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    Spitfire Appreciation Thread

    Well they better be good ones! LOL Otherwise you will be the one who has to answer for them. (I bet they are good ones. ;)
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    Spitfire Appreciation Thread

    Sandy rocks. And so does Harnek. Though Harnek is not on support now, I believe.
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    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    Hey there Fossil. Thanks to you and to all others for your good input. Appreciated. We do indeed write arrangements as per real brass sections. So that is sort of a non issue. Just need something that can do fast bold symphonic stuff. (not meaning epic though - I guess I shouldn't have used the...
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    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    Hey there Jake. We use LASS for all our pop and jazz strings. But have all the spitfire air lyndhurst stuff for the scoring and symphonic contracts. With the spitfire stuff we have all the cinesamples brass stuff dialed in to sit with the air lyndhurst stuff. And the sonokinetic stuff too. (Also...
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    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    Any more comments positive or negative before in pull the trigger on this? It sure aint like I need any more libraries period, so any add'l int is helpful.
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    VEPro 7 now available!

    wonderful Dewd. In the past the DP was version has been extremely efficient.
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    VEPro 7 now available!

    Thank you for all of this DEwdman. Very appreciated. With DP, are you using the special MAS VEP plugin, or AU?
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    Orange Tree?

    Greg is the bomb! End of story. Living libraries. Always cutting edge development in scripts. Superb support.
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    Bernard Herrmann - Last Few Hours REMAINING & New Demo by Paul

    Can you post the changes please???
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    Eric Whitacre Choir

    Anyone know, has the AU version of this been fixed for use w/in VEPro yet?
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    Spitfire Audio London Contemporary Orchestra Textures – Available now

    That is GREAT news Oliver! I hated the wetness. Can you post a little demo of close only. The more the close demos the better for me.
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    Recommendations for library to replace Session Horns Pro.

    Love CHein Horns Pro, and also love Straight Ahead Jazz Horns, when in a time crunch.
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    Predictions for 2019

    Realitone MEN!!! Hey I can dream can't i Mike??? :dancedance:
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    Taiko Creator

    I told the composers I mentor to just go grab it asap. And not to even worry with reading the web page. Just buy it. The engine is so stinking superb. Cant wait to see the next ones you guys put into it.
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    Eric Whitacre Choir

    How do we do something akin to a batch reserve on this thing folks?
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    Eric Whitacre Choir

    So how are you owners working with this if we can't save multis with a bunch of individual instruments within them? Thanks!
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    Does Hollywood Choirs Hold Up?

    Hiya Mike. Thank for chiming in about the piracy stuff. Hadn't even considered that as we don't deal with no stinking pirates. Our main concern was more about delivering what was promised. As I get older I aint got time to wait LOL!!!
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    Does Hollywood Choirs Hold Up?

    There is the million dollar question. How many years ago was that promised to some of us? LOL (And yes, we have tons of EW stuff, but have put a moratorium on it. Along with counseling the 35 synch folks around the globe whom we handle to do the same.) I really wish for this reason that EW had...
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    Heavyocity Forzo Modern Brass

    Hoes well does this sit both tone and room wise with the SPitfire Air Lyndhurst things?
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    Pedal for dynamics

    Yamaha FC-7 here for many decades. Lotta love
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    Anybody give up on LASS?

    We have them also in our spitfire libs. - legato trems
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    Load PLAY before Kontakt

    ROTFL Thats sorta what I was afraid of!
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    Load PLAY before Kontakt

    What is the current word on this folks? Load all PLAY stuff pre Kontakt loads? Or after? Or doesnt matter? Thanks!
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    !! Spitfire Release Harp Swarm

    Is there a way to switch gliss types (like from major 69 to melodic minor long) from within one nki? If not, how are you folks handling that?
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    Batch Resave

    Thanks for the confirmation Mr Evil.
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    Batch Resave

    In cases where we have replaced a drive with a new one, we have cloned all the data from the old to the new. The names of the 2 drives are exactly the same. There is not a need to re-batch in this situation correct???
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    Albion ONE: 10th Anniversary Edition Promo Price Ends TOMORROW!

    i would have retired had it not been for Spitfire. :)
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    Spitfire Audio - Albion V Tundra - Demos, Walkthroughs & Feedback

    Thank you. Any ideas what it does?
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    Got an email last week about manual downloads on this. Was there a new version released?
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    RELEASED: Straight Ahead Jazz Horns, revamped for 2017 by Impact Soundworks! Demos & video inside!

    what version is the current version??? 2.0? And how close might we be to update?
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    Realidrums Performance clips

    Yes please fix that length thing mike. We here would appreciate too. I believe we reported it when it came out.
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    Binaural Audio

    dearVR Pro we are in love with here
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    Spitfire Symphonic Strings

    When do we get the stereo mixes for this??? Or did I miss something?
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    Mural vs SSS?

    Tell them about it Tinto. I love Spitfire products. Use them almost exclusively even though we own pretty much everything. But I do wish they would exhibit a little more time doing the things that were part of the sale, as opposed to all the new product development. That would mean perhaps doing...
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    Mural vs SSS?

    I spoke with support this week and they have no idea when stereo mixes are happening for SSS. Not happy !!!
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    Mural vs SSS?

    SSS does not have stereo mixes yet, and its ticking me off! ;) Mural does.
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    For those who use a separate ProTools "print rig":

    For print, I use Tascam DA3000. Been superb thus far. Used to use multiple rigs. Anti gonna do that no mo'.
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    The Hollywood Sound IR Collection Update with Impulse Reverb Modulation

    I have to say, this is killer. Especially for ER's. Makes placing things, and blending things like close mic'd stuff with libs or room based libs so easy. I just love the smaller early reflections. The selection is pretty massive. Study the patch layout while watching the video a few times and...
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    DEAL: Get 75% off Realivox Ladies from Realitone

    Thank you Mike. I know they will be worth the wait!
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    DEAL: Get 75% off Realivox Ladies from Realitone

    Speaking of the Lads, ahem Mike ;) ..... any guesses how close.
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