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  1. Quasar

    Changing my mind again? Ryzen vs i7/i9 and Thunderbolt

    The chipset fan would be a red flag for me until such time as it's in the wild long enough for a consensus on its impact. Plus, the 3900x has shot up in price from $500 to $850 or something? Wow. If I were building now and thinking about downgrading to the 3700x because of cost, I would simply...
  2. Quasar

    Has anyone successfully gotten a refund from Spitfire

    I looked at the walkthrough and thought it interesting and kind of cool. It appears to have some very good and authentic organic sounds, earthy instead of synthy, but it's way, way too expensive for me right now. But in general principle, I am always sympathetic towards and in favor of...
  3. Quasar

    Looking for 'playable' orchestra

    LOL I wouldn't be the one to ask, because what one means by a "full" piece is going to vary both subjectively from person to person, as well as pragmatically, dependent on what one is trying to do. I'm just a home hobbyist, learning how to orchestrate, dabbling along. ... I am a firm believer...
  4. Quasar

    Please bring back the History Button.

    I never used or even noticed the history button, but after people started crying about it being gone I became upset and missed it terribly. So I am glad it's back.
  5. Quasar

    Looking for 'playable' orchestra

    Wonderful library, and perfect for learning how to orchestrate with VI. But it's pretty much the opposite of what the OP is asking for. Problem is, you can't have it both ways. If you get a sketch library like Albion One or Symphobia, you gain "playability" but lose the fine-tune control over...
  6. Quasar

    Ryzen 3000 Vs I9 9900K for music production

    I had a similar thought, not about 3000 vs 4000, but that you might have waited at least until the x570 made it to Main St. More choices, chipset maturity, potential heat dispersion/noise issues resolved, lower cost and all of that... My tentative plan is to rebuild again next January. My aging...
  7. Quasar

    Qwerty keyboard recommendations for W7/W10?

    I once had the Logitech G110 keyboard on my W7 DAW machine, and it stopped being recognized on startup as well. After looking a bit at drivers & bios settings I decided that it wasn't worth it and that any cheap wired USB keyboard (the sort from Dell/HP/whoever they throw in the box when you buy...
  8. Quasar

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    They do. I have done this. EDIT: I misunderstood. Not sure about receiving orange slices when buying at discount. Sorry.
  9. Quasar

    New Forum Layout Is Live! Things to know

    It appear that "Latest Posts" and "New Posts" have been merged into a single Latest Posts label, which makes good sense if they are the same thing. Thanks!
  10. Quasar

    PA going to Subscription too

    Uncritical acceptance by large numbers of people is never a valid indicator of whether something is good or bad, right or wrong.
  11. Quasar

    PA going to Subscription too

    Good points. Since the whole plugin universe has expanded so explosively (by some order of magnitude certainly) over the past few years, it's only natural that various niche markets develop for various use-case scenarios, and it's inevitable that we see a vast array of marketing strategies and...
  12. Quasar

    Which DAW for more acoustic sounds?

    Choosing one over the other is all about workflow preferences, price and platform. If Reaper sounds "harsh" then it must have to do with how your interface levels are set or some such. No one chooses a DAW because it colors the sound one way or another except (as dzilizzi already pointed out)...
  13. Quasar

    New Forum Layout Is Live! Things to know

    One little thing and question: It seems with the old layout I could read a thread and then select "Latest Posts" from there. Now I have to go back to "Forums" and then choose "Latest Posts". There is still a "New Posts" option at the top. Is "New Posts" the same as "Latest Posts"? And if not...
  14. Quasar

    PA going to Subscription too

    I got the same $179 offer, and have unsubscribed from their mailing list. I've only bought a few things from them, and always at deep sale prices (their full prices are laughably absurd), so I am no doubt not the kind of customer they prefer anyway... ...Even before all of this subscription...
  15. Quasar

    Testing new post

    In your attached image, the line striking across the Report Edit Delete Bookmark Reply row is similar to what I had with the first New messages note, which made it unclickable, but if I wish to use any of those functions in the previous posts, it's all good.
  16. Quasar

    Testing new post

    This time it worked fine, so I guess it was either a glitch on my end or it has been fixed. Here's the screenshot, which is now displaying correctly, and works as intended:
  17. Quasar

    Testing new post

    Yeah, if I hit reply and someone subsequently posts something, so the message appears again. EDIT: Can someone post something here, please? Preferably something profound?
  18. Quasar

    Testing new post

    I was going to respond with something utterly banal and meaningless, and then received the standard: Messages have been posted since you loaded this page. View them? But this message is only partially visible behind my new post box, and I can't click to access the subsequent posts. Using W10 and...
  19. Quasar

    Best Backup Solutions for Windows 10?

    I still have 2010 on my W7 computer, but had problems with W10 machines, and learned that there is no official support for W10 until ATI 2015. The web computer I'm typing on now has ATI 2017. Were you able to get ATI 2010 to work with W10? But I like Macrium also (perhaps more), and have...
  20. Quasar

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    I believe that as long as you enter the group buy before it ends (July 22), you can then subsequently add items at the final discounted price until the grace period for paying ends (Aug 12) after it's over. In fact, I'm pretty sure this is what I did the first year I entered. Greg can correct...
  21. Quasar

    Flat key, or sharp key?

    Assuming equal temperament (if not, that's a whole other can of worms) your point seems valid. I could be wrong too. Practically speaking, whatever choice leads to the cleanest, most consistent and easiest to read score throughout the whole work? The best hierarchy of guiding principles for...
  22. Quasar

    Flat key, or sharp key?

    I would use G# minor because your E minor scale already has a note called F# contained within it. You wouldn't call this 2nd a Gb because it already has a G natural. So when switching keys it seems more consistent to stay within # mode.
  23. Quasar

    APD/SL *** Drama Spinoff

    I don't understand the moral outrage, I really don't. What about celebrity athletes who endorse tennis shoes? What about product placement in movies? The whole capitalist swamp is drenched in marketing hype characterized by grossly exaggerated claims and outright lies on so many, many levels...
  24. Quasar

    Purchasing a new display

    This is really subjective, but I know that a 24" screen is about as much as I can handle. I bought something similar to what you have now, a Dell 24-something 1900 X 1200 because extra vertical space of the 16:10 ratio makes a huge difference over the standard 16:9 IMHO. This primary DAW screen...
  25. Quasar

    Looking for great atmospheres - Does Xosphere 2 is an option to consider?

    Using Reaper, it doesn't seem to record as MIDI. As far as I can tell no MIDI CC data is input from the xy pad. What it does have is the record function so you can record the movements. Recording directly to audio should work fine. At least it does in my setup.
  26. Quasar

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    The Orange Tree Samples Group Buy has got to be the single coolest sale on the entire internet. It will absolutely continue to keep growing grow much bigger than it is already.
  27. Quasar

    Keeping your DAW off Internet

    Yeah, just keep the backup drive physically unattached when not using it, as ransomware can infect anything that is connected. It's not difficult to stay safe from that stuff with a little bit of effort. For my web PC I just perform a full backup once a month or so, but copy new content to...
  28. Quasar

    Keeping your DAW off Internet

    NetLimiter 4 looks pretty cool, and I my try it out for my internet computer. But for me, the core principle about having an offline workstation is about the right to create in an environment of privacy and autonomy. It's a human rights issue, not a tactical or safety concern.
  29. Quasar

    Keeping your DAW off Internet

    It's a synonym in such instances where the updates are mandatory. And what about all of this microcode stuff for Spectre/Meltdown et al that is said to have a negative impact on, especially, older machines? I still have a Sandy Bridge CPU and I don't want that crap. Nor do I need it if my...
  30. Quasar

    Keeping your DAW off Internet
  31. Quasar

    Keeping your DAW off Internet

    I keep mine off the internet, and think it high-time that people militantly demand an end to any copy protection that does not allow for this. Because of the malware Native Access and NI's vicious betrayal of offline activation support, I have had to have my DAW machine connected to the web for...
  32. Quasar

    Not renewing Pro Tools "subscription"

    In fairness, I made no comment regarding the Pro Tools DAW per se, because you are quite right that I am not qualified to have an opinion. I only commented on Avid's business practices regarding cost, licensing and copy protection, which I have acquainted myself with. You don't need to own the...
  33. Quasar

    Not renewing Pro Tools "subscription"

    I don't care about literal "zero latency" monitoring. When playing VIs that generate MIDI and run through an audio interface and a computer and perform DA/AD conversion, it seems that the laws of physics will mandate some latency. What I care about is the RTL being = or >10ms, which is enough to...
  34. Quasar

    Not renewing Pro Tools "subscription"

    As a Reaper user I can well relate to the Pro-Tools subscription pain. The license is good for two whole number versions, after which you have to pay again if you want to stay current. So based on past release cycles, Reaper is costing me $60 approximately every 7 years! Highway robbery man...
  35. Quasar

    Chernobyl ?? - Pianos ??

    Great post. I took a very dim view of the marketing when I got the email this morning, but you make some excellent points that cause me to reconsider my attitude.
  36. Quasar

    70% OFF: Pripyat Pianos - Radioactive Pianos from Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

    This was my first thought as well and I had decided not to say anything. But I agree with you 100%.
  37. Quasar

    What kind of YouTube channels you are following?

    JJay Berthume's tutorial stuff is great!: And Seth Monahan: And I like the Reaper stuff too, because that's what I use: ReaperMania, the Reaper Blog... The thing about YouTube is that it's so...
  38. Quasar

    AMD working on a 64/128 Beast for TR4

    Yeah the 3950x has tentatively caught my eye too. My 2012 build is still running great, so I'm not worrying about assembling a new machine until sometime in 2020, by which time the Scan Pro Audio info should be in and all of that... ... By then of course there will be another Next Great Thing...
  39. Quasar

    SALE: 77% Off XOSPHERE 2! Use code at checkout: XO77

    I bought it yesterday, and really like it for what it is, which is exactly what it appears to be on the demo and overview videos. The sounds are of excellent quality, and it's a quick way of getting these sorts of "space-age" textures that can then be layered with other instruments for creating...
  40. Quasar

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    At this point I need another virtual drum kit about as badly as I need a case of dysentery. But this still gets my attention because I have the IKM MODO Bass and it's an absolutely fantastic VI. So I'm definitely going to take a look, especially if there is a crossgrade discount. On the other...
  41. Quasar

    77% off Sample Logic XOSPHERE 2

    EDIT: I can confirm that the process does work here, and have been able to get Xosphere 2 for $59.99. Downloading now. Thanks for the APD info. The math and process are still confusing to me: At APD you can get the $50 gift certificate for $30 using $20 of your rewards money. Yes, that works...
  42. Quasar

    Looking for great atmospheres - Does Xosphere 2 is an option to consider?

    Cool, glad your first impressions are positive. I do have APD rewards points, and will look into it thanks! One more question, if you don't mind: Does the resource consumption seem more akin to Xosphere 1, as you mentioned, or is it more like Dronar? IOW does it seem efficient enough to run at...
  43. Quasar

    Looking for great atmospheres - Does Xosphere 2 is an option to consider?

    Thanks for the comparisons. I actually forget that I have the Dronar Live Strings and Brass modules, because Dronar is one of the very rare libraries I can't make work on my aging i7 2600 32 GB machine without massive audio dropouts. When I build a new PC (probably in 2020) I can give those...
  44. Quasar

    Looking for great atmospheres - Does Xosphere 2 is an option to consider?

    Bumping this thread because Xosphere 2 is currently on deep sale, and don't wish to crash the Commercial Announcements thread ... I also have Omnisphere & Zebra, and lack any clear sense of how redundant this would be. I admit that part of the attraction is an out-of-the-box polish (reminds me...
  45. Quasar

    Is library music saturated? Talkradio Show -Show Over

    I think the idea to have this show is really cool, and I listened to part of this. But it took me a while to understand the question, and I'm still not sure if I did. This issue was perhaps vaguely formulated. Like one of the early callers, I first thought that you were talking about the sample...
  46. Quasar

    Windows 10 silliness

    If there was more native compatibility for all the stuff I have, I would like to abandon Windows in favor of one of the Linux flavors too... ...But Windows can be easily tamed so that you are in control, IF you keep your workstation offline. Most of the systemic problems I read about OS...
  47. Quasar

    Building a dedicated computer

    If you're not in an extreme hurry, why not wait until AMD releases Ryzen 3 on July 7? The Ryzen 9 3900x (MSRP $499) is rumored to compare favorably with Intel's $1200 i9-9920X, though of course we won't know until it's out in the wild and real-world benchmarks for DAW use are performed. Though...
  48. Quasar

    Albion Uist Microphones

    Yep. That's all there is to this. jj mixes give you F M B and the other Sessions folder gives you C T A O.
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