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  1. Sears Poncho

    TOMORROW 18th July - Tune in for a special announcement!

    I have listened to the demos and watched the walkthrough. I think this sounds fantastic.
  2. Sears Poncho

    Heavyocity Mosaic Keys and Voices - Your Thoughts?

    I like the keys. Don't know if they would fit the type of music I do, but I like the sound/concept. Don't like the voices, too synthy. Huge fan of Heavyocity, but... ...I wish they would "finish" what they started. My two Novo Packs (Intimate and Rhythmic) are great. I just need 2 more to...
  3. Sears Poncho

    Solos of the sea's violin vs Solo Violin Legato

    Yup. It also sounds like the second one has samples that were played on the A string, while the first on the E string. E string is bright but harsh. If a violinist played this passage, they would play almost all of it on the A string.
  4. Sears Poncho

    "Chamber" Libraries

    Session Strings Pro 2 Lass FC Novo Packs 1 and 2 Tina Guo Full Version I overdub real violins and violas. I've attached a clip. Hopefully I've "blurred the line" between real and fake....
  5. Sears Poncho

    La scoring strings (lass)

    One lil tip about FC: The legato sustain patch offers a 2nd chair for each instrument (and 3 violins total). This makes it super easy to get a chamber orchestra sound, just set two patches to one midi channel. Adjusting the portamento trigger velocity helps as well, one cello does port and the...
  6. Sears Poncho

    Dry Library for intimate "character" strings (sound examples in post)

    Yeah, it does. To me, it just sounds terrible. No phrasing, crescendos that make no sense. I'd try to find a sample library that "doesn't" sound like that. ;)
  7. Sears Poncho

    Best Orchestra Remote Session on Budget?

    Back on topic, kinda: One thing that I do (adding to the conversation, not pushing my own stuff) is make "hybrid" recordings, mixing real and fake strings. I haven't done much with "full orch" but for a string section for a rock track, this I can do at a pretty reasonable rate. I (and some...
  8. Sears Poncho

    How much is an Orchestrator?

    I am a pro orchestrator with tons of experience. I'm also something else: I'm like all good and stuff at it. ;) Union rate?? Hourly rate? Are you hiring a plumber or something? (And lets face it, plumbers get waaay more than music geeks). I live in the real world. I have no friggin clue what...
  9. Sears Poncho

    How much is an Orchestrator?

    This x 10,230, 539.3. Words of wisdom.
  10. Sears Poncho

    Does the VI community considered themselves commercial composers rather than artists?

    I liked The Shining and Ghostbusters. ;)
  11. Sears Poncho

    Does the VI community considered themselves commercial composers rather than artists?

    Since we're already knee-deep in nerd territory, and since some posts have been deleted, I will add to the nerdfest: Bach absolutely, positively wrote symphonies. I have played them. Remember kids, there was more than one Bach: JC Bach wrote symphonies. :)
  12. Sears Poncho

    String instruments played like percussion?

    OP is looking for "cheaper options".
  13. Sears Poncho

    Nature samples

    This. Great site has everything. Throw 'em a few bucks if you use commercially etc. I had success with another sample library years ago. It was raining, I opened the door and stuck the mic (almost) out the door. Birds chirping- ditto. To me there was a certain amount of joy/pride/something to...
  14. Sears Poncho

    Novo Essentials

    According to a post on FB, Heavyocity will be offering some sort of crossgrade /upgrade.
  15. Sears Poncho

    Novo Essentials

    One downside of essentials (I downloaded the content list): It is "ensemble" only and doesn't have individual vln/vla/celli patches. I gotta admit, I think that leaves me out. On the bright side, I'm kinda poor right now so I just saved 100 bucks! :)
  16. Sears Poncho

    Novo Essentials

    Being a card-carrying nerd, I watched the videos. :) It has (most of?) the NOVO engine, just like the Novo packs do. So yes, it has an arpeggiator and many more tricks up it's sleeve. Take 4 minutes and listen to the preset playthrough, you'll see that it can do a lot more in the synthy/hybrid...
  17. Sears Poncho

    Novo Essentials

    I have the two Novo string Packs. Among my favorite vsts. Me likey the price on this.
  18. Sears Poncho

    Solo Strings Set: Embertone vs CSSS?

    Keep the mod wheel low, perhaps less than half the way up at the most and ride the wheel for phrasing. Adjust the portamento settings so that triggering it is deliberate. Make sure portamento isn't overused i.e. like between 1/2 steps. It's best for intervals where a string player would shift...
  19. Sears Poncho

    Fun Thread on Orchestralist

    Indeed. That's the Cleveland Orchestra, seriously.
  20. Sears Poncho

    Fun Thread on Orchestralist

    Hackitissimo, Ferroce, Smackando, Smackitissimo. String players will understand btsooi very well.
  21. Sears Poncho

    Water sample library or sample pack?
  22. Sears Poncho

    Which orchestra to record?

    Correct. It's what I have done the most with the AFM, I've played on lots of CDs. I did a few TV show tapings and it was a very high scale as well. I'm sure it's on the site somewhere.
  23. Sears Poncho

    Which orchestra to record?

    Correct. "Symphony" recordings have their own set of rules. It's going to be longer than "15 minutes max" since they are often doing classical. But I am guessing that if the LA Phil makes a CD, they get the hour break (unless they have a separate CBA which big orchs often do). Another rule...
  24. Sears Poncho

    Which orchestra to record?

    It's the symphony rule for the AFM. Now, in case anyone thinks I am making this stuff up.... here is a link to the AFM page. To hire a musician for a 3 hour session, it is $434.21, plus $55.62, plus $28 H and W, plus taxes,....... and you can only record 15 minutes of music!!!!! Again, some guy...
  25. Sears Poncho

    Which orchestra to record?

    It really depends on the local. In my area, almost all union gigs pay LOWER than non-union. I've been in the AFM for 35 years, so I'm not just pullin' this outta thin air. I've been in 10 locals. Some experiences have been good. Many have been bad. Too many. Way too many. Ever had a fulltime...
  26. Sears Poncho

    Which orchestra to record?

    Here's the real problem: Union gigs (well, lots of gigs) tend to revolve around "politics". Sometimes, laughably bad players get the good gigs because they are friends with the union reps etc. Sometimes they are just ass-kissers. :) Union or not, players have to be hand-picked. If one called...
  27. Sears Poncho

    Which orchestra to record?

    It's in Chillicothe, which is way down on the KY border. Yes. They have an "educational" rate here. Still higher than what the OP is looking for, I think it's 45 an hour.
  28. Sears Poncho

    Which orchestra to record?

    Yeah, they do quite a bit there, to the chagrin of the AFM. But they definitely have the resume and the equipment needed and do a lot. I would normally recommend my area (Cleveland/NE Ohio). We have some of the best players on the planet, the Cleveland Orch, CIM, Oberlin etc. But I don't know...
  29. Sears Poncho

    Which orchestra to record?

    ...which is a shame and a crime, because I'm a pro-union guy too...but they do many things that are absurd and send work to Eastern Europe.
  30. Sears Poncho

    Which orchestra to record?

    Good to hear, LHall. I've been in at least 10 locals. Some are and some aren't. Usually the smaller fish are since they need the dues $$. Regardless, OP needs to be VERY familiar with the rules for a union recording. Long breaks, only a certain amount of music can be recorded in a certain time...
  31. Sears Poncho

    Which orchestra to record?

    Are you going to be using "Union" musicians? If so, and if this is a vanity/commercial recording session, the fees will be the same. And if not, your options are much wider. And musicians can be "hand-picked". But the Union thingy is complex, and some union locals can be assholes and seek...
  32. Sears Poncho

    Which orchestra to record?

    ....and strings. And winds. And percussion. But the harp is usually good. :)
  33. Sears Poncho

    Which orchestra to record?

    Yes, a top orchestra will attract top players. As for your first sentence- HAAAAAAAA! Yeah, it matters. Some are all good and stuff. Some suck.
  34. Sears Poncho

    What are the best / most interesting combos of instruments?

    Sackbut, theremin, banjo.
  35. Sears Poncho

    RIP Michel Legrand

    I had forgotten that he did that. Also "Brian's Song" and "Portnoy's Complaint". I got to work with him, he conducted Symphony Pops gigs a lot in the 80s and 90s. Charming fellow and an enormous talent.
  36. Sears Poncho

    Really fast repeating notes

    Session Strings Pro 2 and LASS FC
  37. Sears Poncho

    Emotional Violin / Cello or Chris Hein for Folk / Country?

    Very nice. I like that they made 2 different libraries instead of one generic one.
  38. Sears Poncho

    How do you do vibrato?

    If you're recording, you can always make another pass to deal with vibrato. Get the notes down then do the vibrato second.
  39. Sears Poncho

    "Correct" use of non-divisi libraries

    This is correct. It really begins to matter after the "3rd" divide. Guys like Ravel did this and it thins out texture while thickening harmony. In the real world, strings are rarely a volume problem. One trumpet can blow away the violin section, so it's not so much "volume" as "texture"...
  40. Sears Poncho

    NI Buy now, pay later

    I don't see it.
  41. Sears Poncho

    Sooo...What DO You Use Garritan For?

    The full "Harps" library is excellent and the only Garritan I own.
  42. Sears Poncho

    Arché Collection...thoughts?

    Yeah, that makes sense. The Touche has to be some sort of midi controller. EDIT: I see, Touche is the hand device. I thought it was a string thingy
  43. Sears Poncho

    To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

    One would probably know if it's better or not when they get the bill for just the insurance. Because if you're paying 8K every year for insurance alone, you're probably gonna figure out real quickly if it's "objectively" better or not. ;) I do understand what you're saying. In the sample world...
  44. Sears Poncho

    To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

    There are probably 20 non-household name old makers that sell for $500K and up, so it's not the "Strad" moniker alone. So, there's no real "superstition" tied to Testore, a guy nobody has heard of except violin geeks. Paying $35K for the Joseph Curtin or $250K for the Gagliano might bring the...
  45. Sears Poncho

    To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

    Not really. Keep in mind that having an instrument for 5 minutes while wearing goggles is no way to judge an instrument. It takes months to learn how to evaluate an instrument. As I said, people who can play Bartok and Prokofiev concertos are probably not stupid, they want the best instrument...
  46. Sears Poncho

    To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

    I think "how they carry" in a hall would be one. The great violins are loud as hell since there are no amps. As I said, they are excellent "modern" violins as well. Among violinists, "Guarneri" is more prized than Stradivari. Those are the badass violins, and that's gonna cost a few bucks. ;)
  47. Sears Poncho

    To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

    Strads are around 1720. Here's an Amati for sale from 1628. There are violins in use from the 1500s. So, it's not their granchildren they need to worry about, it's their great great grandchild's grandchildren. :)
  48. Sears Poncho

    To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

    Nobody missed the point, the conversation just went another way for a bit. Yes, it's very impressive that Italy and a few other places will go to such great lengths to preserve history and culture.
  49. Sears Poncho

    To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

    I had one for 3 years. Rich person loaned it to me. The violin I own was made in 1990. The maker is one of the more famous living makers. I don't know if he still makes them as he's quite old, but they would be in the $30K range now so it ain't cheap. The answer to the "old vs. modern"...
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