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  1. Steve Lum

    How do people deal with CSS delay?

    Regardless of the string library, or even mellow brass, I long-ago began moving midi passages off snap so I could get the voicing to speak exactly where I need it. In any passage that has varying articulation there's hardly any other choice. Aggressive shorts are going to hit 'right now' while...
  2. Steve Lum

    Do you keep your samples and DAW files on separate drives?

    At the end of the day it's all about resource contention. In a perfect world you want your applications (daw app) and OS on one drive, your sample libraries and vst content on another (or many others) drive, and your project files (where your daw reads/writes) on yet another, with the whole...
  3. Steve Lum

    Sample Developers Appreciation Thread

    So many but my personal top five: Orange Tree Samples, Impact Soundworks, Alex Wallbank, Toontrack, Indiginus. (man, you can see where my head is at, eh?)
  4. Steve Lum

    Synth drum libraries (is there an Omnisphere equivalent?)

    Ditto, although I bit, and bought. GAS attack. (what exactly does the GAS TLA mean, anyway? - gear aquisition syndrome?)
  5. Steve Lum

    Orange Tree?

    Resistance is futile. I bought it before I even heard it.
  6. Steve Lum

    Orange Tree?

    Five Stars, all the way. OTS is an immediate buy for me. I use sampled quitars a lot and because of the evolution engine I can deal with them all the same way, which is HUGE. For example, I have my own snapshots for each of them and they all share a common keyswitch mapping. So there is a...
  7. Steve Lum

    New from Soundiron - Flatulus: Never silent. Always deadly

    Sweet equilibrium, at last! Who's peeking out from under a stairway...
  8. Steve Lum

    Shreddage 3 is EXPANDING with 5 upgraded instruments. Now available!

    Well then, a ritual watching of Python's Christmas in Heaven is in order.
  9. Steve Lum

    Heavyocity Introduces 'NOVO Essentials'

    It would be nice if current NOVO owners could by just the ensemble NKIs and the snapshots rather than having to download 10G of content to get them. I have no problem with the price. I wonder if the NKIs and snaps can just bve dropped into the current full NOVO folders.
  10. Steve Lum

    Does the VI community considered themselves commercial composers rather than artists?

    I'm a hobbyist (now, no longer 'working') and I find VIC a comfortable place where ideas spring forth, since I am solo in my ongoing musical/compositional endeavors. But I must say, any interaction with disparate humans is going to have a 'toxic' aspect to it. It's the quid pro quo you pay for...
  11. Steve Lum

    Extended for 24hrs: Drum Fury - Apocalyptic Drums - 50% off Intro Pricing

    Either Reuben is an audio hypnotist or this is infinitely compelling on its own... it's both methinks. Done! Gimme!
  12. Steve Lum

    Amp Simulators for Virtual Guitars

    +1 I recently decided to stop the head-spinning about what's the best sim and decided to just work at being good at Amplitube 4 (although I will probably do the TH-U upgrade to keep pace). Most of my use is on sampled guitar (by choice, I can play but want to get good at programming vi) and I...
  13. Steve Lum

    Amp Simulators for Virtual Guitars

    Hah! Your screenie of studio one console looks just like what I have been doing lately, set up a bunch of sims, then click through to A-B and find the winner. Blow out your ears/monitors on feedback by turning a bunch of them on :)
  14. Steve Lum

    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    Well, I hope Capriccio is a good starter for Sono stuff. I have resisted phrase-based solutions for too long I think. Working solo all the time leaves me with intense personal focus but no fresh air, as it were. The comments here about inspiration and the season at hand got my inner Scrooge...
  15. Steve Lum

    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    Ostinato Powers? Oh behave!
  16. Steve Lum

    Guitar & Bass Blowout: $39 for Shreddage 2, IBZ, SRP, Archtop, or Bass 2!

    Thanks very much for the attention and sorry for the staffing woes; we all have our days. To anybody reading this thread, here is how a classy company responds when things get wobbly. I have my serial and, moments ago, blasted a deadly G power chord on the IBZ in honor of ISW (and yes, the...
  17. Steve Lum

    Guitar & Bass Blowout: $39 for Shreddage 2, IBZ, SRP, Archtop, or Bass 2!

    Please see if your customer service folks can wake up. I placed a bundle order via Audio Plugin Deals last Sunday 11/25 (never received serials) and have reached out numerous times. APD has responded twice, your company once on Wednesday 11/28 and yet... STILL no serial numbers to validate the...
  18. Steve Lum

    Orange Tree Samples dilemma - discount now or in the summer?

    Do you need the material before then? Can you do something fun with it before then? Will you still be alive? "The questions of a thousand dreams..."
  19. Steve Lum

    Help me remember what VI

    Geist 2 ?
  20. Steve Lum

    Help me remember what VI

    Can you remember the general area of application? Synth? Orchestral? Percussion? Keys? Atmosphere?
  21. Steve Lum

    Cinematic Studio Brass - upcoming release!

    Ulp! Vertigo. Need to sit down.
  22. Steve Lum

    EzKeys is right for me?

    What I like about the midi chunks from EZKeys is that I can copy the piano pedal work. Not being a piano player the sustain pedal and damping are not second nature to me. So, like mentioned above, I grab sections that have the rhythmic feel I want and then arrange, in addition to adding my own...
  23. Steve Lum

    Soundiron Sick 7: Voices of the Dead - On sale now for $49!

    Hoe-Lee-Shiz-Nit ! I am stunned... exactly what I needed for a project I am working on. Unbelievable. Just the wavs alone would cost an arm and a leg (nyuk nyuk) elsewhere. Happy Halloween Soundiron. You make me feel brand new.
  24. Steve Lum

    Delete please.

    Repeated attempts to request removal of a post: Delete Pleas. :elephant:
  25. Steve Lum

    Delete please.

    Damn! Do I really need another Delete ? My wallet needs a rest, but this is pretty much a no-brainer.
  26. Steve Lum

    Falcon on sale, favorite expansions?

    I think there are a number of heavy-hitters in the arena where Omni and Falcon live (synthmaster, diva, serum, iris2, on and on, etc., etc.). Omni is pricey but comes with scads of content (love those old symphony of voices patches). Falcon wants to get your money with expansions (but who...
  27. Steve Lum

    Falcon on sale, favorite expansions?

    Just my opinion: Falcon is "ok" at things that are better served elsewhere (orchestral, stuff one would find in dedicated sample libraries) but it shines in synthesis. While I enjoy building patches I am much more likely to find something close and use it straight away or tweak it a little...
  28. Steve Lum

    In 2018 what are your favorite electric guitar sample libs?

    The midi files are in the directories under the kontakt instrument. The tracks are generally labeled to match included kontakt snapshots (not sure this is true going all the way back in time). You copy the snapshots to where you personally store them, load the midi file in your daw, then map...
  29. Steve Lum

    In 2018 what are your favorite electric guitar sample libs?

    I invested in OTS and have all Greg's guitars. I map them all as closely as possible (there are some very minor differences in articulation due to difference in subject guitar) and I am thus able to write for them the same way every time. I have all my own snapshots for them. Granted, there...
  30. Steve Lum

    Soundiron's Hyperion Strings: A Preview

    Picked this up a few days ago. Wanted a lightweight (from template perspective) component to do energetic accompaniment work (actually backing up some adventure strings lines). But in trying it out tonight I was mostly impressed by the variety of filter presets. This little tool has an...
  31. Steve Lum

    Gibson files for bankruptcy

    Insider joke of the week award, richly deserved, brilliant.
  32. Steve Lum

    Audiobro GENESIS Children's Choir

    Man, this product is amazing (sorry to hear there are site issues for some because this is a must have). This morning I am replacing a set of phrases that were using Voxos Boys and... wow... even just simple vowels and such, there is so much control and then the deadly sound quality...
  33. Steve Lum

    Symphonic Choirs to Hollywood Choir Cross-Grade

    For me the decision wasn't that hard. I could not stomach the asking price at launch, but now at 4 Franklins (which frankly seems the right price point) I took the plunge. I agree that the best way to evoke realism is to layer with a real voice or two - in fact, it also works pretty well with...
  34. Steve Lum

    UVI releases USQ-1, Digital-Analog Wave Synth

    Instant buy for me, esq-1 my first synth (not borrowed). Still have it. Yum!
  35. Steve Lum

    Cinematic studio strings attack delay? Notes not lining up with other libraries on grid.

    Right: if each note had an additional property(in addition to velocity, pitch, duration, etc.) called offset, one could leaves the notes, from a scoring perspective, exactly as they would read on the sheet, but the audio engine would know about the actual start time. The UI could "ghost" actual...
  36. Steve Lum

    Cinematic studio strings attack delay? Notes not lining up with other libraries on grid.

    Just my take: Bearing i mind that I don't have to produce written scores for what I do (music for my own sake), I find that the only way to get the exact performance I want (I use mostly CS2, CSS, and CSSS) is to move note start times by hand. I have become accustomed to this and prefer the...
  37. Steve Lum

    Evolution Jumbo 12 AVAILABLE NOW from Orange Tree Samples

    Two treats in one day. The long-awaited acoustic 12 from OTS (beautiful instrument) and Reuben doing the overview. Cake and icing. Many tracks will get the "I may replace you" stink-eye now. This thing is heavenly.
  38. Steve Lum

    ***WaveSkimmer by MODWHEEL released with intro deal***

    In case any Modwheel folks around, website purchasing appears to be compromised, hangs after paypal login. EDIT: When paypal dialog comes up select the credit card option and it works. Got my new toy :)
  39. Steve Lum

    UVI releases Meteor, a swell and impact designer

    Man... I dunno. I think I'm getting my wallet out tonight. Watched the overview... pretty impressive.
  40. Steve Lum

    Big Holiday Weekend Sales Round up for December 29, 2017

    Happy New Year Don, thanks, love you man. Kudos to Greg and OTS for the backing tracks (hey I know that song, says me).
  41. Steve Lum

    "Lunaris Pads" - Pads lovers must check this out

    Thanks, yeah, I noticed that when I played mono lines it behaved much better.
  42. Steve Lum

    "Lunaris Pads" - Pads lovers must check this out

    I bit on Lunaris before the current sale, so 'doh!' But here's the thing. Last night I was auditioning all the presets when I noticed cpu spikes (and attendant pops/crackles) on certain patches. I pushed up my ASIO buffers size but no relief (this was in Studio One 3). So I broke out Sonar...
  43. Steve Lum

    8Dio Century Ensemble Strings

    Thanks for the feedback. How do you feel about the tone? Like one or two others, I was a little bit concerned about the bow noise (someone called it "scratchy"). Did you hear any of that in your initial play time? (Thanks in advance).
  44. Steve Lum

    8Dio Century Ensemble Strings

    I guess we will get more detail tomorrow but in the meantime I am wondering why there isn't more buzz around the release. I am considering a purchase while already having Novo, Cinestrings, all Kirk Hunter, Adagietto, CS2, CSS, CSSS... I realize I am asking for speculation, but is there any...
  45. Steve Lum

    1-3-5-8-5-3-1 String Arp: Your chosen library and technique (?)

    Recently I have been dissatisfied with my rendering of ostinato string arpeggios, e.g. the title 1-3-5-8-5-3-1. For a distinct (not blurry) voicing, one can use an articulation that might suit, maybe a marcato/staccato, but soon that runs afoul of the real-life tendency to sound more...
  46. Steve Lum

    What Can Hexeract Do that Other Synths Can't? - Part 2

    Heads Up: if you, like me, assumed you could just put the resource file where you wanted it, then skip the app installer step where it asks you about that, and just choose to locate that file manually, which is the other choice you get, (BUZZER SOUND), sorry the installer needs to unpack that...
  47. Steve Lum

    EastWest Hollywood Choirs

    That's me. I gotta say I feel a little stood up cuz I had been refreshing the EWHC threads once a day for forever. I am one whose expectations were too high, more fool me.
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