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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    Nooooooo, don't mention Output!!! Must stay strong! Seriously though, how do you find their libraries?
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    Came close to getting the Studio Brass Pro, Studio Woodwinds Pro and Eric Whitarce Choir but had to draw the line somewhere. I'll see how I get on with the Studio Strings Pro and maybe take the plunge on the other Studio series libraries at a later date.
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    Finally took the wish List plunge... OA Chamber Evos Chamber Strings (decided in the end against the Pro version) Kinematik Add-on for EDNA 2018 Professional Bundle (Studio Strings Pro, HZ Strings, Solo Strings and BDT) The price of the 2018 Pro bundle was just too good an offer to turn...
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    Here's how I would write the final music of 'Game of Thrones'.

    Really enjoyed listening to your piece. I had considered Forzo during the NI sale but opted to give it a miss this time round, although it does sound very good.
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    Spitfire Chamber Strings - Pro version worth it?

    Planning on purchasing the Spitfire Chamber Strings in the Wish List sale. Is it worth spending the additional money to go all out for the Pro version or do most people manage just fine with the standard version?
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    New Spitfire video - Homay shows us how to create epic cinematic sounding cues

    Disaster!!! I shouldn't have watched! Now I want the Eric Whitacre Choir!
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    Spitfire Appreciation Thread

    Do you have Chamber Strings? I’m still trying to decide between Chamber Strings vs Studio Strings (as part of 2018 Professional bundle)
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    Yet another awesome contribution to the community from Spitfire

    Which libraries did he cover?
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    Spitfire Studio Brass

    The only thing I can take away from all this discussion is that I no longer have a clue whether or not I should buy the library now! I was ready to hit the Buy button but now I don’t know who to believe. Help!
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    The 56% figure is the discount off the non-sale bundle price.
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    No, it is 65% discount. Sold separate price is £1666. Sale bundle price is £580. So 65% discount off these individual products when bought as this bundle
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    The 2018 Professional collection is 65% off
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    So the 2018 Professional bundle has been reduced to £580 (65% discount). It contains Studio Strings Pro, HZ Strings, Solo Strings and British Drama Toolkit. That’s bringing Studio Strings Pro in at £157 and HZ Strings in at £244. There has been mixed reviews about all 3 string libraries on here...
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    Also interested in the Studio Strings (and possibly Brass and Woodwinds). I only have Albion One at the moment in terms of Spitfire Strings. Was contemplating Chamber Strings but thinking Studio Strings might be a better bet. Any thoughts on whether or not to go with Pro version?
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    Coming: Spitfire Springtime Wish List Sale

    Thinking about adding Studio Strings Pro and HZ Strings and possibly the Swarms bundle but not sure how much use I would get out of the Swarms in reality. I was originally planning on Chamber Strings but thinking Studio Strings would be more suitable for my needs (Pop, Singer/Songwriter, EDM...
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    50% OFF Heavyocity Novo, Forzo, Gravity and (almost) all their expansions via Native Instruments

    Anyone used any of these libraries in a Pop, EDM context?
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    Logic pro x very very slow content download

    Not a great start to my first ever Mac computer purchase.
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    Logic pro x very very slow content download

    I should add that based on the current download speed, it should only take me another 120 hours to finish off downloading the remaining content!
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    Logic pro x very very slow content download

    I purchased Logic on Thursday and was able to download the Application and the Essential sounds fine. However problems started when I attempted to download the additional sound content (approx 48GB). Downloads were constantly failing. After 3 online chat support sessions and 2 telephone...
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    Install AU only? Or AU and VST?

    Hello, I've just made the switch from PC to Mac. I'll be setting up my new iMac and installing my various Sample libs over the next few days. One question that I have is do I need to install both VST and AU versions of the Sample libs OR are the AU versions all I need? I plan to use Logic as my...
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    External G-Drive USB HDD fast enough for a Project drive?

    I guess a 4th option would be to keep my Project content on the internal SSD in the iMac. Or is it better to keep it separate from the OS and Apps? The Project content would be a mixture of Midi and Audio although mostly Midi data)
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    External G-Drive USB HDD fast enough for a Project drive?

    Just bought the Akitio Thunder 3 Quad Mini 4 bay enclosure to store Samsung 860 EVO SSDs for my Samples. Now trying to decide what to use for my Project drive. Here are my options: Option 1: Add an SSD (2TB) to the Akitio (approx max speed = 520Mb/s) Option 2: Add a 2.5 HHD to the Akitio...
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    Suggestions for Thunderbolt 3 SSD enclosure for new iMac?

    The Akitio Thunder 3 Quad Mini is the frontrunner at the moment I think.
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    Suggestions for Thunderbolt 3 SSD enclosure for new iMac?

    I am wondering if buying a couple of Samsung T5's would be a better option, with the added bonus of no fan noise.
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    Suggestions for Thunderbolt 3 SSD enclosure for new iMac?

    Hello, My new iMac arrives next week. I'm planning to purchase an external Thunderbolt 3 enclosure to initially hold a Samsung 860 EVO 2TB SSD (for my samples) and a 4TB Hard Disk (for audio/photos). I will be running in a Non-Raid configuration. Can anyone offer any suggestions regarding...
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    New iMac 2019 - what size of SSD?

    Thanks for everyone's feedback. 1TB would be a nice to have but not sure I can justify the Apple price for a 1TB SSD so I'm thinking 512Gb may win.
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    New iMac 2019 - what size of SSD?

    Hi Folks, Just about to purchase my first ever Apple Mac. Will be going for the new iMac i9 8Gb RAM (and then purchasing extra from 3rd party) model. I will also be buying external Thunderbolt 3 enclosure and external SSDs for my sample libs and audio files. Given this, do you think going for...
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    'Fully loaded Mac Mini' vs 'Mac Mini with PC Slave'?

    Hello, About to purchase my first Mac (Mini). I'm looking at the i7 model with 512 SSD but I can't decide between going with 32Gb Memory or 64Gb Memory (I don't feel confident enough to fit the memory myself so will probably take the hit and purchase the RAM from Apple). One option is to go...
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    Spitfire orchestra Libraries - which ones?

    Well after going back and forth I’ve finally decided to skip the Wishlist sales (including the Choir and Swarms collection) Instead I’m going to spend more time getting better at making use of Albion One (which I already own) before spending any more money. Hopefully more time getting a deeper...
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    Spitfire orchestra Libraries - which ones?

    Thanks for all the advice so far. Much appreciated. Dogdad, would you value SCS and SStS above SSS?
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    Spitfire orchestra Libraries - which ones?

    I’m looking to add some Spitfire Libraries ahead of their Wishlist deadline tomorrow. I’ll be writing hybrid/ambient music with maybe the occasional trailer style track here and there. Been watching the various Spitfire videos on repeat but still can’t decide :-) I think i’ve decided to go with...
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    Albion 3 Iceni - Thoughts?

    Hi, Noticed that Spitfire Audio have Albion Iceni as their Highlight product this month and have currently reduced it to £279. What are people’s experiences with the library? Do you find it quite niche? I’ve currently got Albion One and the OT Arks. Wondering if I would benefit from Albion 3...
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    Logic Pro & Apple

    Hello, I’m a PC user and have never used/owned an Apple computer. My first DAW was Cubase but I never got along with the eLicencer/Dongle so moved to Studio One. One of my frustrations with Studio One is lack of support for NI Komplete Kontrol. I’ve always wanted to jump ship to Logic Pro. A...
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    Finally built myself a website!

    Site looks good! Works on iphone without any problems.
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    IMac external storage solution for Sample Libs?

    Hello, I've finally decided to opt for an iMac for my new home studio setup running Logic Pro. Still haven't decided between the i5 and i7 due to fan noise and potential thermal issues but that's another story. I will be going for the 512gb Internal SSD rather than the fusion drive. The plan...
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    I7 iMac 2017 - Fan noise?

    I have heard from the reviews I've read so far that the new 2017 i7 iMacs are noisier than the 2015 versions. Perhaps a combination of the updated i7 and graphics card. New i5 iMacs are supposed to be just as quiet as the previous version.
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    I7 iMac 2017 - Fan noise?

    Hello, I'm debating about purchasing the new 2017 iMac i7 model. This would be my first Apple computer purchase. The main concern I have is the fan noise and how hot the unit would become under load. I've read several reviews that commented on how noisy and hot the unit gets although this seem...
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    NI Maschine anyone still using ?

    Anyone using Jam to control Bitwig? I've currently got Maschine Studio and Presonus Studio One 3. Thinking about purchasing Jam and Bitwig now that NI have added integration between the two. Would be interested to hear from anyone who has that combo. Is it worth the investment? (Thinking Bitwig...
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    ARVA Children Choir released // Free Soloists Expansion released!!!

    Will your review be available before the end of the intro pricing period?
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    Strezov Sampling 'Arva' - Review Video

    Hello, now that people have had some time to play around with Arva, does it still come highly recommended? I've read the reviews/videos and it does sound very impressive. I don't currently own any of the Sterzov Choirs, this would be my first! Also very interested in Freya (and possibly Wotan)...
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    2.5k? 4k? Superwide? What Displays...

    Got my eye on the new LG 38" ultra wide monitor (LG38uc99) 3840 X 1600
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    2 for 1 from Best Service or Tone2!

    Tempted to take advantage of the offer and go for Shevannai, Cantus, Mystica and ANother. I had talked myself into holding off this time around as already spent a bit in other sales. But now with the extension I might find myself caving in! :-)
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    What type of keyboard controller for Orchestral programming?

    Hello, What type of keyboard controller would people recommend for programming orchestral ensembles? (E.g. Albion One, MA Ark) Can I get away with 61 keys or do I really need 88 keys? Also is semi weighted synth action keys ok or would I be better off with fully weighted piano style keys...
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    IZotope Music Production Bundle for beginners?

    Hi, I've got iZotope Iris and therefore have the opportunity to purchase their Music Production Bunlde (Neutron, Ozone etc) for £235 via their crossgrade scheme. Up until now I have used a local producer to mix and master my songs. In the short term I will continue to get someone else to mix...
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    Spitfire Hans Zimmer Percussion HZ01

    Thanks for everyone's input! It has certainly given me food for thought :-) John, yes I have a discount (Xmas Wishlist) for the Spitfire Hybrid bundle (Albion One, eDNA Earth and HZ01) which expires on 31st Dec. In hindsight maybe I should have just added Albion One to my wishlist but I had...
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    Mystica Choir

    Hi Folks, Does anyone have any experience with Mystica female choir library? Worth purchasing? Or are there any other choir libraries that you would recommend ahead of Mystica? Cheers, Levon
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    Spitfire Hans Zimmer Percussion HZ01

    Hi Folks, I've just purchased Ark 1 and Ark 2 (haven't had a chance to play with them yet) and I'm considering buying Albion One as well. These are my first orchestral purchases. Would all my percussion needs be covered with these 3 libraries or would buying a dedicated percussion library such...
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    Ark 2 vs Albion Tundra

    Hi Folks, Does Ark 2 and Albion Tundra cover the same ground? If you have one already then would it make sense to buy the other or is there too much overlap? Cheers, Levon
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    My third Trailer Music piece... "Black Friday"

    Sounds really good. I like the use of Una Corda in the track. I was tempted to to purchase that library during the BF sales. How have you found Gravity? Worthwhile investment?
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    Metropolis Ark 2 - Released!

    Wish the finish date for the discount period was end of December. Tough justifying spending that amount of money (even at the sale price) just prior to Christmas! The new demos do sound superb.
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