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  1. bryla

    Looking for 1 hour slot with Scoring Orchestra!

    Get in touch with Miklós Lukacs at
  2. bryla

    Is the piccolo above the flute or below in score layout?

    Alas not all Hollywood scores use correct nomenclature.
  3. bryla

    Is the piccolo above the flute or below in score layout?

    Depends on the orchestra but I seldom write for orchestras where it is not the 'last' player (2nd in a two player section or 3rd in a three player section) that defaults to piccolo. Often the second player in a three player section will also be doubling and would double on Alto flute. In cases...
  4. bryla

    Let's Get Up to Date: Favorite Vibraphone VSTs

    Fluffy and Orange Tree.
  5. bryla

    To transcribe or not to?

    Although I'm 100% in the movable do camp I completely agree with @douggibson
  6. bryla

    Let's Get Up to Date: Favorite Vibraphone VSTs

    Check out the one from Orange Tree. So far the only one I've found with motor.
  7. bryla

    To transcribe or not to?

    I only use it for looping. It's simply the easiest wav-player for me. I have been doing a lot of orchestral restorations from old recordings this year and features like m/s is easy to enable as well. When I studied I transcribed a lot of jazz piano solos. There I used to set playback speed to...
  8. bryla

    To transcribe or not to?

    I've used Transcribe! almost every day for 12 years
  9. bryla

    To transcribe or not to?

    My advice: 1: Play along with regular pop songs on a piano. Start with melody, then bass and chords 2: Write those melodies down in a lead sheet form As you progress you will start to notice more and more details and slowly you can write many elements of an orchestral arrangement. When you do...
  10. bryla

    Looking for good braams library

    Trailer Brass from Musical Sampling is om sale ATM. If I didn't have Forzo already that covers this I would go for that
  11. bryla

    Another score question

    Players have their own parts. Horn 3 will have music in those two bars. Horn 4 will have rests. There's no such thing as a1. When two players play the same line it's a2. If three then a3. If only one you designate '1.' Since this is the third of 4 horns then it's designated for the third horn...
  12. bryla

    Another score question

    The players will not be seeing this information. It is only for the score.
  13. bryla

    Another score question

    Bottom staff is horns 3 and 4, so it means that it is only the third horn. -4 means that the fourth is dropped out but the 3. designation already shows that.
  14. bryla

    Batman Returns....Returns !!!!

    As I was writing my list I thought to myself: Someone's gonna pick out 'ties on tremolos' and disregard the rest of my list ;) I know it's a more recent trend but I find it totally superfluous.
  15. bryla

    Batman Returns....Returns !!!!

    Ugly: Time signatures, bar numbers, vertical system adjustment. Faulty: Bracket for Timpani. Braces for all instruments where it is not one player reading multiple staves (like harp, piano and synthesizer. Ties on tremolo. Instrument names not aligned with staff. Player numbering exceeding into...
  16. bryla

    Batman Returns....Returns !!!!

    Was excited to see the mail but simply a look at the sample pages shows the same faulty and ugly engraving.
  17. bryla

    Picc and flute

    Just wanted to say to OP that I find you ask great questions! It shows you care about the craft of musicianship beyond samples.
  18. bryla

    Is there a Sibelius plugin /shortcut for…?

    Better find out now than later! I've spent many days combined on tasks that I later figured out how to do with macros or shortcuts. An advice I heard from a colleague was: Whenever you reach for your mouse a couple of times in a row for the same task - assign a shortcut. Those 5 seconds it...
  19. bryla

    Is there a Sibelius plugin /shortcut for…?

    Selecting a group of 16th's and pressing the 8th-note key on the keypad will make 2 16th's into 1 8th. Then you can assign the slash to a shortcut. I have it set up so that after selecting bars with 16th's I can perform this with two keystrokes.
  20. bryla

    Unload mics from LADD

    Is there a way to purge certain mic positions from an instrument in LADD?
  21. bryla

    More notation: key changes

    No. Use accidentals. It's only one note that actually need it.
  22. bryla

    16 Levels of Piano Composition !...amazing video from a fabulous teacher !

    Well depends. I've had many students playing Liszt and Debussy without being close to pro or college level. I think there are more of those around than you think and maybe you're just not in her target audience.
  23. bryla

    "Orchestration 1: From Sketch To Orchestra" Lite Course sale

    I'm a bit sceptic when I see a course like this with a teacher who has 46 credits on IMDb and only two of those involve an orchestra.
  24. bryla

    Woodwind Freebies/Demo Samples

    Red Room Audio has a free orchestra with short and longs for Strings, brass and woodwinds.
  25. bryla

    Orchestral Percussion Sample Library

    Another vote for Rhapsody!
  26. bryla

    A2 2x, or only 1x?

    Indicate everytime there is only one note. In such case I would just write unisons in two voices.
  27. bryla

    Slurs question

    No. It's because it is a compound time signature and there isn't a single value that last this long.
  28. bryla

    What kind of YouTube channels you are following?

    Alex Ball - for entertaining videos about producing in different styles: Alan Belkin - for counterpoint and composition: Gear Grotto - for more in depth about processing...
  29. bryla

    My first live-orchestra-experience

    Congratulations! Hope you get many more :)
  30. bryla

    How much do you pay attention to voicing?

    I understand that. Do you have any examples?
  31. bryla

    How much do you pay attention to voicing?

    Can't think of any situation I've seen or used a drop 3. Do you have any examples?
  32. bryla

    64% Off: Adventure Brass by MusicalSampling

    Running smoothly in Kontakt 5 here. Great library!
  33. bryla

    How much is a Conductor in London for a 3-hour session?

    Depends on the conducter and where in London. If there are any union rates @Daryl would probably know. But it sounds like you're asking how much Thai food costs in London. It all depends on quality, location, availability and demand. I can recommend Ben Foster but couldn't find any website or...
  34. bryla

    Sonnox June 50% Promo

    No they had Sonalksis
  35. bryla

    Sonnox June 50% Promo

    Anyone use specific Sonnox plugins in favour of other that you could care to recommend? Personally I have the reverb but have not made friends with it.
  36. bryla

    Need Help with a Meter/Time Signature

    Well it's just a syncopated rhythm in 4/4. Think of it as the first half of a clave for example.
  37. bryla

    Big band & swing - study suggestions

    And Buddy's arranger and trombone player, Dave Panichi Also Sammy Nestico!
  38. bryla

    Bram Stoker's Dracula – Live In Concert

    Thank you @AlexanderSchiborr . This was really fun and now I just look forward to the next performance in September :)
  39. bryla

    This is the Netherlands calling :)

    Welcome, David! There seems to be a lot of Dutch composers here so you'll feel all at home :)
  40. bryla

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    Holy moly!!! Me wants!!!
  41. bryla

    Solve Finale Measure number problem?

    Following. I thought I was doing something the wrong way.
  42. bryla

    Orchestration and mockup of Ravel String Quartet

    Yeah I also heard it of the D&C setting – which is very much like that – but I didn't find it fitting for this piece.
  43. bryla

    Orchestration and mockup of Ravel String Quartet

    Very Ravel-ish orchestration! The only thing that sticks out is the way you used the choir. But great midi performance!
  44. bryla

    Anyone here recorded Live Orchestra in sections?

    This was done in sections:
  45. bryla

    Anyone here recorded Live Orchestra in sections?

    Most of what I do tend to be recorded in full but it happens from time to time that it is recorded striped. At those times it's still mostly Decca that is used. Not sure how the engineer phase aligns.
  46. bryla

    Writing scores in Sibelius for financial reward. Urgent!!!

    It's not crazy at all to have deadlines like these. This however sounds suspiciously like the Zurich Film Music Competition that has these regulations If it is, it is worth noting that the person taking this gig cannot...
  47. bryla

    Orchestration: Where do I even start?

    Start with OrchestrationOnline's introduction series and go from his recommended score studies.
  48. bryla

    Which Celesta?

    Check out the new by chocolate audio. If I didn't have the VSL one I would go for that.
  49. bryla

    Bram Stoker's Dracula – Live In Concert

    Here's a phone recording of the post credits song at the premiere:
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