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  1. Lee Blaske

    TOMORROW 18th July - Tune in for a special announcement!

    I think the ongoing dilemma is going to be whether or not to make libraries that are playable instruments, or content that's really just a sub-assemblies of music (phrases, patterns, loops, etc.) that someone else conceived and created that you roll into your project. There's quite a market out...
  2. Lee Blaske

    Is Summer Becoming the New Black Friday for Sample Librariesl?

    There are a LOT of libraries out there that are getting pretty long-in-tooth. I think the number of sales we'll see will continually increase. The market is pretty saturated now.
  3. Lee Blaske

    I am desperate help needed - crackles all the time with VEP and Logic

    If you're using mostly Kontakt, have you rebuilt the directories of all the libraries you use after installing them? That can make a big difference in performance.
  4. Lee Blaske

    I am desperate help needed - crackles all the time with VEP and Logic

    Also, any possibility your template file has some sort of corruption in it?
  5. Lee Blaske

    I am desperate help needed - crackles all the time with VEP and Logic

    How does the system work with a smaller template, say, half the size?
  6. Lee Blaske

    Polynesian vocal library - male and female

    Using libraries of sung foreign phrases in commercial projects always scares me a bit. You really need to know exactly what's being sung and whether it has some cultural/political/religious relevance, because you can bet that once it gets out in the world, someone WILL know (and angry letters...
  7. Lee Blaske

    Best Harp Library

    I have a LOT of harp libraries, and it sure is hard to identify a "best" one. They're all so different. Interestingly, if I'm in a hurry, I still often turn to the VSL Harp library. It reliably gets the job done, and it sits really well in a larger orchestral context. Some of the other...
  8. Lee Blaske

    One String Library to Rule Them All

    I agree with everyone suggesting to give up. ;) There is no perfect solution. However, if larger than chamber orchestra size is your goal, cross VSL's Dimension Strings off your list. That library is more on the smaller, intimate side.
  9. Lee Blaske

    Hollywood Pop Brass has been released.

    It's not the reverb or lack thereof. It just doesn't sound the way real players sound the way real players phrase and blow. You really need modeled instruments to get closer to that.
  10. Lee Blaske

    SWAM Saxophones question

    The TEC products are good.
  11. Lee Blaske

    SWAM Saxophones question

    You will be amazed at how much difference a good wind controller makes. You can make much more rapid changes than you can on a slider/wheel/footpedal.
  12. Lee Blaske

    Hollywood Pop Brass has been released.

    The sounds are nice, solid and consistent; but especially listening to them like that, they really sound like samples.
  13. Lee Blaske

    SWAM Saxophones question

    I would think that Expression would accomplish a lot of this. But to do it properly, the way an actual player would, you'll probably need to use a good wind controller.
  14. Lee Blaske

    8Dio Intimate Studio Woodwinds

    BTW, the idea that 8Dio really focused on the intimate side of these instruments appeals to me. I think it's going to be really useful to have a library that ensures a really solid and complete set of performance articulations at lower volumes/intensities, because it's something that's often needed.
  15. Lee Blaske

    8Dio Intimate Studio Woodwinds

    There are a lot of fantastic woodwind libraries out now. Complete libraries (like SF's recently released studio woodwinds), as well as individual instruments (e.g. the Embertone Herring clarinet. Sampling technology has really matured. I think we can always assume an as yet unreleased library...
  16. Lee Blaske

    8Dio Intimate Studio Woodwinds

    I liked the comment at 3:28... "Making sure they were properly fed, and got alcohol" ;)
  17. Lee Blaske

    New from Output, Steven Slate, Sonuscore's The Orchestra, and IK Multimedia

    So much marketing hype these days. Makes it hard to view these things as professional tools.
  18. Lee Blaske

    Possible Logic Pro X 10.4.5 and Kontakt 5 problem???

    Also, there's something different with track hiding in the mixer. There's a "follow hide." Maybe that was there before, but I never used it? Anyway, I found I needed to re-hide my tracks in the arrange window, and then check "follow hide" to have hidden tracks actually hide in the mixer window...
  19. Lee Blaske

    Possible Logic Pro X 10.4.5 and Kontakt 5 problem???

    Okay, here's something important... Evidently this is a pretty huge rewrite. I did notice a lot of stuff happening a lot faster. Check this link and scroll down to the "Optimized Project Loading" section. I'll bet the anomaly has something to do with this...
  20. Lee Blaske

    Possible Logic Pro X 10.4.5 and Kontakt 5 problem???

    At this point, I don't know how far the problem spreads. I'd definitely say save before you freeze, but unless you've left a trail of sequential back-ups, you might still have problems. I just don't know. I think there's something different going on here. The look of the icons on a frozen track...
  21. Lee Blaske

    Possible Logic Pro X 10.4.5 and Kontakt 5 problem???

    Don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but I seem to be having a problem with Kontakt 5 and the just released Logic Pro X 10.4.5. Audio from frozen Kontakt 5 tracks is vanishing, and if I try to unfreeze the tracks, the instrument (and any setting changes) are no longer there. Might be...
  22. Lee Blaske

    Best bang for your buck: fresh start Orchestral libraries?

    Also, if you're new to this, it's always best to wait for the sales, because the savings can be dramatic. Black Friday is a major event, but there are other sales from various developers around the calendar.
  23. Lee Blaske

    Output is Launching a "New Plugin" on June 18th

    In your account, you'll have a notice of what it'll cost to upgrade to the new everything bundle.
  24. Lee Blaske

    Heavyocity Mosaic Keys and Voices - Your Thoughts?

    I did the same, and came to a similar conclusion. Those poor voices are swimming in so much reverb, I want to throw them a life preserver. ;) The sequenced efx looked interesting, but it no longer sounded like voices. It would be interesting to hear what the raw materials in this library sound...
  25. Lee Blaske

    Heavyocity Mosaic Keys and Voices - Your Thoughts?

    Watching the videos, it's obvious that they put a lot of time into building these. Not sure if the sound is something I'd use often, though. Plus, I think I already have a lot of stuff that sounds like this. I'm coming to the realization that when a developer releases a new product, if the first...
  26. Lee Blaske

    Mystery CCs Causing me issues in Playback

    Have you tried doing a Batch re-save of this library in Kontakt? That's fixed problems for me in the past.
  27. Lee Blaske

    Logic Pro 1000+ track support coming?

    I won't complain if it's a paid upgrade, but I'd be surprised if it was. If Apple was seriously interested in making money off of Logic Pro, there would have been a number of upgrades by now. As is often mentioned, it's a loss leader to sell computers. And, Apple's policy of not charging for...
  28. Lee Blaske

    Poll: Should Apple release a model between the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini?

    Hackintosh is illegal, so that's a non-starter with a lot of people. That's stealing Apple's software. You need to be okay with that to go that route. What I'm going to be interested in seeing is how much the 12, 16, 24, 28 core CPUs add to the price of the new 2019 Mac Pro. I'd like at least a...
  29. Lee Blaske

    Performing vs Programming

    I'm not sure if there's a distinction to be made, here, between "performance based" and "programming based" libraries. As far as I see, pretty much all of the major players have good performance capabilities. Are you talking about libraries that have a lot of pre-made loop sorts of patches (like...
  30. Lee Blaske

    My Crazy Phase

    Kind of suffering burnout on acquisition, myself. I've got a ton of stuff. Hardware and software (and real instruments). Not enough time in the day to play it all. Lately, it beginning to seem as if just managing and updating the software I already own is an enormous chore. VSL is driving me...
  31. Lee Blaske

    Mac Pro Memory upgrade to 128GB

    FWIW, how big are the sessions you're currently loading? Are you at all close to using 64GB of memory? If not, no sense in adding more. Interestingly, with SSDs, we don't need to load so much into memory anymore. Gargantuan templates are nice, but they kind of bog you down and are slow to...
  32. Lee Blaske

    Mac Pro Memory upgrade to 128GB

    Don't get too excited. I just read estimates that a fully loaded system will price out at around $50,000-$60,000. ;) This looks like an amazing machine, but it really seems targeted to the high-end video market. I know I don't need a 1.4 kilowatt power supply, or that industrial construction. I...
  33. Lee Blaske

    Timpani library?

    OrchestralTools is my go-to, and I own a lot of time libraries. Fantastic sound, and it really sits well in a mix. Very consistent from highest to lowest range, no weird resonances that suggest a different pitch. It has plenty of dynamic levels, articulations, and mallet types. Sits really well...
  34. Lee Blaske

    VSL instrument licenses vanished from e-licenser

    I've invested tons in VSL products over the years, and have almost everything they make. Their CP situation is truly scary for legitimate owners/users, though, and I would not recommend VSL to anyone buying new today, because there are a zillion other great options out there that will let you...
  35. Lee Blaske

    Spitfire kepler. . .

    Interesting sounding product. Sounds like it would also be useful for sound designers, in addition to composers.
  36. Lee Blaske

    New O.T. Harpsichords

    Interesting. Pretty reasonable price for two seemingly very detailed instruments. I've got a number of harpsichords now, but my go-to is the SonicCouture Coservatoire collection which I like quite a bit. Is there anyone out there who has that, and this new OT instrument, and can compare? Just...
  37. Lee Blaske

    Why VSL (still) rocks

    Really makes you wonder why they're investing so much time switching things over to Synchron.
  38. Lee Blaske

    James Bond Style Brass

    I'd go with SampleModeling/AudioModeling trumpets, bones and french horns plus Screaming Trumpet for that, plus a reverb that gives that kind of room tone. You need to play each line in separately, unquantized.
  39. Lee Blaske

    Sample Library Depreciation thread

    If you're a working composer, and have used the libraries on tracks, you've got value in that that keeps on giving. And most likely, you wouldn't be ready to negate that content. Buying a library is licensing content. It's similar to a production company licensing footage for a video...
  40. Lee Blaske

    Thoughts on 8dio's new Intimate Studio Brass library?

    I'm not sure about this one. To me, the trumpet sounds a little too much like a soprano sax in the way that it phrases. Plus, there's an awful low of reverb on the demo (and the live crowd sounds sort of obfuscates things). For that style of playing, I think I'd really prefer using...
  41. Lee Blaske

    2C-B2 Reverb with Spitfire Studio Orchestra Professional

    There are tons of great presets in B2. Just dive in, and try them out (the extra expansion packs are worth it, IMO). It really is a CPU hog, though. Generally, I save it for times when I want something really magical, and then I'll either bounce or freeze the track so that I don't have the CPU...
  42. Lee Blaske

    Expression pedal – any experience or thoughts?

    That's a good question! Obviously, if the manufacturer of your keyboard/controller makes an expression pedal (like Yamaha having its FC-7), that's going to be a good match. Otherwise, hopefully, there's a specification. Some keyboards allow you to calibrate the keyboard to a pedal you supply...
  43. Lee Blaske

    Garritan CFX vs. Noire. Does anyone have both?

    I don't have the Garritan CFX, but I have Noire, and the VSL CFX, and a real 9' Yamaha CFIII (precursor to the CFX). I really like Noire. It has a nice, warm sound (much warmer than the VSL CFX, and my real CFIII). Also, the felt samples are great (very cool that someone was able to achieve that...
  44. Lee Blaske

    Expression pedal – any experience or thoughts?

    Expression pedals are not universal. You really need to purchase one that has the right resistance value and taper of potentiometer that will work with your specific keyboard or controller.
  45. Lee Blaske

    Trailer for New Spitfire Library

    I've read conflicting reports about the guitar industry. Lots of articles about sales being down. Maybe the kids are heeding that advice. ;)
  46. Lee Blaske

    The Taxman Cometh

    More and more online retailers in the U.S. are adding state/local sales taxes to purchases here. It was bound to happen, because online sales were getting an unfair tax advantage compared to brick and mortar businesses. I've always kept track of my out-of-state purchases and sent in use tax to...
  47. Lee Blaske

    Sooo many reverbs but which one would you prefer for orchestral use?

    For orchestral use, I use VSS3, FabFilter Pro-R, Lexicon and 2CAudio B2. B2 is fantastic, but it uses a LOT of computer power. I've got all the high-end convolution verbs (7th Heaven Pro, Altiverb, MIR, etc.) but I just find I get better results with algorithmic reverbs (more clarity and...
  48. Lee Blaske

    Bricasti M7 reverb

    I'd agree with this. I've got the two Liquidsonics plug-ins. They're okay, but I'm not thrilled with them. If you want that algorithmic reverb sound, get a really good algorithmic reverb plug-in (I like Galbanum B2, FabFilter Pro-R and TC Electronics VSS3). Some IR verbs that have the capacity...
  49. Lee Blaske

    Which Felt Piano should I get?!

    Lots of good felt pianos out there these days, and they do sound pretty different. I've got a number of them, but the ones I turn to regularly are the SA Olafur Arnalds piano, Una Corda (which is a lot more than just felt) and now, Noire (which is also a lot more than just a felt piano). Some...
  50. Lee Blaske

    DIMENSION STRINGS I crossgrade to Synchron

    I own the MIR software. It's really quite an interesting product, and I'm sure they spend a huge amount of time developing it. It's an impressive product The amount of nuance its capable of managing is jaw dropping. Personally, though, I discovered that all that nuance really doesn't make that...
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