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  1. dtcomposer

    Need help with simple notation

    This is readable because of the label, but technically the stems for horn one would go up, and you could just notate it with a number (1. , or 2.) although you don't really need to since the convention is for horn one to read all the stems up. Basically stems up always means voice 1 and stems...
  2. dtcomposer

    Metagrid and Cubase 10

    The last time I checked (about a year ago) TouchOSC did basically everything that Metagrid does. The downside is that it isn't as pretty of an interface. It integrates well with the Cubase remote control and is really easy to program. You can also create midi sliders which at the time Metagrid...
  3. dtcomposer

    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    I've kind of skimmed this conversation and I think one thing that is missing is recognizing the fallacy of assuming that theory means 1st or 2nd year common practice theory. I mean yeah learning the most basic elements of theory and only using those might feel restrictive. But there's a reason...
  4. dtcomposer

    Making my 1st VEP Server Unit PC... any suggestions? :)

    The only thing I'd add is that depending on the libraries you might really want to go with SSD's. Maybe even more than CPU it will improve the performance of your libraries and allow you to load less into ram if you are using Kontakt. The difference between the amount of RAM you use loading at...
  5. dtcomposer

    Which Harp library for EXPOSED solo harp music?

    I'd suggest looking at the Hollywood harp as well. I own the Elysium Harp and while it's pretty good I prefer the tone and sound options of the Hollywood Harp. I know EastWest doesn't have the best reputation anymore, but I think they did a really good job on this one.
  6. dtcomposer

    Bohemian violin & Emotional violin: dislikes?

    I can agree somewhat on the tone for the BV. It sounds realistic or maybe hyper realistic (if that makes sense at all). I find it satisfying when used as a lead instrument. I have it set up with Cubase expression mapping and don't have any issues selecting the exact articulation I want. Often...
  7. dtcomposer

    Arp libraries best for backing String Ostinatos?

    Red room audio has some stuff that is supposed to cover this ground. "Runs and Arps" I think it's called. Almost bought it a while ago but ended up not needing it so I can't give you a personal review.
  8. dtcomposer

    Did the internet ruin music schools and teachers?

    I think a personalized theory/composition teacher can be incredibly valuable. But you can even get that online now haha. There is something to be said for being taught by somebody who was taught by Stravinsky (or whoever) and is an expert at orchestration, instrumentation, development, harmony...
  9. dtcomposer

    Most Underwhelming Trailer Music Ever - Star Wars

    That Vivaldi soundscape underscore, though.
  10. dtcomposer

    I ran out of creativity

    I sometimes like to learn a new bit of theory or study the music of a composer I don't know well. If I don't have access to scores I'll just listen to a bunch of their music, read about their characteristics online or in books, and then find some ideas that might be interesting to explore for...
  11. dtcomposer

    Understanding the RME Product Line - PCI

    Sorry I don't do much recording. Just a few vocals and then mostly midi so I'm not sure about the suitability for guitars.
  12. dtcomposer

    Understanding the RME Product Line - PCI

    Yeah I tried the tape thing, and I did use a hum eliminator but I think it colored the sound. I also switched to different slots, I actually built a new computer as well and tried it in there. It was my second RME card and both had issues for whatever reason. I know others have used them without...
  13. dtcomposer

    Understanding the RME Product Line - PCI

    I have the Babyface pro and it is really good as long as you don't need a bunch of inputs. I had an internal RME card previously and I had issues with some noise that was transferring from the computer. I haven't noticed a difference in the latency. I would strongly recommend it for mostly midi...
  14. dtcomposer

    Help for an Orchestral Newbie - Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Collection Vs. Vienna Special Edition

    If you really don't care about money you should get spitfire (but you might want to have Berlin winds). It sounds better without having to do as much mixing, and the articulation list is excellent as well. If money is really no object you should consider also getting Chamber strings. This...
  15. dtcomposer

    Cubase + Spitfire Chamber Strings - playing divisi?

    I'm assuming that with your setup they would both be using the same sample set even if you have multiple instances of the instrument loaded in kontakt. If you have the extended mic set you could use a similar mic/mix for those and maybe create a divisi in the first violins that way in a new...
  16. dtcomposer

    Spitfire's New Solo Strings

    $189 for an upgrade path if you own the older solo strings. It's a decent discount for sure, but not enough to make it an insta-buy for me unless there is something really special about these. There are so many good to great solo string options out there now.
  17. dtcomposer


    I think we found the problem. Fixed.
  18. dtcomposer

    Spitfire LABS ads on this site?!

    For whatever reason these ads are giving me a physical headache. I can't remember earlier ones that did this. It might be the color scheme or the brightness along with the incessant flashing. I think lots of people are reacting emotionally (at least those who are reacting) because of how...
  19. dtcomposer

    Disk usage %100 in Kontakt

    Any more I think you just need all your libraries on SSD drives, personally. I'd buy as many as you can afford and just transfer everything over. If you really want to eliminate any issues you could always go with a slave as well to unlock more CPU power.
  20. dtcomposer

    Templates: Sample purge make disable tracks & VE pro unnecessary?

    I agree with a lot of this. I've ended up with a trade-off that worked pretty well. I load all my acoustic instruments that I will rarely add FX to other than some static EQ or something, and use those in VePro on the slaves. It works well because these are some of my largest libraries like...
  21. dtcomposer

    Melancholic Strings

    One I haven't seen on here is the Gorecki 3rd symphony. The second movement especially.
  22. dtcomposer

    EW HWS: deleting Legato samples to save SSD space

    This. Those legato samples are by far the best part of the library for me.
  23. dtcomposer

    X99 & 128gb RAM - MOBOs and Full Builds

    I have been using 2 ASROCK X99 extreme 4's with 128 loaded in for a while now. They have been rock solid. Not sure what the prices are at this point but it seems to have been a good investment with all the 64-only options that came after.
  24. dtcomposer

    What is the cheapest way to buy kontakt 5 atm?

    It says two, but I asked their support about it a few years ago and they said as long as you own and use all the computers yourself they really don't care.
  25. dtcomposer

    Another "Sam" Video - Died from laughing!!

    I laughed at 2050 I must admit. Don't really agree with everything in this but there is a nugget of truth in there somewhere.
  26. dtcomposer

    I Think Kirk Hunter Might Have a Winner Here (Front Row Violins)

    The problem is simply that they don't sound realistic. If you aren't after realistic and just want something that vaguely resembles a violin section then this is fine. There are some nice features and organization. If you value a level of authenticity and realism in the sound these are about the...
  27. dtcomposer

    Cubase : mutliple time signatures on various instruments ?

    You can do this by changing the grid settings whenever you are working in 4/4 or 12/8 meter. I made some Touch OSC controls that switch between duple and triple grids so I can go back and forth fairly easily. There isn't a way to assign different grids to different tracks, or assign multiple...
  28. dtcomposer

    Spitfire - Hans Zimmer Strings 24 Hours Left! ENDING Tuesday 5th June 23:59 BST

    I haven't had any major issues with W10. There was a memory leak thing at first but that was fixed. Since then it has been fine. I feel for those who don't want to upgrade, though.
  29. dtcomposer

    Spitfire - Hans Zimmer Strings 24 Hours Left! ENDING Tuesday 5th June 23:59 BST

    It's appealing because of all the ways you can customize the sound and ensemble size for many uses. I think it's a really smart way to build a string library for media composition. I'm not sure if I am in the market for another string library at this point. It sounds great, and I love the look...
  30. dtcomposer

    Which library would you choose...

    SSS or SCS from Spitfire are the top of the heap. I have Hollywood Strings and some of the others here but those two are amazing. I like Hollywood strings but it is limited in articulations compared to those two, and the sound isn't as controllable when using different mics. It's a great library...
  31. dtcomposer

    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    This is the way. I make a list over time of things that I really need/like. I then wait until I either need it immediately or there is a big sale. Almost every time I've purchased on an impulse I've regretted it. As for my biggest regret: Spitfire solo strings. Still holding out hope to turn...
  32. dtcomposer

    Solo Cello - Chris Hein vs Bohemian Cello - Quick questions before deciding.

    I think calling the Chris Hein the ultimate sound is a little bit misleading (in my opinion of course). It's a good sound, but I would take the Bohemian or even the Emotional Cello from Harmonic Subtones 10 times out of 10 in that department. Both sound more real to me. The Chris Hein can sound...
  33. dtcomposer

    Best solo cello?

    I agree with you about the difference in sound. I think it is the way they phase align them (I believe they remove some of the "noise" in that process) for the X-fade samples. It's not as noticeable in the entire range of every instrument, but it is still a pretty big issue. Whatever they did...
  34. dtcomposer

    Looking for Solo Voice Sample

    You might also want to look at Soundiron's solo voices stuff. Operatic and more ethnic types with good legato and phrases.
  35. dtcomposer

    Pipe Organ Library Suggestions

    Hauptwerk is great but it is pretty expensive relative to some of these other options.
  36. dtcomposer

    Piano Library

    I haven't tried it, but I think the Bechstein Piano looks like a good option with a lot of flexibility. I'm considering it at some point in the near future. (
  37. dtcomposer

    EastWest Hollywood Choirs

    I am glad they decided to wait a bit and fix some things before release. They've been killed in the past for releasing some buggy products. I will always applaud a company for keeping it real and not using customers for beta testing.
  38. dtcomposer

    EastWest Hollywood Choirs

    It says true legato in the manual.
  39. dtcomposer

    New Spitfire Libraries In Developent

    Haha I'd given up hope long ago for an update to solo strings. For some reason that announcement has me giggling because of the ridiculousness of it all. Also looking forward to the choir library.
  40. dtcomposer

    Pettinhouse guitars - not working

    I bought it as well and while I didn't try everything, I did try quite a few of them without this issue. I'm on a Windows 10 system.
  41. dtcomposer

    Adam Audio Contest

    I saw this thread yesterday and Papa needs some new studio monitors so what the hell.
  42. dtcomposer

    Should I get Berlin Woodwinds Revive?

    Interesting. Would you mind telling me how you use it? Are you using the multi instrument, the single articulations, and what mic settings/context (orchestral, solo)? Thanks. Edit: Strike that last comment. I haven't used them in a while, but playing a round a bit more with them I was able to...
  43. dtcomposer

    Black Friday has lost its Charm

    I think we've all become desensitized by 35-60% off sales. What would really bring back the magic/charm for me would be 80-90% sales ;)
  44. dtcomposer

    Should I get Berlin Woodwinds Revive?

    I think they must have already recorded the mic position with the older instruments and just not released them. The new instruments are wetter by default, and you have to increase volume quite a bit to get them to match. I think also that the number of expression layers is reduced in some...
  45. dtcomposer

    Should I get Berlin Woodwinds Revive?

    The mics are as follows: [Close 1, Close 2, Ortf, AB, Tree, Surround ]- Piccolo, All solo Flutes, Oboes/Eh, All solo clarinets [Close 1, Ortf, AB, Tree, Surround] - Bassoons [Close, Room, Mix] - Flute ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble.
  46. dtcomposer

    East west/sounds online - transferring a library/selling it to someone else

    This isn't the best example though because leasing a car means monthly payments of some kind. It means that you haven't paid the full price for the product, but are essentially renting it (like composer cloud would be a closer example of this) If an auto dealer wanted you to pay full price for...
  47. dtcomposer

    Looking for a harp

    I have it and like it quite a bit. It doesn't sound very good unless you mix a couple mic positions together, imo. I think it has a lovely sound though once you get that mix sounding how you want it. I've heard good things about the Chocolate audio harp as well and if it ever goes on a big sale...
  48. dtcomposer

    East West Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds

    It's not as good as Berlin WW. There are some nice articulations, but the tone of the clarinets/EH, the inconsistencies in the legato transitions/etc make it more of a layering/secondary library imo. I do like the dry bassoon sound, one of the flutes, and most of the oboe patches.
  49. dtcomposer

    Computer noob pc building?

    If you have any friends who know how to build you might consider seeing if one would come over and help walk you through the process. It's really not very difficult, and once you learn how to do it you have a new skill that can be used in the future, or when you want to upgrade a component...
  50. dtcomposer

    Embertons Joshua Bell or Virharmonic Bohemian Violin?

    One other thing to consider is that the Bohemian strings are not complete yet. The advances from the first update were pretty substantial, so at some point you are going to have even more great features and articulations tacked on in upcoming expansions. They have one or two more expansions...
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