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  1. handz

    Mixing Benny Oschmann - Short Flight in a Big Balloon

    You are a demon, doing this by ear, wow! I really like your brass sound. Sorry, I am being super confused lately with all the libraries acronyms. CSS, CSSS, CSB - CSSS is what? I assume that CSS and CSB are cinematic studio strings and brass right?
  2. handz

    So, what Mac are you going to get next? (Poll)

    I am surprised at how many voted for the new mac pro, which is super expensive and absolutely unnecessary for music. The new iMac is so good and quite fairly priced.
  3. handz

    Chernobyl composer Hildur Guðnadóttir interview

    "I knew I loved Breaking Bad from the first episode. I didn't need to watch the entire series to make that decision." This makes no sense, absolutely. There were so many series I never finished watching even I liked the first episodes, they just became boring and lame (and same count for many...
  4. handz

    Chernobyl composer Hildur Guðnadóttir interview

    Sorry but no, you cant. Remember lost? How awesome it was and then ended like absolute trash? This wasn't the case as the "Script" was already known, but for me, it was just a good dramatization of a historical event ( with overly dramatic sound design plying all the time) not much added value.
  5. handz

    The new 2019 Mac Pro Announced! - Apple is back!

    Apple is back as absolute lunatic I own iMac 5k, iPhone X, Airpods, Ipad pro.... but nope, I don't think it is OK to make a display for $5000 (with a separate stand of course! for $999!!!) They instead of trying to stop the fact, that majority of pros needing horsepower migrated to PC long...
  6. handz

    Chernobyl composer Hildur Guðnadóttir interview

    This is just proof of how weird time this is. It is a good series, but so good, before ppl even saw it whole? Sheep mentality is strong here. After the first episode it already had insane ratings, sorry, but even with its qualities, it is not as good to be judged like this right away.
  7. handz

    Chernobyl composer Hildur Guðnadóttir interview

    There is any music? All I can remember is sound design (used all the time even in the situations where it is quite out of place IMO )
  8. handz

    Jurassic Park - oooh: one more thing!
  9. handz

    Why so much hate against USB security dongles (like iLok and Steinberg key)

    Lack of trust. Blocking one USB port on my computer ( imagine you are on laptop... sucks) The fact that there are more standards needing different dongles (insane) The fact these are still insanely expensive (how on earth they not provide you with one for free - the software that we are...
  10. handz

    Orchestration: Where do I even start?

    A lot of people will recommend something like books (Adler, Korsakov...) But honestly, for me, the best way to learn for me is to listen to tons of classical (and any other good orchestral) music and then read and analyze tons scores (or good midi files made from scores).
  11. handz

    "Dark Crystal Overture" Mockup ! (aka Soaring Strings Crash Test)

    Love the score, love your mockup. These old scores have very special sound - lots of air in them and you nailed it nicely with Soaring Strings - they are so nice sounding. Would you mind sharing the midi file? thank you
  12. handz

    Orchestral library for 1000€

    Wow $332... that's a steal... I have gold - but not percussions (they were not available when I was shopping) I Would like to upgrade them to diamond. And... am I getting something wrong or the update really cost $188??! per section?! the whole Diamond is $466 so the upgrade from gold to...
  13. handz

    Orchestral library for 1000€

    I was just playing with my GOLD version of HO and.... sorry, there is nothing as good for the money, even the woodwinds are really nice, great tone. My only issue are the bones, which has a bit muffled tone but horns and Cellos - wow. The cellos have the best lush Hollywood tone, loved them...
  14. handz

    Remote recording by Leos Strings

    Wow, is this really considered cheap or fair price for an hour of a string quartet?
  15. handz

    Budget Woodwinds Shootout!

    While I was always being a fan of EW Hollywood series, there is no doubt that WW was the weakest part. Lots of complaints and programming issues. It was partially solved by the updates but still, I think that WW although its quite complexity and huge instrument count is not as good sounding as...
  16. handz

    Where to learn music theory and harmony and not getting bored?

    I am still looking for some on-point tutorials - focused on movie music approaches - cliches, chord progressions, modulations etc explained in a more "user-friendly" way. So far, I found very few such videos or articles. What I love are such articles...
  17. handz

    Budget Woodwinds Shootout!

    Agree with all above If someone like JWs sound - for brass Cinebrass is a way to go and for WW - Cinewinds are good option too. VSL is dead sounding - but WW actually do not suffer from the dry samples as much as Strings and Brass...
  18. handz

    How to Compose with MIDI and Virtual Instruments - New Online Course by Benjamin Botkin

    thank you for the answer, Ben, I think such a course could be really popular, as many ppl nowadays who not have classical musical education like more "straightforward" approach based on real examples. Mikes masterclasses are indeed good, I was at a few of his live classes - tons of useful info...
  19. handz

    Orchestral library for 1000€

    Same here. It would, but the budget is obviously an issue here. You can get the whole Orchestra for like USD 600? Then he has another 400 to spare for buying stuff like a choir or maybe Albion or...
  20. handz

    Orchestral library for 1000€

    If you start to compose, limiting yourself from doing what you really want just because your library cant do it is the most frustrating thing ever. I remember the times when writing some passages with runs and fast legatos was almost impossible because there was no library capable of it. And I...
  21. handz

    Orchestral library for 1000€

    No, this is not a good thing, being beginner with VST libs does not mean you do not know what you want to compose. This is like the worst argument ever. How do you not know what you are looking for? Problem is that you usually know what sound you want, but it's not there... If you are not...
  22. handz

    How to Compose with MIDI and Virtual Instruments - New Online Course by Benjamin Botkin

    Hello Ben, I am a huge fan of your music. Will you be doing some courses focused more on composing in a classical Hollywood style, cliches, favorite approaches, tricks etc done more for the ppl who not read scores like newspapers?
  23. handz

    Orchestral library for 1000€

    Sorry but that's absolutely not true. It is as easy to use as any other library. Most of the libs out there which were released during a longer period of time have some small inconsistencies. And BTW I hate the way CSS is made, that you need to load ALL articulations section and then KS between...
  24. handz

    Orchestral library for 1000€

    Hollywood Orchestra is for the money definitely the best option - nothing complicated about it, you load a patch, you write/play. Same as any other standard lib. And I would start with gold which is super cheap - listen to some demos ppl did with it, it can still sound really good! The only...
  25. handz

    Jerry Goldsmith - AIR FORCE ONE Mockup

    Thank you so much!
  26. handz

    Jerry Goldsmith - AIR FORCE ONE Mockup

    I like it, some things could be finetuned but overal it sounds quite good, especially toward the end. Would you send me the midifile?
  27. handz

    Mixing Benny Oschmann - Short Flight in a Big Balloon

    Wow. This is my favorite piece by Benny and you did such a great job with the mockup!
  28. handz

    Cubase vs. Reaper.

    Cubase has most user-friendly Midi editing. If you are writing notes into piano roll most of the time using tons of channels - Cubase is the best - of course just my opinion based on 10+ years of experience with occasional testing other DAWs.
  29. handz

    My first official 8dio Demo! (Intimate Studio Brass)

    Nice piece. As others said, the brass is a bit hidden in the mix, but otherwise well done
  30. handz

    Pros/cons: keyswitches vs separate patches for every articulation?

    Reaper - that may be a problem, I have tried almost all the Daws on the market and sorry, Cubase is the only usable, user friendly midi editor with a good looking piano roll. Logic, reaper, FL loops - HELP!!! You don't have to exit piano roll, just select the midi track at the drop-down menu...
  31. handz

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    Would like to know too, their libraries were usually very well received here and the guys from the Cinesamples were always cool.
  32. handz

    Favourite Solo Woodwinds

    BWW, VSL, Cinewinds for an ease of use...
  33. handz

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    So after all these years, hate to say, I am still Spitfire hater it seems, their brass sounds absolutely worst from all the examples.
  34. handz

    Pros/cons: keyswitches vs separate patches for every articulation?

    Keyswitches are pure hell and I never got why is this system used. It is extremely chaotic (each library uses a different system) And making your own for each lib is crazy. What I like is to have velocity controlled articulations like in Cinesamples - for shorts, this is the best thing ever...
  35. handz

    The Chase - Orchestral Piece/New Template

    I really love the composition - some parts are great, but you need a better samples, it just dont sound good enough. Strings are probably the weakest part.
  36. handz

    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    It sounds a bit thin and dry, but that may be that the demos are dry, it does not sound bad but, well... I still think that Cinebrass has the most beautiful tone there is, wish they made a V2 version of this library, recorder the same way but with more hip programming and more arts
  37. handz

    91. Academy Awards Best Original Score

    Well, this year it was more obvious than ever, and what movie has a better disposition to show how they love people of other colors than white than a movie with a "black" in his title. The fact that this was even nominated for the BEST MOVIE is absolutely insane...
  38. handz

    91. Academy Awards Best Original Score

    The Oscars are worse and worse. The Score for BP was not worthy of winning at all, I have to listen to it again today, and nope, this is absolutely forgettable material.
  39. handz

    Let's discuss SOLO by John Powell

    I just saw the movie now and listened to the OST for a few times. Well, There are some good tracks, the new love theme is awesome although no way better than across the stars... It has that old-school vibe but not fits the star wars musical language (which ATS do) Also it is hard to judge...
  40. handz

    Epic Orchestra for game

    Sounds really awesome, what choir?
  41. handz

    EastWest Hollywood Choirs

    Ooof, totally forgot to check this new lib and opinions at the forum. Well, um, I love East West, I loved EWQL, I love Hollywood Orchestra but this... well, what happened? The demos are, I do not want to hurt composers, but the demos are horrible, I remember all the amazing demos for Hollywood...
  42. handz

    Dragon Racing - mockup journey (HTTYD2) - Blakus

    Sounds really amazing, this is enough for me :)
  43. handz

    Is trailer music to blame for non-memorable themes?

    For sure, this and non thematic music of Hans Zimmer and his followers.
  44. handz

    Anyone still using the True Strike series?

    Yes, still sounds amazing to me.
  45. handz

    "Solo Opera" by Organic Samples | Solo Vocals VST for Kontakt

    Sounds really great, what a nice little library
  46. handz

    Score for a Cartoon That Doesn't Exist. Yet.

    Really fun to listen, I also like to write this funny cartoonish cues, great for practicing harmonies and orchestration. I like the mix as well. Good job
  47. handz

    Her Theme - High Flyin' Adventure

    Really nice piece, do not call it old fashioned, it is in a classic golden hollywood style - which will never get old. The mix of course could be better but I dont care when music is nice. Grim Universe being too critical imo
  48. handz

    Spaghetti Con Brio (Live Orchestra)

    Really nice, thank you for sharing Frederic!
  49. handz

    Orchestral Composition

    I really like it, not got bored at all. It has some Prokofiev moments which I liked a lot. I have to check out this lib for sure
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