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    Batman Returns....Returns !!!!

    I call it weird science.
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    The Lion King 2019 OST

    It's also up on streaming services, or at least it's been up on Apple Music since yesterday. I'm really enjoying this version. I have been looking forward to this since seeing Hans live. The whole show was great but everyone I went with agreed that there was something extra special about The...
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    Whats an appropriate Spitfire "Evolutions" library for this purpose..?

    Spitfire recommends Symphonic Strings Evolutions for sitting under dialogue: "Composers are forever being asked to make meaningful music that sits easily under dialogue without diverting attention away from the scene." I don't own it myself, but it's pretty close to the top of my wishlist. I...
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    Big Spitfire Purchase Feedback

    I started out with EW libraries before they offered the cloud and I still use Hollywood Brass all the time. It’s a great place to start for sure, especially with K12U. Look into NI’s Reaktor Community for a ton of free Reaktor synths.
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    Big Spitfire Purchase Feedback

    I'm going to join the chorus of voices advising you to slow down a bit. Spitfire has been doing a pairs sale in July or August. Chances are at least two of the instruments you listed will be paired together at a discount. I'd sit tight with KU12 until then at least. The OT Arks are a great...
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    How much RAM for 2019 iMac i9

    That’s a shame to hear. Was hoping this configuration could be a possibility for me as an upgrade is on the horizon.
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    Spitfire Solo Strings: How I learned to stop worrying and love vibrato

    Hey, @ism, did you ever release your script? I picked this library up during the winter wishlist sale and would love to try it out!
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    Auras - reviews

    I bought AURAS during the intro sale and have loved working with it. Are those two updates quoted above still in the works?
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    Something is Coming - Spitfire Thunderbolt

    Since no one has said it yet, my guess is flash sale on BDT.
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    Now this to me is a no brainer if you don't have them..... u-he NI NKS sale

    I love Diva and Repro. If you don't own one or both of them, download the demos from u-he's site and start playing around with them. You don't need to take anyone else's word for how great they are!
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    Spitfire Audio London Contemporary Orchestra Textures – Available now

    Another helpful walkthrough out there.
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    Delayed, Delayed, Delayed Bohemian Violin They updated the development tracker this month and indicated in a comment there that they are focusing all their efforts on getting Violin EXP 2 out.
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    Spitfire Audio London Contemporary Orchestra Textures – Available now

    Looks like this might include solo string patches in addition to some percussion. I held off on Alternative Solo Strings (nope, not using the acronym) specifically hoping LCO solo strings were in the works.
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    Waiting for Spitfire Audio subscription service

    I used Splice's Rent to Own plan to buy Serum and it was perfect. The problem with applying this to Sample Libraries is that just about all of them go on massive sales a few times a year. Serum did not go on sale once since I started my rent to own. Waves has a rent to own program through...
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    Choirs in a Volkswagon: Spitfire + OT + Heavocity + Soundiron

    My experiments mixing the Labs Choir with EWSC, Genesis, and the Ark 1-2 Choirs caused me to buy EWC last night.
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    Bunker Strings Vol.1 - out tomorrow

    Could you clarify when the pre-order ends? By midnight CET on November 30, do you mean in about 8 hours, or in about 32 hours? The concept sounds great, by the way! Love seeing people look for new ways to use sampling.
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    BF2018: The cigarette after it. How do you feel?

    I picked up Spitfire’s The Ton Bundle. EVO Grid 3 was near the top of my Spitfire wishlist and I don’t think I’m likely to find that library alone for $100. I may end up getting the Soundtoys Bundle. I decided to demo the bundle recently. It’s very suited to my tastes. There were a lot of...
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    [OUT NOW] - EPIC BABIES - Unique Hybrid Scoring Instruments

    Thank you @PulseSetter! Very inspired concept.
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    Something new from Spitfire? October 25.
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    Could it finally be the choir?

    I was at Cirrus yesterday. It was a wonderful event. But the only thing we learned about the choir is that... they still can't talk about the choir yet.
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    Black Friday 2018 - What's on your Wish List?

    Heavyocity’s Forzo is probably going to be my big purchase on Black Friday. I knew I wasn’t going to use it before then, but I was really tempted to buy it on intro pricing anyway. Strezov’s Wotan, and maybe even a bundle of Wotan and Freya are likely pickups if there is a sale. Beyond that...
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    The Olafur Collection - Spitfire

    I have the original OA Evos. I find them really useful and easy to slot in where I need them because they are soloists. One day I’ll pick up the Chamber Evos and probably the toolkit.
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    Spitfire sales?

    Last year on Black Friday they had a 66% discount on a custom bundle of different strings products that was only available for the sale. Only catch there was even with the discount, due to the number of included products and original prices, it was still about $800, if I remember correctly...
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    FXpansion Cypher 2

    I still like it. I felt like there was a little bit of a learning curve but I have used the MPE patches for some very expressive textures, basses, and leads. I also think use of the XY pad in addition to the 5d controls is key to some sounds. Have you played around with the demo? I spent...
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    Komplete Kontrol A Series - Scaled Down Keyboards at a Budget Price

    $150, $200, $250. Depending on the reviews I might pick up the A25 just to have an NKS device and as a portable keyboard.
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    NI Komplete 12

    I will definitely be waiting for in depth reviews, but I'm currently working without either of those features, so it's less of a loss to me than something I would choose not to invest in. I figured the bigger benefit to me would be NKS mapping at a very affordable price. Appreciate your words...
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    NI Komplete 12

    I will definitely pick up the KU12CE upgrade if/when they do a 50% off sale. Very interested in the A61 as well. The S61 looks great, but never quite made sense for me.
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    Omnisphere 2.5 update is now live!

    Sonic Academy has the USR-1 in development, but no word on it in over a year. Not sure if it will support Omnisphere.
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    Omnisphere 2.5 update is now live!

    Right now I would be cautious of buying one of these hardware synths the sole purpose of controlling Omnisphere. They are going to be adding more hardware synths, and soon from the sound of their comments. It probably makes more sense to wait until we know what all the options will be. But if...
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    Omnisphere 2.5 update is now live!

    Can you control any preset in Ominsphere from the hardware synth or only the presets modeled on that hardware?
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    EastWest 50% off MSRP

    I’d definitely be interested in upgrading my Hollywood brass gold to diamond but on “sale” they want $15 less than they want from someone buying diamond with no upgrade. The regular upgrade price is also the same as the full price for diamond for a new user. Doesn’t make much sense.
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    Bohemian Series Expansions Thread, Violin Expansion 2 Improv Video

    Very happy Bohemian Violin and Cello user. Looking forward to EXP2!
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    PulseSetter-Sounds Dystopian Summer Sale

    Stumbled upon this sale last night before I went to bed. Been eyeing Subversive for a long time and it does not disappoint!
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    Your favourite Zebra and Omnisphere Soundsets?

    The Unfinished has made a lot of great libraries for both of those synths, as has Triple Spiral and Joseph Hollo. All of R. Soul’s recommendations are highly regarded. Electric Himalaya has a great analog style soundset for Zebra. Plughugger has a lot of Omnisphere sets available but those...
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    Orange Tree Samples 2018 Group Buy - 60% OFF NOW!!

    That last one worked for me. Thanks for sharing your "error messages"!
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    FXpansion Cypher 2

    I spent the last few days demoing Cypher2 and finally bought it last night. I'm really happy with how well I've been able to get my existing Kontakt libraries and synths to play on the Seaboard, but there's something to be said for libraries and instruments designed with the Seaboard in mind.
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    FXpansion Cypher 2

    Nice. As a Rise 49 owner, I might just pick this up.
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    Diva, Zebra 2 or Dark Zebra?

    I think you'll be very happy with that choice. Enjoy!
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    Diva, Zebra 2 or Dark Zebra?

    Rounds is great. I also like Kontour, Razor, and Form. And again, I'm a huge fan of the Reaktor Community synths. I wouldn't not buy u-he's synths because I own Reaktor. In fact, I bought almost every synth u-he has released when I had Reaktor first. But for people posting that they have...
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    Spitfire - labs! get your free library!

    I remember hearing this on Christian’s vlog and loving the sound. Thanks for making it a LAB instrument!
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    Diva, Zebra 2 or Dark Zebra?

    So I love the u-he synths. I own almost all of them. But I have had great success with using Reaktor and Massive with Spitfire libraries too. The difference in what you can get from the NI synths and U-he will depend, in large part, on what kind of synth sound you’re after. Have you looked into...
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    Diva, Zebra 2 or Dark Zebra?

    I bought Zebra/HZ and Diva at the same time, so I have always used them concurrently. I also use the synths the OP already has. I think Diva fills more of a gap. Reaktor is extremely versatile as it is so if you have to choose just one, and analog-style sound is your goal, I’d go with Diva first.
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    Something New from Spitfire Audio...British Drama Toolkit Discussion

    I’m guessing the T stands for Toolkit, so who’s BD?
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    Torn between LCO Strings and U-He Zebra 2...

    I believe the deal is still that if you buy Zebra 2 and HZ you get Zebra 3 for free. If that's still applicable, it's definitely worth considering. You should absolutely play around with the Zebra 2 demo. u-He has one of the most generous demo arrangements around. And because of it, I own...
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    Orange Tree Samples 2018 Group Buy - 60% OFF NOW!!

    I had a very smooth experience buying, downloading, and installing all 15 libraries in the Guitar Evolutions Bundle. Had fun exploring the libraries and even started writing with them already! As playable as they are out of the box, I’m looking forward to diving deeper into the engine and using...
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    Orange Tree Samples 2018 Group Buy - 60% OFF NOW!!

    I’m leaning pretty heavily toward the Evolution Guitar Bundle right now. The videos and the consistently positive reputation of Orange Tree Samples on here and other places go a long way to boosting my confidence that this is the way to go. Plus those orange slices I won on Facebook didn’t hurt!
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    Zynaptiq intensity

    I received an e-mail from Zynaptiq that intro price has been extended until July 31.
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    SPITFIRE - PAIRS Two Amazing Libraries, One Amazing Opportunity. Ends TODAY! 23:59 BST

    I jumped at the opportunity to get OA Evo this time around. I actually haven’t even used the ensemble patch yet because, like you mentioned, I bought it primarily to add soloist flourishes to my music. I did as much research as I could on the product and so far it’s performing exactly as I...
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    SPITFIRE - PAIRS Two Amazing Libraries, One Amazing Opportunity. Ends TODAY! 23:59 BST

    I've always viewed the Pairs sales they do as time-limited bundles given a set discount that Spitfire has arranged so that existing customers can still get the discount even though they are not buying two products at this time, like NoamL posted above in more detail. New customers can buy...
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