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  1. BlackDorito

    Zurich Film Competition

    Totally enjoyed this ... bravo!
  2. BlackDorito

    Changed workflow, composed this on paper and in Sibelius

    No it won't, because ... there is a handy free plug-in for that. You run the plug-in once and it outputs an audio file for each staff/instrument in Sibelius. Then, if you use Reaper, you can import each file to a separate track in one operation.
  3. BlackDorito

    Reaching for "the next level"

    On the sub-topic of live musicians versus in-the-box, there is no right answer that is suitable for everybody but I would add: Live musicians: - get you away from the computer - become part of the universe of people who populate your musical life - connect to you on FB and LinkedIn, then get...
  4. BlackDorito

    Give me more Copland (or Americans)

    First of all - his scores are not that expensive. I would pick up the ballets and the 3rd Symphony. To make a list of the imitators of his mid-century "American" sound would take a long time. There are various biographies available. Basically, if you use Google, you can learn a lot about...
  5. BlackDorito

    VSL SE Vol 5: Dimension Strings 1+2

    Forgive me if I'm a little thick - can a single instance of the Synchron player take all the violins and route some to, say, MIDI 1 and others to MIDI 2? Another question: sonically, if I compared two equal configurations, with one using dry samples being processed in real-time with the...
  6. BlackDorito

    VSL SE Vol 5: Dimension Strings 1+2

    Let's see if I understand this - [this is a real situation] if I have a local choir and I am doing a hymn arrangement in which they are accompanied by limited string players (less than 8/8/6/6/4), I can mock up the strings by using the dry VI-Pro versions (non Synchon player versions) of the...
  7. BlackDorito

    All Aboard!

    Are we channeling Pacific 231 a bit? Great stuff :)
  8. BlackDorito

    Upcoming Indie Game (New Music - DAW Cast Added)

    Very lively. I especially like the textures and orchestration in Tracks 2+3. [I think that clean and crisp solo oboe I'm hearing here and there is the BWW solo oboe.] It's OK to jump around! "Jump around" music needs to be composed bar by bar, and usually remains interesting on each...
  9. BlackDorito

    How do people deal with CSS delay?

    I use CSS / CSB within Sibelius alongside instruments from Spitfire, OT, NI, etc. Sibelius has the ability within the Inspector to set the offset of note starting times ... I just set all CSS/CSB offsets to -25 and everything syncs just fine. It's a single operation to select vast numbers of...
  10. BlackDorito

    JW-style collage

    "Scenes of Light and Dark" In this piece I've taken a theme and put it thru a collage of short JW-style action-adventure-danger expressions. I don't claim any structure or narrative .. just having fun with the libraries :)
  11. BlackDorito

    R8 my mix pretty please

    Not knowing what the track is to be used for, the following few comments are just what occurred to me upon first listening: - [0:24] - [0:30] - the tune dies away w/o any harmonic resolution .. then the tune just picks up again. The strings are a bit in-your-face for me at [0:30]. - the...
  12. BlackDorito

    Exhausted with Finale -- is Dorico the answer?

    Well, I'm no expert on Dorico, but I don't know that it has the equivalent of Reaper, i.e. lots of colorful and configurable UI themes floating around. Since I have a 4K main screen and lots of music/audio software is delivered with gray themes I often find myself struggling to find a scroll...
  13. BlackDorito

    Exhausted with Finale -- is Dorico the answer?

    Sadly, following is a note I just sent to Steinberg Support. If you care deeply about playback and driving a large and diverse set of VI libraries directly from Dorico (like a DAW), be careful and expect frustration. --- John, I'm giving up for the time being ... Dorico simply is not ready for...
  14. BlackDorito

    Private Winter - Classical Fusion

    Definitely eclectic hybrid. I particularly liked [4:00] - [5:00], one of the more 'driven' areas, but also liked the expressive [7:00] - [9:00] with unique tonal pastiche. I keep my ears open for how people approach the combination of classical technique/instrumentation and jazz .. and it...
  15. BlackDorito

    Why VSL (still) rocks

    You would want to dial in the Side. I've used ORTF and spaced cardioid (mid-treble and bass strings) to good effect. Any stereo close-mic technique should work. What I loved is that I could dial in a very convincing jazz trio setup with real piano, EZ Drummer, and Fluffy Audio bass, all on...
  16. BlackDorito

    Why VSL (still) rocks

    Agreed. I have found that you can get a very convincing room sound with a real piano, virtually independent of the actual room it is in, by using a close-mic ORTF config right at the lid, then put it into MIR with e.g. any of the room pack I stages.
  17. BlackDorito

    Virtual Orchestration of Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" & Walkthrough

    This demo was already featured in ... but perhaps the demo itself will get more discussion in this thread.
  18. BlackDorito

    [Real violin track added] Graceful, romantic orchestra (VSL Violin, woodwinds and CSS)

    Background strings are a bit too up-front for my tastes. Could consider adding some textural changes for contrast. The solo violin could have a wee bit more vibrato swell at the end of phrases to keep with the romantic style. Good work!
  19. BlackDorito

    Why VSL (still) rocks

    I'm always using the SE within Sibelius and the bassoon preset that Sibelius drives is: which contains most of the SE+ bassoon articulations but not all. [@bbunker is correct about the matrix I posted earlier.] Like @dsblais I haven't yet come across any evidence that upgrading will...
  20. BlackDorito

    Why VSL (still) rocks

    I think the video itself is fascinating and reminds me how powerful VI-Pro is. It would be good to do a blind comparison with a live-orch version .. perhaps add a little chair squeak or music-rustling to the VI version as subtle cues. I also wonder how far someone could go in this Rite...
  21. BlackDorito

    Why VSL (still) rocks

    I kinda have the opposite perspective. I have the full SE, which were among my first VI purchases. Those were 'good deals'. Yes, VSL updates their offers each month, but for me at least they have not had the sort of audacious sales that Spitfire, Steinberg, OT and others seem to have. I...
  22. BlackDorito

    Exhausted with Finale -- is Dorico the answer?

    Update after one week of Dorico Pro ... bringing over a score from Sibelius that drives Spitfire and Cinematic Studios (Brass, Strings). Many good things to say, especially the ability to switch easily between Write mode and Play mode - wonderful. J However, to share some of the more recent...
  23. BlackDorito

    Spitfire Appreciation Thread

    Cinematic Studio can be responsive as well. Indeed, various developers show a customer-focus that is to be commended (and a few don't). Where Spitfire stands apart with all their outreach is to usher us all into this world of film/media production, for which they have more experience than most...
  24. BlackDorito

    Spitfire Appreciation Thread

    Reflecting on what Spitfire has accomplished .. for us geront-ocrats weaned on DX7s and MPU401s, our coming-of-age seems even more striking. First we had monophonic organ sounds, then FM, finally sample-playback (with FX!) in the Korg M1. As one of the earliest users of Notion, I felt I was in...
  25. BlackDorito

    Beware intransparency of the Spitfire Wish List Sale

    It's well documented about human nature that if a product is $600 "retail" and a consumer gets it "on sale" for $300, they will feel pretty damn good. Then if they find out that someone else got it for $295, they will suddenly feel pretty damn terrible.
  26. BlackDorito

    Beware intransparency of the Spitfire Wish List Sale

    You may be being a bit harsh on Spitfire considering all the different combinations of products-already-bought and products-want-to-buy-at-a-great-discount they need to put prices on. Now get back into that studio and make some more of that wonderful Bahn music!
  27. BlackDorito

    Cubase vs. Reaper.

    Justifying a $170 impulse purchase ... you called it! I'm downloading Cubase 10 Pro right now and my justification is that I want to try out the MIDI CC editing capabilities. Plus .. sometimes people share Cubase projects, such as the folks at VSL. There ... feeling better now.
  28. BlackDorito

    Exhausted with Finale -- is Dorico the answer?

    58? ... still a pup. I fired up the Dorico Pro (latest version) 30-day trial for the first time this week. I want to love Dorico, given that the playback features (my main concern with Sibelius .. as shared in a separate thread recently) seem better designed for driving modern VI libraries -...
  29. BlackDorito

    What I need in Sibelius ...

    Yep ... you're probably right. Downloading the Dorico 30-day trial right now.
  30. BlackDorito

    The Hero Returns

    In the first part, I picture a hero returning with sadness .. due to the very nice plaintive solo cello. I would tone down the background in this section - in fact I was generally reaching to dial back my mod wheel to reduce stridency (without reducing passion). Nicely heroic in the back half.
  31. BlackDorito

    Infidel Armies

    I think if you are going to have a steady marching background and build up, it would do well with a marching army (somewhat *happy* infidels, I would say). Now if you present it with no video (concert versus stage), you could shorten it and add variety. Don't make it Bolero. I like it.
  32. BlackDorito

    What I need in Sibelius ...

    I'm sensing this topic area has been all played out in previous threads .. or perhaps my issues are obscure. Here is what I've determined myself: Controller data (.. e.g. for brass swells, string fades): the "Add CC Changes" plug-in works quite well if you want a simple ramp Santiago...
  33. BlackDorito

    Hymn Composition

    I agree with you. Your opening harmony is familiar from early American song, religious or otherwise. Copland was inspired by these songs, including of course Simple Gifts. But he did not follow the older harmonic practice himself. And I believe @Seasharp is saying it sounds like material...
  34. BlackDorito

    What I need in Sibelius ...

    This might be an offshoot of the 'Consolidated Sibelius Tips' above ... If you are one of those lucky-unfortunate souls like myself whose workflow revolves around notation and you want to drive VI libraries that expressly indicate that they are designed for live-recording and traditional DAWs...
  35. BlackDorito

    6 Short Scenes for Children

    Little Wings and Fields are inspiring orchestral writing. Good work!
  36. BlackDorito

    Delete please

    The track seems to be gone ... I think your mom took it down :) Update: it's back. must've been my computer. I like the emotive strings in the 2nd half. Felt pianos always set a contemplative or detached mood for me.
  37. BlackDorito

    Hymn Composition

    Sounds good. You would need to give more background - is this targeted for a chamber string group and local choir? Is it just for fun and will never leave the VI realm?
  38. BlackDorito

    Unpopular request

    I do like it better in that configuration: ...and perhaps it serves the dramatic purpose of 'homewardness'. Still, speaking for myself, when I encounter so many instances of m8M in standalone tracks that have no underscore context, it can get tiresome. Since @poetd mentioned that YouTube...
  39. BlackDorito

    Spitfire Audio LABS Compositions

    Nice - I particularly like the back sides of Headwind and Mr. Who, as well as Horror Cue v2. I believe Wiliford is issuing a challenge to see what others can come up with ....
  40. BlackDorito

    Horror shorts (German) for DB/S-Bahn Berlin

    Yes, at the beginning. I guess it is more like this (roughly speaking): I love that first chord change, very mysterious. It's good to try to pick these out on the piano (without annoying the composer of course), and the sound design does get in the way a bit. Hope you get a chance to post...
  41. BlackDorito

    Unpopular request

    m11M is nice. [your spelling may vary]
  42. BlackDorito

    Horror shorts (German) for DB/S-Bahn Berlin

    Very nice. Am I hearing Gmin and C#min?
  43. BlackDorito

    Unpopular request

    I know, I know .. just throw in some interesting orchestration for my weary ears.
  44. BlackDorito

    Unpopular request

    Take heart, the affliction will pass .... maybe. Meanwhile, try to build your Hollywood cred with m8m instead of m8M.
  45. BlackDorito

    Unpopular request

    I get inspired by so many tracks posted here ... but what I am increasingly noticing (a little bit here, but particularly all across SoundCloud) is the Cmin - AbMaj chord progression over and over in 'thoughtful' pieces (slower, non-Action). A simple and humdrum example is: There are many...
  46. BlackDorito

    Vepro templates, a crazy thought

    This is not a crazy thought ... it is a good idea. But keep in mind that: - folks will have different libraries and will need to customize any shared template - some folks have channel-per-artic and others put the entire (multi-artic) instrument on a single instrument - different busing and FX...
  47. BlackDorito

    One big VEP samples server or two smaller ones?

    These days we get lots of messages about how the entire social, physical and political infrastructure of the world must change within the next 10 years in order to avoid catastrophic irreversible climate change and all the consequences thereof. VI composers running extra slave systems are...
  48. BlackDorito

    Need experienced Spitfire user willing to help me "massage" my orchestral lines

    Send a message to the member known as EvilDragon - he knows everything about Reaper and Native Instruments - if you are thinking you would like to redirect knobs on your KK keyboard to send CC messages directly to Spitfire instruments. [But perhaps you don't want that ... perhaps you would...
  49. BlackDorito

    Need experienced Spitfire user willing to help me "massage" my orchestral lines

    Ahhh ... I don't use the Komplete Kontrol keyboard and know nothing about it. Sounds like when you move knobs on that keyboard it creates automation within Reaper that controls track or mixer parameters of Reaper itself, not the Spitfire Kontakt instruments. Anyone who is a Windows / Reaper /...
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