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  1. dogdad

    Noire and K6 Player

    No problem! Hope you like Noire as much as I do!
  2. dogdad

    Noire and K6 Player

    I was in the same position as you and I did not experience any issues. 5 stayed on my system alongside 6 Player. All my Logic projects and templates loaded up with 5 just as they’ve always done. I also was able to add Noire to my main template, having a mostly 5 Pro template with a few instances...
  3. dogdad

    Seeking views on NI Symphony Series & Brass

    I have the full version of the Brass, ensembles not solo. I absolutely love it and have always believed it is incredibly underrated. It has a big warm full sound. It’s not going to fit every piece but really no library can make that claim. It’s a different color and I appreciate that. Highly...
  4. dogdad

    Spitfire kepler. . .

    I personally like and look forward to user demos. I find it helpful in my purchasing decisions.
  5. dogdad

    Straylight - new from NI

    If I’m recalling correctly, it’s a Synclavier.
  6. dogdad

    Spitfire Audio - Kepler Orchestra - Available NOW

    It would definitely be a dry library!
  7. dogdad

    Eating my words - Spitfire.

    Spitfire is hands down my favorite developer. They just resonate with what I like to hear and how I like to work. To be honest we are so fortunate to have so many amazing developers. We really are living in a time of riches. That being said, Chamber String is a 100% must have. Even if you...
  8. dogdad

    Faster String Runs Library to complement CSS

    For fast arps and runs, Cinematic Strings 2 is my go to. Same developer and different but still great tone.
  9. dogdad

    On the Fence About Spitfire Studio Woodwinds

    Thanks for making this Cory! Your walkthroughs are some of my favorites! And thanks for the patches!
  10. dogdad

    Spitfire Chamber Strings - Pro version worth it?

    For me it was. For the outrigger mics alone.
  11. dogdad

    Why/how do YOU still use Albion One?

    I use it all the time. A lot of it is in my main template. Not just one but also the original 1. The Strings, especially the shorts sound really huge, also the Percussion is great as well. It’s also great for layering with other libs to fill out sections that need a little more to cut...
  12. dogdad

    So... who's got the best timpani?

    I also recommend Ni’s Symphony Series And Evolution Series Timpani. Both are great but I really like the flexibility of the Symphony Series Timpani. I also really need to get Timphonia!
  13. dogdad

    Sooo many reverbs but which one would you prefer for orchestral use?

    I mainly (own most) use three verbs - 1. Reverberate 2 (best all around for or orchestral/natural spaces) 2. Waves Abbey Road Plates (Beautiful Sound) 3. UAD 224 (My favorite ambient verb) Most often I just use Reverberate 2 but sometimes I’ll set up three busses and set each verb to be...
  14. dogdad

    Spitfire Studio Woodwinds - Coming Soon

    Bravo! Excellent Work!
  15. dogdad

    David Newman - Instrumentation Series by Orchestral Tools

    Very much looking forward to this, thank you! A really great idea!
  16. dogdad

    Spitfire harp -- sound stops problem

    I too have experienced this issue and I also believe it was (at least for me) the result of using the midi chase function in Logic.
  17. dogdad

    Orchestral Tools: OT Sample Player

    Looks really nice. Wondering if it will be compatible with the older version of BWW (don’t have the newer release). Also, love the idea of buying just the instruments you want. Really interesting and exciting development.
  18. dogdad

    Orchestral Tools announces Junkie XL Brass by Tom Holkenborg

    Really looking forward to seeing more! Sounds awesome!
  19. dogdad

    LAYERS - Studio Ensembles. Free Orchestral Tools Collection

    Thank you! Excitedly looking forward to your new player!
  20. dogdad

    Your Purchases of 2018 and Your Wishes for 2019

    So, what did you buy this year? What do you want next year? My list (What I can remember, LOL) - Spitfire - Eric Whiteacre Choir Upgrade to SCS Pro Studio Strings Standard Symphony Series Brass British Drama Toolkit Solo Strings Spectrasonics - Omnisphere 8Dio - Alto Flute Clarinet...
  21. dogdad

    Spitfire orchestra Libraries - which ones?

    I hear you. I waited for a few years to get SSB and finally got it this year. Hang in there, you’ll get it!
  22. dogdad

    What did you buy from Spitfire's Wishlist?

    Outrigger Mics. A must for me, at least with that library.
  23. dogdad

    Spitfire orchestra Libraries - which ones?

    I don’t yet own Symphonic Strings (yet!), but I doubt I’d use anything over SCS currently. It’s the Goldilocks library for me. It’s not to small (where it sounds like soloists) but still sounds intimate and it can also sound really lush and full, deceivingly larger than it should. It’s also...
  24. dogdad

    What did you buy from Spitfire's Wishlist?

    Studio Strings, standard edition. Wow is that a lot for $150! Honestly, I love the tone. I use Reverberate 2 and blend/layer it with SCS Pro and togeather they sound really, really nice. SCS has detail and space, while SSS adds a smoothness, richness to the sound. It’s a steal at the current promo.
  25. dogdad

    Spitfire orchestra Libraries - which ones?

    I also have to second Spitfire Studio Strings as being a great value. Just picked that up and couldn’t be more impressed. I cannot believe how much you get for $150 (current promo). Absolutely an absurd value. If you want to save some money, check it out for sure. If you have the cash, SCS.
  26. dogdad

    Spitfire orchestra Libraries - which ones?

    I own several Spitfire libraries (and love them all) but Spitfire Chamber Strings gets used almost always, in some way or another. If there was one library I would recommend for almost anything it would be that one. It’s very adaptable. Sounds good in nearly any context and has just about any...
  27. dogdad

    Thank you Spitfire Audio...

    Thank you Spitfire!
  28. dogdad

    What's on your Spitfire Christmas Wish List?

    Thank you Spitfire for my code! Looking forward to adding Studio Strings to my collection! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
  29. dogdad

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  30. dogdad

    What's on your Spitfire Christmas Wish List?

    I finally purchased this on Black Friday and couldn’t be happier! I should have waited until this sale but I had lost all patience, LOL! It’s now my main brass library. Listen to the demos to see if it’s right for you. To me it’s the sound of many, many soundtracks I love. It’s a really good...
  31. dogdad

    MegaMagic Dreams for Kontakt or Omnisphere?

    Just watched your walkthrough video on YouTube and wanted to let you know, I think it sounds awesome! Definitely getting this! I’m also looking forward to using these sounds with my Roli (Alchemy is one of the few synths I have that work with it).
  32. dogdad

    Spitfire's Black Friday Sale?

    I’m waiting too... :scout: I was hoping today, but it seems a no go. Have my account ready to go as soon as they are. :dancedance:
  33. dogdad

    Your Favorite Reverb?

    We are very fortunate as there are so many great reverb plugins. We are literally spoiled for choice. I own a few of them, these are my favorites. 1. Waves Abbey Road Plates. Downside is CPU usage. I struggle to use it when I’m running large sessions/templates. A shame as I’d use all the time...
  34. dogdad

    Eric Whitacre - thoughts?

    IMHO, a resounding yes! To have access to the sound of some of the best singers in England, conducted and arranged by Eric Whitacre, recorded at Air Studios is quite a bargain at $450 (currently). It’s also massive! There is so much content here, especially between the two plugins. It will...
  35. dogdad

    SPITFIRE - Spitfire Solo Strings NEW Virtuoso Violin Total Performance Patch

    Thank you Spitfire! What a nice surprise! Just had a few min to try it out and... Beautiful! Thank you!
  36. dogdad

    What are the best sample libraries for Taiko style percussion?

    Evolution Series Taiko is what I’ve been using. I really like them. They are not, in my opinion, hyped like some of the other Taiko libraries I’ve listened to. More natural, which I prefer, mostly. For a more epic style, I use the Taiko drums in Metopolis Ark 1...
  37. dogdad

    A New Chapter from Spitfire Audio...

    It’s been my assumption is that those who are enjoying this library do not feel comfortable posting here about it. Or possibly, they’re too busy making music with it ;-) Also, it seems that a lot of the critical posts are from people who have not used the library and are basing their opinions...
  38. dogdad

    SPITFIRE - Announcing Spitfire Studio Strings! 24 Hours LEFT on Promo Price!

    Ok, the big question - Standard or Pro. I like $199 and with already owning SCS Pro and SsS I’d probably be good. I’m planning to use it for layering. But... DIVISI!!!
  39. dogdad

    SPITFIRE - Announcing Spitfire Studio Strings! 24 Hours LEFT on Promo Price!

    Goodness knows I don’t need another library, but MAN, do these strings sound AMAZING! I basically work for Spitfire at this point. Every other paycheck is a beautiful new library! I need to stay of the internet LOL!
  40. dogdad

    SPITFIRE - Announcing Spitfire Studio Strings! 24 Hours LEFT on Promo Price!

    Hello, my name is Jason and I’m a string library addict.
  41. dogdad

    SPITFIRE - Announcing Spitfire Studio Strings! 24 Hours LEFT on Promo Price!

    Also, if anyone can, layer it with SCC. Does it blend? I was thinking about creating a hybrid between this, SCS and SsS.
  42. dogdad

    SPITFIRE - Announcing Spitfire Studio Strings! 24 Hours LEFT on Promo Price!

    For some reason all of Spitfire’s web site has changed to GBP and is charging me VAT. Anyone know how to change it back to US currency?
  43. dogdad

    Best VI Drum Machine?

    I second the Revolution recommendation. I have it and love it. The samples are really extensive; they give you multiple versions (tape, mastered, lofi) of each drum machine and sometimes they include two different hardware versions of the same model. Plus the interface and corresponding key...
  44. dogdad

    SPITFIRE - Spitfire Solo Strings NEW Virtuoso Violin Total Performance Patch

    I can’t wait to download this library! I’ve been wanting this update for a while now. I love the original Solo Strings and I have no doubt I’ll love this library too! I apologize for asking for more since it appears we’re already getting so much (and it hasn’t even been released yet!), but I...
  45. dogdad

    Symphony Series - Percussion

    I just purchased SSP and used it on a new piece. It does have several cymbal rolls in it. FIW, I like it. The Timpani is great and the cymbals are nice (as well as the rest of the percussion). I also have LDLC cymbals but have not compared them yet.
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