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    Thomas Bergersen's Hybrid Symphony "Seven"

    Not to wade too deep into the "what makes a Symphony" or "what makes a Sonata-Allegro form" or "is it Sonata-Allegro form or the Sonata-Allegro 'idea' or 'principle' you should use" or any of that - I suppose I've said my 'piece' on all of that the old-fashioned way. Which is to say - writing...
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    Symphony Schymphony

    Hey thanks, everybody! I’m already getting inspired to write again thanks to the attractions on the Southwold pier and a little castle watching at Framlingham - amazing what a trip away from the little Southern California sandbox will do for the psyche! You’re all far too kind, as well - it...
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    Symphony Schymphony

    Sorry, Borisb2 - My meandering thoughts weren't too clear there in the first post. I've had to take a few relatively long periods of taking no projects on to get work done on this bad boy - so I was not writing any "functional music" meaning music that makes some money or fulfills a project...
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    Symphony Schymphony

    Thanks, Mike! I probably need to just get everything done in the score and parts, take a break for a month and only then think about doing a proper mockup. A Holiday back in the UK is coming up and will give a little perspective! Thank you for the profoundly kind words, too - I might have to...
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    Symphony Schymphony

    Hey All! I've posted a couple of times, I'm sure in the last while, about not being able to write much of anything functional because I was throwing notes (a lot of notes - a whole heck of a lot of notes) at a Symphony (in 3 movements a la the Walton 2nd, Hanson 2nd, etc.) I was working on as...
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    Spitfire Audio - Kepler Orchestra - Available NOW

    So since the distance between the two foci determines the eccentricity of the orbit, this has be something eccentric, eh?
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    50% Writers share

    So - to clarify, this is a situation in which someone else has written the music/beat/much of the existing musical content, right? So you're the licensee here - and this other party who created the other material is taking the publisher's share - does this mean that they're also publishing it...
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    Why VSL (still) rocks

    Just wanted to point out - that isn't all the articulations in SE+ by any means. It's just the shorts. And none of the repetition samples on those shorts, either, so - your SE bassoon definitely shouldn't only have those.
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    Stepping out of my comfort zone, composing Salsa

    So - the first problem you notice is that the patterns you use stay pretty much the same for a long time, which is pretty stylistically unusual. There aren't any sections of your piece where there's a definite move to Mambo, Danzon, or Descarga feels. A lot of that has to do with the way that...
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    Learning Finale

    Yep - "." adds a dot, but doesn't remove it - pressing it again double-dots, and presumably triple-dots. I tend to be on Speedy Entry, so if I double dot by accident or didn't mean to dot, then the back-arrow, duration-press sequence is pretty much muscle memory at this point. I may be the...
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    Orange Tree?

    Huh. I'd have to say I don't agree with this. Literally 100% don't agree with this. Weird resonances in the sampled instruments? Not in the amp sims or cab emulations on them, but in the instruments? I don't think so. I've got most of the instruments Greg is sampling, and the tone is...
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    Slate SSD5 Verdict?

    Have fun, man. It's a blast. I'm all for the Terry Date and Bendeth expansions, too. Not game-changing, but they sure are fun. You want to hear what those sound like on a loud and nasty thing, let me know.
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    Slate SSD5 Verdict?

    Lol thanks Diablo3! I got a drummer friend who's always ranting about his guitar samples, and I'm a guitarist - and he always jokes about how much I rant about drum samples. Especially snares. Don't get me started on snares again. :D
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    Slate SSD5 Verdict?

    I think Slate Drums have been in the 'fashionable to diss" category for a little while - probably since the heady heights of SSD3, when every instrumental clip on YouTube featured a basketball-in-a-gymnasium kick drum and a big donk snare. Good times. And - the material isn't exactly pushing...
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    Orange Tree?

    Stay away!!! Once you start buying some, you'll just find them too useful to not have them all, and then you'll keep finding the bundled prices too good, and you'll use THOSE, and it's a vicious cycle of paying far too reasonable prices with far too good loyalty discounts for far too good...
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    Shreddage 3 is EXPANDING with 5 upgraded instruments. Now available!

    ^ Just bears repeating: Some of the only things you can count on in this world are Death, Taxes, and Andrew and Impact Soundworks doing what they can to help you out. Thanks, guys! :D
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    Shreddage 3 is EXPANDING with 5 upgraded instruments. Now available!

    Sorry - I might not have been clear. When I said "from an S2 instrument" I meant from an S2 instrument that was not Stratus, i.e., Shreddage 2 vanilla, IBZ or SRP. To recap on that one - I had those three (S2 Vanilla, IBZ, SRP), didn't get Stratus, and don't seem to have any coupon, crossgrade...
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    Shreddage 3 is EXPANDING with 5 upgraded instruments. Now available!

    I know this probably isn't THAT complicated, but I'm still confused/unclear about a few things on the S3 train: 1. Shreddage Bass - I remember at some point having a coupon in the My Account to upgrade from the old Shreddage Bass Picked Edition to Shreddage Bass 2. I thought there'd probably...
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    ULTIMATE Spiccato Strings Shootout - Which Library Sounds Best?

    Yeah - Hollywood Strings you probably should have mentioned that you were using just the Main mics, which isn't the default for Gold or Silver (which has the mids). And TBH the Close mics are probably the most useful to you, with their broader, wider, punchier sound, so - there's that. CSS...
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    Spitfire Studio Woodwinds - Coming Soon

    Just to try it out, I logged in and, having one of the core series already, added the pro version to the cart. The price was the difference between the two, so: yep, there's automatically an upgrade path. Not sure how any bundle pricing schemes will work out, etc.
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    Sample Modeling Trombone can't play the really low notes!

    On the tenor, that seventh position fundamental is the E1, so anything in between that note and the pedals is going to be a false tone, and Sample Modeling doesn't do false tones. What book is giving C1 as the lowest note on a tenor without an F valve?
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    Walkthrough: Symphonic Orchestra Gold and Symphonic Choirs Gold by EastWest Sounds

    FYI - there's a banner at the bottom of that page that still lists the incorrect pricing.
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    Expand upon the idea that music is just tension and release.

    A problem with looking at music (or any other kind of expression, really) as "tension and release" is that the idea begets, and usually demands a teleological perspective. There must be an origin, a destination, and some path to overcome on the way to the destination. And teleology spreads...
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    Expand upon the idea that music is just tension and release.

    Music that doesn't operate on tension and release: (among others, of course)
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    Expand upon the idea that music is just tension and release.

    You say you want to read about someone expanding on the idea that all music is tension and release, eh?!? Two words: Heinrich. Schenker. Sorry. And you're welcome.
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    Favorite Piano Books and Exercises?

    One fun thing to try with Hanon is to pick one of the first volume exercises and do it in all twelve keys. That's something that will actually help with fingering things 'on the fly.' And rhythmic iterations, like sixteenth-eighth, eighth-sixteenth, two sixteenths and an eighth, etc. Helps...
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    Cubase expression maps solution for LASS?

    Guy Rowland has a good LASS ARC video on YouTube if you need some tips on getting that set up - there were a few points when I was first doing it that I would have been stuck on for ages if I hadn't just watched him do the whole process!
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    Cubase expression maps solution for LASS?

    Yep. Load everything into ARC, set up keyswitches, and set those keyswitches in your expression maps as you would anything else. Just make sure you set up your keyswitching the same between each section of the strings, and you're off. Or bypass ARC by setting each one as a different channel...
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    Reducing Berlin Series Instruments Memory Usage

    First of all - DUDE! You worked on Planet Coaster. Love that game! And the DLC is always good, so: thank you! Just wondering - with the Close 2, AB, ORTF and Surr zones deleted, it shouldn't reference the sample data and be OK to delete from the 'working' folder, right? I use just the Close...
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    EastWest Hollywood Woodwinds?

    I think there's a lot previous comment on here, just FYI. Overall it's a bit synthetic, in an unappetitizing way. The snarly, slightly digital-y sound of Hollywood Brass that sounds forceful and cinematic is replaced here by a lumpy, mid-range heavy sound that isn't terribly sympathetic to...
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    Which Shreddage?

    No need to wait for Shreddage 3 - it is available right now.
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    How would you compare Spitfire Symphonic Brass with Berlin Brass

    They're both good, obviously. And if one of their approaches (i.e., Berlin with the one-to-a-part writing, or Spitfire's a6 "Phalanx" ensembles) really appeals to you, that might win you over entirely. As for being wet, too wet, more wet - it's a bit misleading in some ways. I'd say that...
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    Stark difference between European intellectual and American composers

    The European intellectual approach has indeed been going on for decades. But - so has the American? We've had Barry Schrader, Alvin Lucier, James Tenney, Pauline Oliveros, and the faculty list of virtually any American University. Kevin Ernste at Cornell. Working in the last few decades...
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    Stark difference between European intellectual and American composers

    I'm a little surprised I'm the first to mention this, but: Is it really wise to assume that there is a "Stark difference between European intellectual and American composers" from two sets of program notes? Maybe I should make a "Stark difference between American intellectual and European...
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    That John William's Trumpet

    If someone walked up to me on the street and asked what would get closest to "John Williams trumpets" then I'd probably say (not owning it, but from the walkthroughs) 90's Retro Trumpets. Then I'd say (from use) Cinebrass. Then I'd probably need to think for a bit, and probably say (also from...
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    SPITFIRE - Reintroducing eDNA Earth! Now Available on Promo Price!

    So I've watched a bit of the videos and - I still don't quite know what's going on here. Is it new material? A repackaging of the old cartridges into new ones, or is it renaming the old cartridges but keeping the same patches where they are? I don't see a lot of the patches I would have...
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    My SNES/N64/Dazz Band Thing

    The thread title pretty much says it: I wanted to do some more 90's VGM nostalgia-tunes, but not get too deep into system limitations. So - kind of if you could throw the MIDI from your SNES to a Korg Wavestation was what I was going for. And with real drums, because Chiptune drums annoy me...
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    Should I get BFD3 if I already have AD2, EZD2, and SD2?

    Nah - don't bother. I haven't touched BFD3 in so long that I forgot that I took the data off of my main hard drive. It's kind of a pain to work with, it never quite sounds as good as you think it should, and the main selling point (the level of detail) is pretty much equaled in SD2. So - much...
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    Berlin Strings Single and Multi Articulation question

    There is one particularly bizarre phenomenon in Berlin Strings - haven't noticed it in the other Capsules, but it could just be that the numbers aren't as big - is that the sample data for legato transitions (which is massive) is NOT shared between the single and multiple articulations. If you...
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    Soundtrack for the game "Witch Thief"

    Yeah, dude! I think it sounds fantastic. You really took a lot of the best parts of that 16-bit game music era - simplicity, clearness of line, and raw drive and funkiness. I'll have to listen to the whole thing later when I have a chance...
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    Self-learning guitar, ukulele or any other picked instruments

    1. What kind of music could you be planning on playing that either a uke or guitar would be equally appropriate for? 2. Amplifier? So you're planning on getting an acoustic-electric instrument? TBH, that's a little bit crazy for an "I'm going to learn a new instrument" thing - cheap ukes...
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    Big Band

    Ah, thanks for the thanks, Mike - you are too kind!! It would be cool to have some kind of a sticky of version 1A through to what the post-holiday finished version would be - you've gone through step by step so much stuff that it'd be a fantastic tutorial on 'putting together' a big band...
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    Big Band

    This has definitely come a long way in so many aspects! I'm a little hesitant to write a few ideas on how to improve it even further - but I think it would be exponentially better yet if a few of the last big kinks were worked out! The biggest problem for me in the performance is how...
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    Kickin' the Spitfire Brass Tires

    Ah, thanks NoamL!! It's that misspent youth playing Stella By Starlight for the 12,000th time itching to break free. ;) I always get worried when I think that I'm getting optimistic, so - yeah, spot on!!!
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    Kickin' the Spitfire Brass Tires

    Hey, everybody! It's been about a millennium since I posted anything new. School + Care-giving responsibilities + Ordinary life stuff has meant every note I've been able to write for a while has had to go into "assignments." No fun. Anyway - I've got a hot new slave computer to make the...
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    Memorial Day Short Film / Score

    I have to ask - what did any military advisors involved (SPC Bradley?) say about the film? I think that the film has a nice message to it - but I can't really get through it, because - not to be too direct about it, but - that beret is just atrocious. It's too big and is all the way down on...
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    Memorial Day Short Film / Score

    That beret. Seriously. That beret. It's killing me.
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    How do you trigger Spectrasonics Stylus RMX?

    Be sure to check out the Midi Modes function, too: if you're using loops without tweaking the slices, or want to be able to go from one performance to another within a menu of loops (as in things like Loop Loft packs where there are performances for the Verse, Bridge, Chorus, etc.) then click on...
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    SPITFIRE - Announcing Spitfire Chamber Strings Professional

    Hey, D Halgren - just wondering if you got the no-show SCS pro in your account yet? I think I'm having the same issue - newest downloader, clicked on the SCS image, refreshed a few dozen times over the last 8 hours or so, and nothing doing...
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