in its entirety if you get the chance) It adds a nice subtle saturation that makes the mix sound...
  16. rudi

    Noire: anyone else noticed how quiet it is?

    I wasn't in the market for a felt piano.... but after the demos on this forum from one of the users... I bought it, and I haven't regretted it at all. Great sound (in both the Pure and Felt configurations), lots of options, superb sound quality. I love it :)
  17. rudi

    Be Kind - orchestral

    Sorry I don't have any suggestions on building-up harmonically. It's a beautiful piece - the balance and development are great. I particularly like the build-up from 1:40 onwards. Thank you for sharing
  18. rudi

    Noire: anyone else noticed how quiet it is?

    What @jtnyc said. That's how I did as well. I couldn't find a way to make it a default for the entire library. There might be a plugin or script that could let you change the response of your MIDI controller, but I haven't looked into it.
  19. rudi

    Noire: anyone else noticed how quiet it is?

    I have found the same: I have a very light touch and my MIDI controller has a soft "synth" action instead of a "weighted piano" one. I had to hit the keys really hard to get a decent sound level. I changed the response on the piano tab > velocity to "Hardest". It suits my touch much better...
  20. rudi

    Steinberg / Cinematique Instruments Zilhouette string library

    Thanks, I didn't realise it had been out for such a long time. I've changed the title to include Cinematique Instruments! :)
  21. rudi

    Steinberg / Cinematique Instruments Zilhouette string library

    I got an email from Steinberg this morning about a new string library called Zilhouette. Apologies if anyone has already mentioned them, couldn't find any mention of it on here... It was created by Cinematique Sounds and recorded in Cologne. Steinberg describe it as: Zilhouette Strings is a...
  22. rudi

    Over 1000 Vintage this real?!?

  23. rudi

    How to draw attention?

    More food for thought... :) There is no doubt that finding your own voice is really, really, really important and what makes you (and me) unique is equally important. But consider the following: No musician, painter, writer, any kind of artist or human being comes into shape fully formed. We...
  24. rudi

    How to draw attention?

    We are all learners (me more than most) and feedback is vital to help us improve. It is also very hard to listen to your own stuff with enough critical detachment (I am very guilty of that myself :speechless:). Here is my very subjective feedback on your piece: "In a World of Knights &...
  25. rudi

    My experience with Reaper

    @Fredeke The Falcon was great, but also a rare beast, and quite expensive at the time. I hadn't heard about the 260ST. You are right about the Motorola architecture - so much better than Intel at the time. I remember being horrified the first time I tried to add some keyboard hooks into...
  26. rudi

    Synchron-ized Special Edition

    My quick take on Synchron-ized Special Edition Vol 1. I haven't tried it next to the original SE Vol 1, so it's quite subjective: - the source sounds don't feel radically different from the original but the impulses make a differnce (see below...) - the convolution reverb includes three...
  27. rudi

    Some questions about the patterns in Sonuscore Orchestra.

    I just had a try. As far as I can see the automated envelopes can only be drawn by dragging your mouse across the envelope box. As you draw each individual step, a tiny text item appears showing the step number and velocity being input. I don't know if that would be picked-up by an onscreen...
  28. rudi

    Mac mini - what happens when hard drive fails?

    If you are looking at the 2018 model, the RAM upgrade process doesn't look that user friendly according to this tutorial / teardown...
  29. rudi

    John Williams - Leia's Theme - Mockup

    A beautiful piece of music... besides the clarity quality of the audio, the one thing that stands out to me is the emotional and human content of your rendition - that transcends the technical details. Thank you.
  30. rudi

    Might Have To Move DAW From Desktop To Laptop

    How weird... checking it out!!! The link is ok if cut and pasted into the URL bar... I have deleted it in the original post just in case!!! Since then I have checked my antiviruses (I run several of them) just in case, but nothing seems amiss (btw the original link didn't take you anywhere as...
  31. rudi

    Might Have To Move DAW From Desktop To Laptop

    USB hub wise I have been using the Anker 10 Port (7 USB3 ports, plus 3 PowerIQ charging ports) for quite a while. It's an externally powerd hub. I use it with a Focusrite Scarlett 616 2nd gen soundcard, iLok, eLicenser, plus three external drives. I also use the PowerIQ ports to charge my iPhone...
  32. rudi

    My experience with Reaper

    Cubase is a great programme indeed. I looked at upgrading from 9.5 Pro to 10 Pro, but didn't find anything compelling for my use of it :) I also think I've been experienced Cubase fatigue... from the very early version through decades of upgrades. I love how quickly Reaper loads, the flexible...
  33. rudi

    My experience with Reaper

    @Fredeke, yes, bringing back some (good) memories. I actually owned a Falcon 030 with MultiTOS, and MiNT, and Cubase. It was a great machine well ahead of its time, super efficient, with a great display and lots of ports, including MIDI. I never did use the audio side of it, only some keyboards...
  34. rudi

    Spitfire Kelper Thoughts?

    I wonder if Paul and the team will get some inspiration from the above? Spitfire Kelper, aka Kepler Orchestra 2... a tide of good sounds, at the edge of the sea and dry land. Recorded underwater at Lyndhurst Beach. To be followed by Urchin - a tale of spikes and radial symmetry, with a wet...
  35. rudi

    Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 features

    Thank you for sharing your insights. Very informative!.
  36. rudi

    Kontakt GUI issue

    It refers to co-ordinates: X, Y, Z. They are used to represent width, height and depth (front to back). When creating computer interfaces, you use them to position the screen elements, e.g draw a control at such and such position. If the Z co-ordinates are messed up or inverted as seems to be...
  37. rudi

    Logic Consistently Freezes on "Converting" in Kontakt

    I have been encountering the same problem... in my case it seems to have started when I upgraded to Kontakt Player 6. It only happens in my DAW (REAPER), and only when I use The Orchestra. I have tried lots of different combinations, including re-installing my software and libraries, re-saving...
  38. rudi

    My experience with Reaper

    More experiences... I had to go back into Cubase Pro 9.5 to do some housekeeping yesterday... I was looking for the pan law setting and it took a google search to find it... which made me realise how good it is n REAPER that: - all the settings except for Project settings are in the same...
  39. rudi

    6 Horn Comparison - Audiobro, Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, 8dio, VSL, Synchron

    Thank you for a very useful and informative comparison!
  40. rudi

    Make my own Cubase iLok?

    The eLicenser looks like a USB stick, but from what I recall when it was first introduced, it includes some processing inside to store and verify licenses (I think it was originally designed by Syncrosoft). It needs some companion software called eLicenser Control Center that acts as an...
  41. rudi

    Cubase vs. Reaper.

    I think that there is no doubt that the market for DAWs is evolving and fragmenting. Whereas you used to rely mainly on a few "pro" packages, there are many more alternatives now; many of them coming from smaller, more focused teams rather than trying to be all things to everyone. There is also...
  42. rudi

    Cubase vs. Reaper.

    Cubase has evolved over a long time, and has been piling on heaps of facilities. The team has access to some large resources. It covers lots of ground and is one of the "standard "DAWs. Reaper is the result of a tiny team (I believe it may only be one or two) and has developed in a more...
  43. rudi

    My experience with Reaper

    The personal license is indeed very, very affordable and generous in terms of versions. Although that is a very nice plus point, to me what makes Reaper attractive is how much you can personalise it, and make it fit your own way of working.
  44. rudi

    My experience with Reaper

    I have been dipping my toes into SWS... the theme I use recommended using it :) Like you I felt lost when trying Reaper out, but now I love how light it is on resources, and how it can be customised to fit your own workflow!
  45. rudi

    Beware intransparency of the Spitfire Wish List Sale

    (whisper voice: you need chamber strrrringz.... you neeeeed chamber strings ;))
  46. rudi

    My experience with Reaper

    Thanks Rob, I have only just scratched the surface so far. I am looking forward to exploring Reaper more and using it extensively and also explore Reaticulate! I have been using a theme from someone called Blankfile which I really like :)
  47. rudi

    My experience with Reaper

    The following is a short summary of my experience with Reaper... I have used Cubase since the days of the Atari, mainly for pop/rock type music and basic song arrangements, but I have always wanted to dabble in orchestral / cinematic / media type music. After some research I came across this...
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