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  1. Paul T McGraw

    How To Write a Classic Disney-Style Song Intro

    You do a great job with your videos @ChrisSiuMusic and I really enjoyed this one. Excellent use of the circle of fifths. Too bad Disney is moving away from music like yours and cheapening their music. Anyway, fight the good fight and keep making videos. Perhaps fate will be kind and reward hard...
  2. Paul T McGraw

    Welcome to our asylum (Horror track)

    It sounds perfect for a horror setting to me. I can't think of anything to critique. Nice work.
  3. Paul T McGraw

    Changed workflow, composed this on paper and in Sibelius

    I like the gestures. I need more memorable melodic content.
  4. Paul T McGraw

    Zurich Film Competition

    If that was not the winner, I am amazed. The music worked perfectly. Really took me into the story.
  5. Paul T McGraw

    SSO Mockup - "Leaving Hogwarts" from Harry Potter

    @Karma great work on balancing the sections and individual instruments. I really enjoyed it.
  6. Paul T McGraw

    Mike Verta's Live Brass Class

    I'm sorry that you feel I misled you. If you think the "Live Brass" or "Orchestration 3" videos are unstructured and a waste of your money, then you and I will just have to agree to disagree. Mike Verta has his own unique style. There are plenty of other options if Mike's style does not work for...
  7. Paul T McGraw

    Advice for New Composer

    What you need to learn depends on the style and genre of music you wish to compose. If you want to write like Boulez, you probably already know all you need to know. If you want to write in a later romantic or classic film (Williams, Goldsmith, Korngold) style you are going to have to master...
  8. Paul T McGraw

    Thoughts on Venice Modern Strings?

    Thank you, this is very helpful.
  9. Paul T McGraw

    [Real violin track added] Graceful, romantic orchestra (VSL Violin, woodwinds and CSS)

    @fantasy sound the real violin sounds wonderful. Nice composition, and now it can truly sing. Congrats!
  10. Paul T McGraw

    My first live-orchestra-experience

    @Jorgakis congratulations! This was really great to hear, and your "lessons learned" was fun to read and informative. This is a very skillful composition. Orchestration is, in my opinion, very good. Putting a piece in front of live players is the real test for orchestration, and this came out...
  11. Paul T McGraw

    Orchestral Tools Completion Days -30%

    What about the core Berlin Strings library? Will it be included in this sale?
  12. Paul T McGraw

    Transcription exercise: Fin from Tierra - Alberto Iglesias (CSS)

    I agree that putting in up bow or down bow markings is a waste of time. It is absolutely true that string players will often, perhaps usually, change bowings to fit their own ideas. There are lots of reasons for this, and string players themselves will argue and argue about the "best" bowing...
  13. Paul T McGraw

    Please have a listen to my composition. "Accomplished"

    I am sorry you have not gotten some feedback yet. Production quality is good. The ostinato was just too much up front for my taste. Also, the theme just did not grab me. As a result, when we get to the big fortissimo section it just does seems to be out of nowhere. There has not been any kind of...
  14. Paul T McGraw

    Transcription exercise: Fin from Tierra - Alberto Iglesias (CSS)

    Great work @tack. I love the track. Awesome work. Regarding writing for strings, be sure in your score to use slurs to indicate bowing and/or phrases. Your entire track is legato, and with as few bow changes as possible, which sounds perfect to me. But the score did not reflect what I was...
  15. Paul T McGraw

    Transcribed: James Newton Howard - Unbreakable Theme

    @Land of Missing Parts this is really well done. I loved the movie soundtrack and your version is just as good. Great work with CSS by the way. I own it but rarely use it. Somehow you made it sound so much better than I can! :)
  16. Paul T McGraw

    "Dark Crystal Overture" Mockup ! (aka Soaring Strings Crash Test)

    @whitewasteland a very believable mockup. I am sorry to say that I thought the strings sound was the weakest area. I wish you had Spitfire Symphonic Strings for this project. Your skills are great, but I just do not like the sound of soaring strings.
  17. Paul T McGraw

    Dancing In The Chamber

    Great sound. I had a hard time following the direction of the composition. I could not detect the form, which always bothers me when that happens. But I very much like your motives and sound.
  18. Paul T McGraw

    John Williams - Leia's Theme - Mockup

    @Ocme very nicely done. A very musical and emotional performance, which is good enough to stand on it's own merits. I'm glad you did not exactly duplicate the original, as you gave us another version that is extremely worthwhile and memorable.
  19. Paul T McGraw

    To Boldly Go (Star Trek reference)

    It is so wonderful to get feedback like this. It is so hard to describe how much intelligent feedback can mean to a composer. I worked and worked and worked on the final climax at 6:12. How could I make it even bigger, even more dramatic, when I felt that I had already pulled out all the stops...
  20. Paul T McGraw

    To Boldly Go (Star Trek reference)

    A very BIG thank you! I would love so much to hear a live performance! You nailed it that I was trying to do homage to both Goldsmith and Horner, without EXACTLY quoting either, except in the very beginning.
  21. Paul T McGraw

    To Boldly Go (Star Trek reference)

    It has been about 9 or 10 months since I started work on "A Summer Symphony." Finally, the composition and an acceptable (to me) midi-performance are finished. So now here is the final movement, which is all about the end of boyhood and embarking on the adventure that is adulthood! "A Summer...
  22. Paul T McGraw

    Just because samples can do it, doesn't mean musicians can.

    Care to share some examples? It sounds quite interesting.
  23. Paul T McGraw

    Watch this !

    Thank you! Great video @ed buller
  24. Paul T McGraw

    Virtual Orchestration of Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" & Walkthrough

    Great video! I have been working with VSL instruments for several years now, and I still learned new things from this video. The sound is gorgeous.
  25. Paul T McGraw

    A Summer Symphony Mvt. III - Summer Pastimes

    Yes, I have Altiverb, and I use it often. I have VSL MIR Pro which is a positioning and reverb application. I used the MIR Pro "Teldex" venue for the VSL woodwinds and the VSL percussion. The VSL Synchron Strings were recorded in the Synchron Studio, which has a similar sound quality to...
  26. Paul T McGraw

    A Summer Symphony Mvt. III - Summer Pastimes

    There are a couple of very appreciated suggestions here. I am 66 and suffer hearing loss in the upper frequencies. It is a triangle in the beginning, and I can not even hear it. So thank you! Will try out the brass with shorter articulations. It is interesting that you mention the strings...
  27. Paul T McGraw

    The real reason I haven't purchased samples in over a year

    I am really impressed. You designed your own instrument! How cool is that?!
  28. Paul T McGraw

    A Summer Symphony Mvt. III - Summer Pastimes

    Thanks @ChrisSiuMusic and I value your ears! That sounds silly, but I mean that having heard and appreciated your music and you midi abilities, I thus value what you have to say. Please feel free to make suggestions, critique the articulations, or volume balancing. Please feel free to be...
  29. Paul T McGraw

    A Summer Symphony Mvt. III - Summer Pastimes

    I composed "A Summer Symphony" between August and December 2018, but have just completed a midi performance of this movement. Here is the "program" for this third movement. "A Summer Symphony" – Fond memories of summer days of youth and coming of age in the 1960's. Mvt. III – Summer Pastimes –...
  30. Paul T McGraw

    Christopher Siu - Forces Align (Official Audio)

    I like it. You have a marvelous ear, and this was very characteristic for the genre.
  31. Paul T McGraw

    A Summer Symphony, Mvt. II Summer Nights

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the positive comments, but even more than that, thank you for taking the time to listen!
  32. Paul T McGraw

    A Summer Symphony, Mvt. II Summer Nights

    It has been a while since I posted any of my own music. I composed "A Summer Symphony" consisting of four movements, between August and December 2018. Since then I have been trying to improve my midi-performance skills, and also getting over some health issues, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I...
  33. Paul T McGraw

    VSL Synchron Steinway Demo - Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor

    Marvelous work! This sounds absolutely wonderful. Completely and totally would have believed it was a CD of an actual orchestra.
  34. Paul T McGraw

    Can purchase Dorico 2 for $195 - worth it?

    Has Dorico added the ability to have multiple voices on the same staff? Crucial for choral and orchestral music. Has Dorico added automatic reading and naming of chords? Very helpful for analysis. Has Dorico added roman numeral analysis? A must for musicologists, and students of all ages. Has...
  35. Paul T McGraw

    Who's the greatest NON-living film composer?

    Miklós Rózsa Alfred Newman Erich Wolfgang Korngold Bernard Herrmann I personally think the music of all of these would still work today. Especially for a director that knew how to actually pace scenes for emotional impact. The problem would be finding a director who knew how to actually put...
  36. Paul T McGraw

    AMD Threadripper or Intel i9?

    I am in the process of building a new PC for music. I am considering the new I9 9900k or perhaps the AMD Threadripper 2950? The biggest question in my mind is RAM. I think 64gb is more than enough RAM right now. But will it be enough in 3 or 4 years? I would like this system to last 5 to 8...
  37. Paul T McGraw

    Notation for Composing

    My background is in classical music and church music. For decades I used notation programs, mostly Encore, to do arrangements and print parts for live musicians to play in church. Now I compose as a hobby. I compose in Sibelius. Thank heavens for NotePerformer. It makes composing in Sibelius a...
  38. Paul T McGraw

    Cubase 9.5 constantly crashes

    I hope someone might have a tip that will help. I am having a problem with Cubase crashing about every hour or two. When it does crash, I get a message that Kontakt has stopped working, then the crash. So the problem might actually be Kontakt. When I only use VSL instruments, I never have a...
  39. Paul T McGraw

    Is Ludwig Van Beethoven Overrated as a Composer?

    It is impossible to over-rate Beethoven. He is the gold standard by which all other composers are measured and usually found wanting. His gigantic influence on western culture and western art music was so great that without him the entire subsequent history of classical music would have taken a...
  40. Paul T McGraw

    City of the Sword - big orchestral piece (featuring CSB)

    @jeremenard awesome work. A bit too repetitive for me, but otherwise wow. Good compositional arc, great harmonies, I know how hard it is to work with constantly shifting time signature and you did great with that. The mix and sound are terrific. You have a lot to be proud of with this track...
  41. Paul T McGraw

    It's just a string quartet, but...

    I think the mix is good. You can find lots of quartet recordings with a similar soundscape. Here is one that is not exactly the same, but it is close.
  42. Paul T McGraw

    Eloquence - Symphonic Work

    @brandowalk I enjoyed your work. I did not notice too much repetition, even after reading that complaint above and listening for it. Not saying my opinion is better, just different. Compositionally, I think each movement is strong, and you have lots of good ideas. I do find that I personally...
  43. Paul T McGraw

    VSL Demo - Ravel - Daphnis and Chloe

    Great work @JBacal as is always the case with your work. The midi-performance is fabulous and the mix is perfect. The woodwind work is especially good. Brass and strings are also good, but the woodwinds just really shine in this. I am assuming you stayed with all VSL. Which strings library?
  44. Paul T McGraw

    VSL orchestral woodwinds

    I own lots of sample libraries but I keep going back to my VSL. I use MIR Pro plus a small amount of final reverb on the mix. I use Woodwinds I and II full libraries, plus a few added VSL instruments like Basson 2, etc. If a score calls for 2 each of flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon, then I...
  45. Paul T McGraw

    Orchestral Tools up to 63% off - which one

    There are only so many people who can make a living being a composer. I am a hobbyist. But from what I can tell, the media market is not expanding at the same rate as the number of composers trying to enter the business. At the same time, good sample libraries keep proliferating. Where is the...
  46. Paul T McGraw

    Mikro93's Bad Guys Christmas Dance

    I like it. You succeeded in creating a sort of twisted, obviously "naughty" vibe. Very catchy. The ending was a bit too far off of normal for me. The mix is clear, instruments sound good. I particularly like the first half.
  47. Paul T McGraw

    Aaron Venture Infinite Brass

    I would be more convinced if he had matched volumes. With the volumes so much different it is hard to compare. I have Spitfire Orchestra, Berlin Brass and several dry libraries. When I match volumes and also match reverb qualitiy the differences seem to melt away. There are still some very...
  48. Paul T McGraw

    Aaron Venture Infinite Brass

    I have been playing around with the library since I purchased it yesterday. I am very impressed! Great concept and terrific execution. I doubt if any one product could satisfy everyone. The fans of wet libraries are not likely to appreciate any dry library whether it is VSL, SM, CH or Aaron...
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