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  1. hawpri

    2cAudio Precedence vs. Parallax Audio VSS2

    You're welcome. I'm not using VSS2 or 2.0.1 now. I should try it as a panning tool, though. The way I've handled working without a stage placement plugin is with panning, EQ, impulse responses (from sample library purchases), and a tiny amount Valhalla Room (algorithmic reverb) for a more...
  2. hawpri

    2cAudio Precedence vs. Parallax Audio VSS2

    There was a very long break between Parallax Audio's first and second version of Virtual Sound Stage. I think the second was basically a totally different product. I imagine that the third version (if it is completed) will be as different from the second as the second was from the first, but I'm...
  3. hawpri

    [July 19] Free Webinar about Counterpoint

    The link points me to about:blank. Is this URL below where interested parties should be going?
  4. hawpri

    Best Harp Library

    That's what I'm still using. I think I have 5 harp libraries and have stuck with ProjectSAM's. If I get another (one of the new ones) it'll probably be Cineharps.
  5. hawpri

    Ducking music volume to make way for voice narration - is there a better way than side-chaining ?

    Similar to sidechaining by the product description, but the Trackspacer plugin sounds really useful to carve out room for a voiceover or whatever else you need to stay on top.
  6. hawpri

    Finally: disable/enable tracks (load/unload memory) in Logic – with an auto-function!

    This might be a stupid question, but to make sure I understood you, does this mean that users must always save right before freezing and unloading, or does this only occur in new projects that need to be saved for the first time?
  7. hawpri

    How to get a job as a composer's assistant Hi, DI. Serious question. Are you just having a little fun here or have you actually...
  8. hawpri

    French Horn Rips (Cheap or Free ?)

    There used to be a free rips patch from this library, but by the looks of things Strezov Sampling has made them available only with the purchase of their French Horn Ensemble (€75.00).
  9. hawpri

    Faster String Runs Library to complement CSS

    Somehow the same thing happened to me, only with the cello + bass combination runs transitions patch. It was years ago so it's hard to remember how long it was before I realized that patch existed, but it was way too long after the time of purchase.
  10. hawpri

    Faster String Runs Library to complement CSS

    I don't know how great some customized patches turned out according to the opinions of others (especially those with discerning ears at VI-C), but I tweaked and tweaked LASS to get something that was relatively good to me. I read another forum user mention doing this and I tried my hand at it...
  11. hawpri


    Chapman has 1 dynamic for sustains, but I like their fake vibrato and the note transitions. The staccato is a little hard to work with. Meetyhtan, I think Strezov's Rogue Trumpet is worth considering. It doesn't have true legato, but I like its sound.
  12. hawpri

    Tips for getting instruments' volume just right, and getting multiple VSTs to work well together?

    To get the volume just right I would suggest listening to an existing score or concert piece with a sound you like a lot, but do it at a low volume, and then do the same with your work. It's easier to hear what sticks out or what disappears in a mix when you're not listening at loud or normal...
  13. hawpri

    Buying libraries not in your currency

    It doesn't make a difference to me but I prefer seeing the amount in USD next to the store's default currency.
  14. hawpri

    Libraries that aren't seated in place

    After trying VSS out for a long while, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't my failure to use the tool correctly, it was that the tool wasn't yet good enough. The sound just isn't improved when processed through VSS, and it didn't help me blend dry libraries with libraries recorded in place...
  15. hawpri

    So... who's got the best timpani?

    I'm still using True Strike 1 timpani. It's eq'd half to death and features some extra RR (neighbor borrowing) since it only has 2X RR, but it has held up well enough over the years. If I wanted another/new timpani, the first options that come to mind are Ftsamples, Modwheel, Orchestral Tools...
  16. hawpri

    Why the heck did NI... ???

    Won't it always be possible to keep doing this in older versions of Kontakt 5, and then open that .nki in K6, which would circumvent this whole idea? Obviously as time goes on fewer and fewer people will be using older versions of Kontakt until most won't have this option available, but that...
  17. hawpri

    Piano library with round robins?

    Orchestral Tools' The Grands has this: "Up to 4 round robins on sustains" "Staccatos with 6 round robins on Steinway D"
  18. hawpri

    Orchestral Tools - The [email protected] Pictures

    Does licensing/encoding through NI make a store with à la carte pricing for individual mic positions, instruments, and articulations impossible? I can only think of one other developer with something like this.
  19. hawpri

    Michael Kamen Appreciation Thread

    I remember being disappointed he hadn't scored X2.. only to be more disappointed he'd died. Had no idea. I really liked his scores for X-Men and Band of Brothers.
  20. hawpri

    What Would You Buy if 8Dio Sold it for $28?

    I'd like the Claire Bassoon and possibly the English Horn. They have limitations (mostly the note length stands out) and it's frustrating to write with them at times, but so far I really like the sound of the other Claire instruments.
  21. hawpri

    IZotope physical mail?

    I got mail from Orchestral Tools a long time ago. It was a really nice looking pamphlet or whatever it was, it's hard to remember at this point. It didn't convince me to buy anything, but I stopped and looked at it for a lot longer than I would have looked at a marketing e-mail.
  22. hawpri

    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    Downloading Ostinato Woodwinds now. I'd been shopping around for some additional woodwinds recently and this was a very nice unexpected bonus. Thanks, Sonokinetic.
  23. hawpri

    Cheap or free library with nice choir shorts?
  24. hawpri

    Bunker Strings Vol.1 - out tomorrow

    No worries there. One position works well for me if it is closer and drier rather than farther and wetter.
  25. hawpri

    Bunker Strings Vol.1 - out tomorrow

    I like how it looks easy to control ensemble size and dynamics. It's also kind of fun to intentionally disregard realism in favor of sound. Sorry if I missed it, but is there going to be just the one mic position?
  26. hawpri

    Cheapest way to get chamber pizz

    This may be wrong, but doesn't LASS only have 2xRR on pizz? I'm out of town for a bit and can't easily check individual patches.
  27. hawpri

    How often do you make use of the same choir library?

    I would agree except for possibly the case of exposed lines where you may layer a soloist for a more unique timbre or to make it feel more fresh. Also you could mix and match sections of choirs from different libraries on top of just adding a soloist. Come to think of it, that does in fact...
  28. hawpri

    Black Friday Woodwinds Choice

    Thank you. This is how I felt about the Core library. With so many wind libraries available now (like those mentioned in this thread) it has been hard to find a clear choice.
  29. hawpri

    Black Friday Woodwinds Choice

    Any here with opinions on Cinewinds Core or Pro? Those are on sale at the moment. I own a license for Core, and while it's fine I normally use Berlin Woodwinds. So far I haven't found many reviews on Cinewinds Pro specifically.
  30. hawpri

    Taiko Creator

    Wondering the same thing.
  31. hawpri

    What's the rhythm/timing here?

    Sounds like a solo horn to me, too. The tempo feels like it's around 70 (at 72bpm things more or less lined up to divisions of measures in Logic), but that guess could deceptively helpful since I couldn't determine a meter that seemed correct.
  32. hawpri

    Which complete choir would you choose today?

    I have SoundIron's choirs and like them. Like any other library, they aren't perfect and I've found myself wondering if other companies have better material that's easier to work with. If I were to try another series of libraries I would look first to samples from Strezov and possibly AudioBro...
  33. hawpri

    What's the rhythm/timing here?

    The link isn't working for me. "You have not provided a valid SoundCloud URL."
  34. hawpri

    Should we be outraged at Apple for this, or is there an explanation?

    "iFixit confirms you can still repair your own iMac Pro or MacBook Pro" There's no mention of Mac Pro specifically, but I think this is relevant enough information to mention it here.
  35. hawpri

    How do you clear out the low end to make your drums massive?

    +1 to the Trackspacer plugin (by Wavesfactory) suggestion.
  36. hawpri

    Frendo question

    I'll try to take a look at it tonight. Seems like there was a RR reset feature or something similar you could use. SI samples are in .wav format at least some of the time, so you could always access an individual sound directly if needed. Or, depending on how the script works, you could...
  37. hawpri

    Japanese Hybrid score.

    I got a license for Taiko 2 shortly before Nine Volt Audio closed their shop. As far as I know there isn't a way to purchase it anymore, but if there's an authorized reseller it might be interesting to see what else is out there from their old product line.
  38. hawpri

    New from botdog samples: TRAILER LALIS

    I have an unreasonable high hope that it'll be possible to place an order for this and receive it a week later or so in the mail on diskettes.
  39. hawpri

    I am looking to Pay You For your plug in chains that make stuff sound like old samples/vintage

    Unusual, but I think he wants the chain, not just the plugin. Maybe he wants presets and a working combination of plugins so he won't have to spend time figuring out what will sound best from scratch.
  40. hawpri


    Same here. It gets old fast and hurts the forum when people get themselves banned or voluntarily leave. It has some qualities of others like it that wound up being moved here by a moderator. There's a dramatic title about a developer and a post to complain about them, someone defending them, and...
  41. hawpri


    Don't worry, I'm sure something will derail and find its way here before long. There was one thread I just read today that looks promising.
  42. hawpri

    ACID - Does anybody use it?

    The mid 2000s for me and I was using an old version at the time. It was fun to use and the learning curve wasn't too steep for a beginner. I wouldn't think it would be worth the expense to get it now even at the sale price, but if it can get you work and helps you write music faster, then why...
  43. hawpri

    Apparently it is one year since Bernard Herrmann library's release...

    I'd really like a feature here to automatically ignore threads with certain user-defined keywords. Maybe there could be a way to whitelist certain users and those keywords.
  44. hawpri

    Izotope Elements: Can it do the job?

    They're still good plugins, but whether or not it'll be good enough for you depends on what you're planning to do, imo. Could you be more specific about why you need them? Are they just to get you started or did you grab specific goals in mind like repair or enhancement of poor recordings?
  45. hawpri

    What's your ''personal record''?

    LASS used to be over $1000. It was a lot of money at the time but it was so much better than anything I'd used before, so it felt well worth the expense.
  46. hawpri

    Phase Locked Violin

    I think Friedlander had only one recorded dynamic layer and EQ to emulate certain characteristics of dynamics. There shouldn't be any issues with phase and dynamics unless I'm confused. This review refers to the Fischer viola as trumping the Friedlander violin because it has p and mf layers...
  47. hawpri

    What do LASS Users choose for BRASS & Woods ?

    Berlin Woodwinds (the old version) with the standard mic mix and CineBrass Core/Pro with whatever the closest/dryest mic mix seems to be.
  48. hawpri

    Mac Pro trash can USERS

    Yep, it was a normal RAM upgrade with no other steps. After putting them in I turned it on and (thankfully!) it worked.
  49. hawpri

    Mac Pro trash can USERS

    That's what I have. No problems with it.
  50. hawpri

    "EchoThief" Free Impulse response library

    Interesting, I'll check these out. Have you used any of them in your work?
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