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  1. halfwalk

    How to Win in 2020

    No matter who wins 2020, the public loses. Minority cosplay on the left, promise of free everything (while raising the cost of living). Military cosplay on the right, promise of safe everything (while arming everybody). Apathetic status quo in the center.
  2. halfwalk

    Sound Design of Electric Cars

    Pretty soon we'll be downloading car tones from an app store and there will be a market for vintage "analog" engine emulations. And there will be purists who argue online about they don't compare to the real thing. And there will be a debate between scripted revving and true, deep-sampled engine...
  3. halfwalk

    Anyone know how to fix this: signal dropout in Logic Step Editor

    Forcing the step editor to do that would be kind of counter-intuitive because while you're trying to edit one step, it would add a bunch more steps in an attempt to interpolate the changes you've entered (as a line). I assume the design is very intentional, to limit you to editing one step at a...
  4. halfwalk

    Anyone know how to fix this: signal dropout in Logic Step Editor

    That's how MIDI CCs work; they are discrete points (numerical values), not lines. If there's no change, no data needs to be written/read, hence the "bars" which indicate the CC being set to a certain number. If there's no change, there's no "bar," rather than setting a redundant value a thousand...
  5. halfwalk

    Hired to write a style you dislike/don't care about?
  6. halfwalk

    A 200 tracks project with a 1m:45s save time ....

    I've found that certain Kontakt libraries (e.g. OT) cause save bloat and loading times, presumably due to the way their engines are scripted, at least in Reaper. I'm not sure how this translates to other DAWs though. It's not anywhere near what you're describing, but still... my blank Berlin...
  7. halfwalk

    Hired to write a style you dislike/don't care about?

    Is everything okay? Do you need a hug?
  8. halfwalk

    Why Don't Cymbals Get Their Own Mixer Faders in Addictive Drums 2?

    They're probably going for realism. Individually mic'd cymbals is a distinctly "fake" thing that only really happens in the sampling realm. In the context of a whole kit, cymbal mics aren't really a thing (excepting the hi-hat sometimes) because the result sounds unrealistic and awkward, and...
  9. halfwalk

    Daniel james live on twitch now with an important topic!

    My point is... "the greats" is an arbitrary notion that will vary based on the perspective of the individual. What makes e.g. Mozart a "great?" Is it because people have studied his music for a really long time and regarded it as great? What if I can't stand Mozart, is he still one of "the...
  10. halfwalk

    Daniel james live on twitch now with an important topic!

    Who decides upon who the "greats" are? Popular consensus? Kanye West ans Taylor Swift are some of "the greats" then.
  11. halfwalk

    Wet libraries

    On the contrary, I think it brings up an interesting point. While maybe not 100% relevant to the topic (which is, what? yet another "what's your favorite X" thread? no offense to OP) it's an interesting point. Let's say you check out a demo for, say, Spitfire strings. In the demo, you hear...
  12. halfwalk

    User experience Neanderthals Everywhere!

    Everybody knows the Denisovans were more skilled coders than the Neanderthals. Anyway, I'm reminded of a Louis CK bit about flying. We have this miraculous tech that enables us to do superhuman things, and still people ignore the miracle to complain about minor inconveniences. I know there's a...
  13. halfwalk

    New from Output, Steven Slate, Sonuscore's The Orchestra, and IK Multimedia

    Maybe they all hired the same copywriter on Fiverr
  14. halfwalk

    Good guitar effects vst plugins

    Whamdrive, free Win (x86/x64) and Mac VST, Digitech Whammy emulation Pitchproof, free Win (x86/x64) and Mac VST/AU, harmonizer (can run octave below, 100% wet) Face Bender, free Win (x86/x64) Fuzz Face & Tone Bender emulation
  15. halfwalk

    Albion Uist Microphones

    Unusual Instrumentations, Sounds, and Techniques Useful Ideas and Sonic Textures Unabashedly Idiosyncratic Symphonic Thingamajigs Umm... It Sounds Terrifying
  16. halfwalk

    Performing vs Programming

    Embertone Joshua Bell Violin and Herring Clarinet are pretty good when it comes to expressive performance in real time. Sample Modeling is pretty great too, especially if you have something like TouchOSC or another way to input various CCs in real time. I personally like using an expression...
  17. halfwalk

    To Prank or Not to Prank Pirates - That is the question.

    You know, that's a good point. If someone can crack iLok, then doxxing/hacking somebody "just for the lulz" would probably be trivial by comparison. It might be best not to impersonate a cracking group for this reason; however unscrupulous they might be, there are undoubtedly some talented...
  18. halfwalk

    POLL: An idea for VI-Control sponsored sample library reviews

    I think it's a nice thought, however I feel like the same reviewer would get picked over and over, once past the initial polling process. And this sort of creates a popularity contest among reviewers, could hurt feelings and create tension, etc. The problem as I see it is: devs don't offer...
  19. halfwalk

    To Prank or Not to Prank Pirates - That is the question.

    Did you get permission to use, modify, and distribute that stormtrooper artwork, or is it... pirated? ;)
  20. halfwalk

    DIY Studio Desk

    Some of this might seem obvious, but one never knows. - Consider leaving room for your cat to sit and watch you work, if you have one. Mine appreciates this. :emoji_cat: - Don't forget about cable management; it's nice to design the desk with this in mind, rather than as an afterthought. -...
  21. halfwalk

    So what should I put on my SSD?

    I concur wholeheartedly; swapping my system drive out for an SSD was very easily the most significant performance upgrade across the board that I've ever witnessed. Like skipping generations ahead, for real. Almost everything seems so much more responsive, like the way it should have been all...
  22. halfwalk

    So what should I put on my SSD?

    I run absolutely everything on SSDs. Putting your operating system on it will let your computer boot up in a few seconds. But yeah, maybe not what you're asking... Sample libraries on it means you can turn your Kontakt pre-load buffer override all the way down (assuming all your libs are on...
  23. halfwalk

    Straylight - new from NI

    Will it run smoothly on the stock Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7? Asking for a friend.
  24. halfwalk

    Making percussion loops "your own"?

    I know it's not exactly what you were looking for, but something like HY-Slicer (free version available) could be fun for capturing the sonic elements of a loop you like and putting your own creative spin on it. That way, you're still using something that ends up uniquely yours without having to...
  25. halfwalk

    Stormzy should replace Mozart in UK music classrooms, study says

    Funny, we were made to recite the pledge of allegiance every morning in my school. From a very early age, this sense of blind nationalistic pride (i.e. large-scale tribalism) was subtly instilled in all of us, as thing that simply should not be questioned. So basically, they force fed us...
  26. halfwalk

    Reverb Glut? One More?

    Slake your thirst with some useful freebies. OrilRiver (alternate GUI is more usable IMO) Riviera (very ugly but powerful) Dragonfly (check the beta version for more algorithms) Ambient Reverb (try the "freeze" feature; windows only unfortunately) Samplicity Bricasti M7 (just impulses, not a...
  27. halfwalk

    Stormzy should replace Mozart in UK music classrooms, study says

    Things I've learned from this thread: - Beyonce and Usher are apparently rappers, not R&B/pop singers. - Drummers are not musicians. - Lyrics, no matter how clever or artful they may seem, are of no intellectual value whatsoever. - Classical music is objectively the best music, don't bother...
  28. halfwalk

    Reaticulate - articulation management for REAPER - 0.3.0 now available

    Assuming each instrument is on a different channel, and you have one MIDI track per instrument, it should work, since the transposition will only affect the MIDI track you put it on (which would mean one instance of midi_transpose on every track for which you might wish to have this control)...
  29. halfwalk

    Reaticulate - articulation management for REAPER - 0.3.0 now available

    Could you use midi_transpose (JSFX) on the MIDI track after the Reaticulate JSFX, link the "Transpose Semitones" slider to whatever CC you want, and use Reaticulate to automate that before it gets sent to Kontakt? And have a separate articulation group which only affects that CC? That should let...
  30. halfwalk

    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    I think it's not a matter of how it's "supposed to be done," but rather the creation of a framework that determines whether or not something is "musical." If it cannot be explained by music theory, then it must not be music, right? It depends on what the individual considers to be musical...
  31. halfwalk

    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    You are attacking a viewpoint which is contrary to your own, by intentionally reducing it to an extreme caricature of its actual intent rather than actually engaging in meaningful dialog regarding why you might see things differently. I hope you recognize the irony of your accusation of...
  32. halfwalk

    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    Yet in academia we all must pass "tests" (among other things) or be considered as "failing." In other words, "Learn this the way I taught it, or there will be consequences."
  33. halfwalk

    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    Interesting, I'll look into that. I have a lot of thoughts on what you've brought up here, though they definitely go well beyond the scope of music theory. Learning, often, isn't. But I'll stop there.
  34. halfwalk

    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    My point is, learning theory does not equal understanding the vibrations of the universe and how they affect human consciousness. It is merely one way to contextualize a small subset of our understanding of the universe. For instance, there are theoretically infinite tones. Yet we arbitrarily...
  35. halfwalk

    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    Pedagogical dogma can stifle innovation and creativity. An implicit hierarchy exists; the teacher assumes authority over the development of the student's mind, i.e. learn what I tell you and recite it back to me verbatim or you have "failed." So if you have a bad teacher, learning theory can...
  36. halfwalk

    Cubase vs logic... is hans zimmer right?

    Plugins contribute confounding variables that you cannot account for in these "null tests" without completely reverse-engineering the DSP (for starters). They are black boxes for all intents and purposes in the context of this thread. Furthermore, the same sort of thing applies to the actual...
  37. halfwalk

    Legato Strings comparison - one phrase, eight test runs

    Yep, they all definitely sound like legato strings. :laugh: Give a composer 8 different string libraries, and she'll still manage to sound like the same composer with each one.
  38. halfwalk

    Composition Tandem

    I think it sounds like a fun idea. The main problem I foresee would be libraries, especially if you have more than two people involved; maybe, if the situation requires it, limit it to something small and free like Alpine Project, or even just a free GM soundfont to avoid Kontakt dependency (if...
  39. halfwalk

    Sample Library Depreciation thread

    Or stay classy and call it "Perennial Favorites," or "Timeless Classics," or "Vintage Reissues," or even "D.C. al coda"
  40. halfwalk

    James Bond Style Brass

    Man, I would totally read your blog if you had one. Thanks for sharing your insight. :thumbsup:
  41. halfwalk

    My experience with Reaper

    You need the ReaPack extension, which gives you access to various repositories of scripts and other resources. From there, you can install the scripts I was referencing (the first several posts of this thread contain instructions and demonstrations). Specifically, I use some of the "mouse...
  42. halfwalk

    My experience with Reaper

    Reaper can be as ugly as you want :)
  43. halfwalk

    Cubase vs logic... is hans zimmer right?

    Even if your audio nulls, your perception of it is still affected by brain chemistry, atmospheric conditions, time of day, lighting, mood, expectations, bias, quantum mechanics, priming from previous listens, blood pressure.. There is no 100% objective listening. Your brain is lying to you...
  44. halfwalk

    My experience with Reaper

    The scripting community is amazing as well. Just the other day I made a request for a MIDI JSFX on the Reaper forum, and within 36 hours some generous user created it for me from scratch, and politely refused my offer monetary compensation, to boot. And this prolific enthusiasm seems to be...
  45. halfwalk

    Reaper: How to apply track FXs to source media ?

    I'm not sure if this helps, but... File -> Batch file/item converter lets you apply an FX chain to a bunch of files at a time. You might have to output your identical filenames to a different folder, then copy to the actual project folder to overwrite your original ones. Just use $source as...
  46. halfwalk

    Sample Developers Appreciation Thread

    Shout out to Joe Stevens (Bigcat1969), Sam Gossner (Versilian Studios), DSmolken (Karoryfer), Paul Battersby (Virtual Playing Orchestra), David Healy (Xtant/LibreWave), Alpine Project, Mattias Westlund (Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra), Jasper Blunk, Simon Dalzell (Ivy Audio), and to everyone else...
  47. halfwalk

    Sample Library Depreciation thread

    Stop buying samples. Buyer's remorse eliminated.
  48. halfwalk

    Sensitive/female-sounding scales or chord progressions?

    I should clarify my point, because maybe I was being too harsh on the OP. Their intentions were good ("not trying to be sexist") but the topic itself is a bit misguided. The problem I'm addressing is that the OP does not appear to recognize their implicit bias. On the contrary, they seem to...
  49. halfwalk

    Sensitive/female-sounding scales or chord progressions?

    "Not trying to be sexist, but how can I use music to reinforce baseless gender stereotypes?" Maybe think of fragility as a human characteristic rather than an inherently "girly" thing. And then your options will open up, because you will have removed these needless artificial constraints you...
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