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    Wife argues with me because I don't like the 'trailer' type music she just got

    I read that same study (an article summarizing it to be honest) and it resonated quite deeply with me. That’s why I used the word, “bid” So now I find myself frequently trying to recognize when my GF is placing a bid. That’s the good part. The bad part is I get annoyed more easily when I see...
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    Wife argues with me because I don't like the 'trailer' type music she just got

    I bet you could find one or two things about it that you like. She was trying to form a musical bond with you. It was a bid. Tell her a few things that you liked about it first, and then you can politely explain why overall it doesn’t do much for you. That way she feels heard and appreciated...
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    Bass VST for prog rock

    Yes the Rick sounds great
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    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    With MODO Bass? Are you sure?
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    Rethinking my keyboard controller - Recommendations? S61 mk2 or P6?

    I have the Panorama P4 and the keys are not great. They are certainly noisy. I am not a keyboard player at all so it’s fine for my needs as a step-entry/overdub “player” but I really dislike the noise. I think the keybed for some other Nektar models has been improved but I’m not certain about...
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    Big band & swing - study suggestions

    You may find these tutorials useful. Written by bassist for Bill Evans, Chuck Israels.
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    No, Reaper is Not Ugly...

    I love the way Reaper looks. I’m using a dark theme...forget the name at the moment. Buts it’s rather handsome and super functional. Then again, I don’t compose orchestral/trailer/film music so I never have a ton of tracks. I think my biggest ever was 32 tracks or so.
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    Hello from Croatia

    Welcome! I am visiting Croatia in June. Looking forward!
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    Keyswitch question w/Nektar Panorama

    What controller is that?
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    Keyswitch question w/Nektar Panorama

    Thanks for you reply! I can see using two controllers as a solution but that doesn’t really work for me. I think I will try the pads idea, or set it up in Metagrid. Honestly I’m not sure why controller manufacturers don’t allow the locking solution I mentioned above. Maybe they just have not...
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    Keyswitch question w/Nektar Panorama

    I had never thought of that. Great idea! I will try it out. Thanks!
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    Keyswitch question w/Nektar Panorama

    Thanks for your reply. I use Reaper and with its very flexible customization I’m wondering if it’s possible. I hadn’t even thought of setting it up on the DAW side. Food for thought...thanks!
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    Keyswitch question w/Nektar Panorama

    Hi all, I have a Nektar Panorama P4 49 key controller, but this question may pertain to any controller. I’m wondering if it’s possible to “lock” the keyswitches in place so that they remain accessible when I have to use the octave up/down buttons. Even though I’m not a competent pianist and I...
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    Is Hans Zimmer overrated as a composer?

    “Rating” is ridiculous. The question is: does a composer have a sound all his own? A personal stamp? If the answer is yes, he or she has achieved something that the vast majority of people never achieve. That’s impressive...more impressive than the complexity of the chords he or she uses. Who...
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    I think I'm done with Komplete upgrades

    They were giving BIAS LE away last week and I downloaded it. Haven’t tried it yet but looking forward.
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    I think I'm done with Komplete upgrades

    I agree. GR5 isn’t bad. I can get good clean to low gain tones from it, and in a mix those sounds are great. I especially like the FX that come with it. But it *could* use an update imo.
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    I think I'm done with Komplete upgrades

    I’m still a relative noob to producing music on my own in my little project studio, so when I bought K10 a couple years ago it was a big deal....and I still love it! I don’t do orchestral music so it really has everything I need. I have a few complaints....mostly that I find Session...
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    Sound FX that need to be retired

    I had to look up the “Wilhelm Scream” I have never worked in film so I had no idea what it was. What a revelation! I’m sure I’ll start hearing it all over the place now
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    [noob question] Do I need an audio interface? What should I be looking at?

    Despite the “meh” reviews of the NI KA6, I have been using one for 2 or 3 years now and haven’t had any problems. Low enough latency for me, and it sounds great to my ears. But of course this is completely anecdotal. You could probably do just as well for less.
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    I would like an official meeting with Trump and Putin ...

    I don’t think any sane person in power wants WWIII. There would be no survivors. Even a single nuclear exchange between, say, India and Pakistan would plunge the entire planet into chaos. Millions would die. Scary.
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    I would like an official meeting with Trump and Putin ...

    You’re not going to get the truth from Trump....or Putin for that matter. I cannot wait until this is all over....
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    Best DAW for 100+ Instrument tracks without CRASHING?

    Also, if your track is perfectly quantized, you can use the “humanize” function to add some variation to timing and velocity. You can set the strength on these parameters as well.
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    Best DAW for 100+ Instrument tracks without CRASHING?

    You can turn on “input quantize” in Reaper, and set the strength plus some other options. Subscribe to Kenny Gioia’s channel on YouTube. Very helpful videos.
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    EzKeys is right for me?

    Keep in mind, that is the price for the 6 pack of MIDI files. You’ll still need to purchase EZKeys. It comes with some MIDI but you’ll likely want to purchase more. I would expect you’ll end up spending 200, give or take. I own EZKeys and a bunch of their MIDI. I don’t use it very often but...
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    Komplete Drums vs East West Ministry of Rock's Drums

    Also don’t forget that you can mix libraries. Like, maybe you find a kick and snare you like from Studio Drummer, but you get your toms from Battery.
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    Komplete Drums vs East West Ministry of Rock's Drums

    You might look at Battery and see what’s in there. It has some pretty epic sounding toms from what I remember. That’s not really my style though so I’m not sure if my memory serves me.
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    Is it worth upgrading to Komplete Ultimate?

    I will be upgrading from K10 (not Ultimate) but I will wait until the cheapest sale. Really looking forward to it actually.
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    How do you expand an "idea" into a composition/song ?

    I’m pretty much an amateur, but one thing that works for me is to find a way to reduce the decisions I have to make.. My favorite way to do this is to take a piece of music I like and copy the form verbatim. I mostly compose rock/jazz/prog type instrumentals as a reference point. I’ll copy...
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    Do We Go Overboard With Plug-ins?

    I have enough. I’m not even a good mix engineer! I purchased Sound Toys 5, a couple Waves console emulations and reverbs, a bundle from Toneboosters. I also have the few that came with Komplete 10 and a whole bunch of free ones I’ve downloaded over the years. I find myself still looking at...
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    Could you write music just for yourself and be fulfilled?

    I compose music solely for the pleasure it brings me. Although I make my living as a gigging musician and music teacher, I am not a good enough composer to make money at it so I don’t even try. With that pressure not even on the radar, I’m free just to compose for the fun of it. I listen to...
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    Interview with yours truly is featured on NI's blog

    Great interview. Thanks for all your helpful posts in the various forums I visit. I always assumed that was you in your avatar!
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    Your go-to drum kit libraries

    BFD3 and NI Abbey Road 60’s Drummer are my favorites. Apart from electronic stuff there is really nothing those two can’t do, seems to me.
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    The only living boy in New York

    I love love love this song. Incredible. Thanks for sharing. Really dug your take on it!
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    FBI to America: Reboot Your Routers, Right Now

    Hmm. Seems a strange reason to me. I think I’ll conform.
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    SSD prices are finally dropping

    I’m in the market for my first SSD but I know next to nothing about them except they are supposed to be good for streaming samples, and they are really expensive. This seems like a good price for 2TB of storage. Is this a good drive and would it be a wise first time purchase?
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    Live Rock Band Sample Libraries?

    Which drum library?
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    Reaper Users?

    Reaper is the first and only DAW I’ve ever used and I love it. Being a complete novice at the time, I had no idea that Reaper was considered to be difficult to learn in comparison with other software, so I didn’t worry about it and just went ahead with learning it. That learning process...
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    I've just purchased Soundtoys 5...

    Congrats! I’m no pro mix engineer, but I am *so* glad I purchased the full bundle a couple years ago. ST5 has me covered for creative fx and their saturation is second to none in my opinion. I love Little Plate, but I’m hoping they come out with the ‘big brother’ version because for me the...
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    Sample Library Disappointment

    Understood. Thanks for the clarification. I do this for my own enjoyment, so if that helps developers to get the right tools into the hands of the right people then I’m glad about that.
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    Sample Library Disappointment

    Not exactly sure what this means. Am I to take this as a sincere compliment or do I detect a bit of sarcasm? Serious question...I’m genuinely curious!
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    Sample Library Disappointment

    I’ve got everything I’ll ever need and more. Then again, I’m not a pro. But still, between Komplete 10 and the others libraries I own, I have more than enough. So I’m with you in a way. There are still a few more I’d like to get but if I never purchased another I’d be good to go.
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    Help with Kontakt/Spitfire/Dust Bundle

    Intersting. I found this on the Spitfire support site. I am experiencing these special characters as you’ll notice in the screenshot above. Unfortunately the batch...
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    Help with Kontakt/Spitfire/Dust Bundle

    Yes it may require a complete do-over. Probably a good idea anyway since I somehow accidentally installed it separate from my other Kontakt libraries. No idea how that happened lol. Maybe I’ll just try moving it to where it is supposed to be and then running all of the above again. Oof.
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    Help with Kontakt/Spitfire/Dust Bundle

    I have tried “Resolve Manually” a number of times with no luck. It’s probably user error of some kind. Historically I have gotten all of this virtual instrument stuff to work without knowing what I’m doing!
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    Help with Kontakt/Spitfire/Dust Bundle

    Windows seems to be able to find all the .nkr files just fine when I search.
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    Help with Kontakt/Spitfire/Dust Bundle

    Hmm no luck. I followed the instructions on the Spitfire site with the exception of redownloading the whole thing. I would like to resolve this without having to start over if possible. Here's what happens: - After confirming that I would like to perform a Batch Resave, I choose the folder...
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    Help with Kontakt/Spitfire/Dust Bundle

    I tried that a few weeks ago but it didn’t work. Maybe I did it wrong! I’ll give it another shot using spitfire’s instructionsthis time and let you know how it goes. Thanks for chiming in so quickly!
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    Help with Kontakt/Spitfire/Dust Bundle

    Hi all, A few weeks ago I purchased and installed the fantastic SoundDust Bundle from Spitfire. I absolutely love it, but it gave me some problems right from the start and I am only now getting the energy to try and solve it. So here's the deal: Some of the instruments work just fine, and...
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