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  1. Meetyhtan

    POLL: Please put back a dark blue theme:)

    I agree, while I like the flat modern design I think that it's overall too bright.
  2. Meetyhtan

    Thomas Bergersen's Hybrid Symphony "Seven"

    100% agreed here, it's totally insane. Considering everything he made in the last 10 years or so... and we only know of what he released. No composer publishes everything.
  3. Meetyhtan

    Thomas Bergersen's Hybrid Symphony "Seven"

    Somewhen in late 2018, I read (most likely on Facebook) that they (Thomas and Nick) had 4 hours of new music coming up. Since then, Dragon, American Dream, Seven and a couple of singles were released. Quite a lot, but still nowhere near 4 hours in total. Humanity will be a huge album though from...
  4. Meetyhtan

    The more libraries you have on the libraries tab -the longer Kontakt takes to load?

    Yet didn't realize anything like that Where is @EvilDragon when you need him??
  5. Meetyhtan

    What's the deal with templates?

    That sounds pretty advanced. In my case, my big orchestral template only includes samples loaded where they should be, mixer routing (incl. reverb / dry mix channels) and individual CCs and keyswitches for each instrument. All colored, structured and named correctly. Not much more than that, but...
  6. Meetyhtan

    Thomas Bergersen's Hybrid Symphony "Seven"

    I find it quite remarkable how different the critics are here compared to what l've read in the YouTube comments for "Deliverance" and during the pre release livestream. I guess that's the big difference between consuming fans and producers (even though I don't know what of both would describe...
  7. Meetyhtan

    Thomas Bergersen's Hybrid Symphony "Seven"

    Honestly, I was a bit surprised that it only took a couple of weeks to write American Dream compared to 4 years in total to get Seven done. When I heard about that, I was expecting Seven to be way longer. Other than that, I really like both. Little fanboy here, even though I see the criticism...
  8. Meetyhtan

    Persistence (CSS+CSSS)

    Oh yea, that's the sound of my favorite string library! I really enjoyed your mix, Akarin. As said above, a bit of humanization would treat it well. I also liked the percussion in the build-up. What mic settings did you use?
  9. Meetyhtan

    Thomas Bergersen's Hybrid Symphony "Seven"

    It was horrible and the chats hate escalated so much that the servers crashed Nah, it was perfect. Very deep emotional stuff. Great synth sound design and huge epicness, from birth to death. Lots of unheard sound combinations. Can't wait to listen to the whole thing
  10. Meetyhtan

    Thomas Bergersen's Hybrid Symphony "Seven"

    I don't care if it's the first if it's gonna be the best :P
  11. Meetyhtan

    Thomas Bergersen's Hybrid Symphony "Seven"

    Gonna be there for sure. Bergersen is my all time favorite composer and biggest inspiration.
  12. Meetyhtan

    Spitfire Audio Symphonic Woods Arts Question

    Coincidence that exactly this library is on sale at Spitfire right now?!
  13. Meetyhtan

    Massive X is Out!

    Finally! Will download tomorrow. A little weird for me though as I just tried out the original Massive 1 week ago for the first time. I wasn't born in the synth field!
  14. Meetyhtan

    Your NI Komplete (Ultimate) gems

    I installed Reaktor once, understood nothing, got scared of it's complex interface and workflow, closed it, opened Garage Band.
  15. Meetyhtan

    Your NI Komplete (Ultimate) gems

    I'm not sure I even installed it yet. More to try out :D
  16. Meetyhtan

    How do people deal with CSS delay?

    That's what I do. Don't know of any better way in FL Studio for CSS. Honestly, the real difference for me is just how far I move the notes back compared to other libraries. A delay of like 50ms is very common in many many other libraries as well, if you are going for that perfect rhytmical peak...
  17. Meetyhtan

    Best Harp Library

    I agree, what is the stuff you are tweaking?
  18. Meetyhtan

    Writing music after a while becomes like any other job...

    I guess trailer music can become pretty boring after some time, as it's mostly the same structure, instruments and simplicity. Not much room for crazy creative freedom, which is what would stop me after some time.
  19. Meetyhtan

    Looking for a good legato piano

  20. Meetyhtan

    Wet libraries

    Interesting stuff in this thread. I really like the room sound from my wet libraries, especially Metropolis Ark (therefore Berlin Series / Teldex). Excluding noise. It just feels right to combine MA1 and MA2 if I want a big dynamic range. Same stage, same ambience. If I want them to sound a bit...
  21. Meetyhtan

    Your NI Komplete (Ultimate) gems

    Thanks. I don't have much experience with different reverb plugins and always found it pretty hard to judge, sound-wise. But I'm really interested in Valhalla to see if it makes a difference, might be my next VST purchase.
  22. Meetyhtan

    Your NI Komplete (Ultimate) gems

    May I ask what you don't like about this reverb? On the one hand, I've never read a negativ review about it, on the other hand very few people in this forum seem to use it.
  23. Meetyhtan

    Your NI Komplete (Ultimate) gems

    Kontakt is so obvious and important, I even forgot to put it in my list.
  24. Meetyhtan

    Your NI Komplete (Ultimate) gems

    This comment is 90% me, so I guess I have to check Polyplex out next :)
  25. Meetyhtan

    The sound of NI Symphony Series?

    Full version, I bought KU12 CE two weeks ago. Still, there is no fingered or slurred legato, only bowed legato if you don't want portamento. This video told me the best workaround for that (3:05):
  26. Meetyhtan

    Best bang for your buck: fresh start Orchestral libraries?

    Metropolis Ark 1 or 2. Probably 1. Not sure if I could stand the loud epicness for too long if it would be my only library, neither I like that only the Horns a9 patch has legato (in the brass section). Still, this would be my choice :)
  27. Meetyhtan

    Your NI Komplete (Ultimate) gems

    So we already have an interesting thread about gems in the Kontakt Factory Library: As I think many good things in here are kinda underrated or overlooked, what are your favorite libraries / patches /...
  28. Meetyhtan

    The sound of NI Symphony Series?

    Sound is pretty decent! But for me, coming from CSS as my main library, the legato solution is very bad. Only portamento and bowed legato! Portamento sounds great, but you wouldn't use it all the time. The bowed legato however doesn't sound like any true legato at all to me, it's almost like a...
  29. Meetyhtan

    CSS and CSSS updates???

    You can check your version in Native Access
  30. Meetyhtan

    CSS and CSSS updates???

    Therefore, if you got the libraries after October 2017, there are no updates.
  31. Meetyhtan

    Solo woodwinds for orchestral music?

    So much pressure for Alex, so many people with high expectations (not excluding myself :D ) I'm currently using the NI Symphony Series Solo Woodwinds. Can I recommend them? Hm, not really when you don't own Komplete Ultimate. Full Price is too expensive imo. But you gotta work with what you...
  32. Meetyhtan

    Noire: anyone else noticed how quiet it is?

    No! I already liked the demos and the particle engine a lot. Don't do this to my wallet! I would probably exchange any of my current pianos for it, Una Corda for example, which is the same price, and its not like I don't enjoy this Felt Piano!
  33. Meetyhtan

    Choir for new age ambient ?

    That's basically my whole sample and VST collection in a nutshell.
  34. Meetyhtan

    Survey: Which DAW are you using?

    I'm curious! One of the rare (but very satisfied) FL Studio users in this forum here. The piano roll and BRSO Articulate (MIDI-Out articulation management plugin) make it a very reliable and powerful choice for orchestral stuff.
  35. Meetyhtan

    Cinematic Studio Strings won't use CC1

    For me it was very necessary (using FL Studio and BRSO Articulate as MIDI out plug-in). CSS is kinda unique when it comes to articulation managing.. and was a pain in the ass when I first tried to get everything to work in my template, but the CC's and Keyswitches were blocking each other which...
  36. Meetyhtan

    Choir for new age ambient ?

    Thumbs up for that! Everybody should have checked the KFL Choir patches out, great for some ambient pads and almost "free".
  37. Meetyhtan

    Noire: anyone else noticed how quiet it is?

    I (sadly) don't own Noir, however I noticed the same thing with other piano libraries by NI before, especially Maverick and Gentelman I guess. Also they Clip very easily when you put the volume fader in Kontakt above -3dB. But with that an mind, as said before, a simple gain effect in the mixer...
  38. Meetyhtan

    What guitar sample library is good for making this kind of sound ...?

    Realistic guitars might be one of the hardest common Instruments to sample... and as said before, even if it's done right, you still got lots of MIDI programming ahead. Little off topic, but that's why I almost always and only used guitars for background ambience, as an effect, from libraries...
  39. Meetyhtan

    Track presets, template or nothing?

    I just finished my new template which basically contains all orchestral libraries I currently own and like. However, I realized that more than 8 loaded instances of Kontakt + up to 16 midi outs per instance start to slow my DAW down. I have a powerful PC so I don't really now why. Because of...
  40. Meetyhtan

    So this sounds fun...

    People: But we are waiting for 90s Retro Horns! Michael: Sew what? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  41. Meetyhtan

    Time+Space _ NI Summer of Sound _ K12 /K12U /K12U-CE ( Thru June30 )

    Yes it is great for some soft, ambient choir pads! Especially after cutting mids and boosting a few dB Air + lots of reverb :) Symphony Series was my main reason for KU12 CE. Setting my template up as we speak. Already had the pianos before. I like all of them, especially Grandeur & Alicias...
  42. Meetyhtan

    I buy more than I use, and I forget those I buy

    Three things that should stop me from buying much more in the near future: - my SSD is full - my template too - my bank account not
  43. Meetyhtan

    Time+Space _ NI Summer of Sound _ K12 /K12U /K12U-CE ( Thru June30 )

    What I thought, however 50 of these are expansions for maschine and massive. The Abbey Road Series, all the Basses... not so much for me. Maybe at a later point. Still, I'm very happy with my upgrade :) Komplete is awesome!
  44. Meetyhtan

    I buy more than I use, and I forget those I buy

    People like to collect and don't like missing out. We are not just composers, we are also collectors. Collectors of these massive money eaters called libraries.
  45. Meetyhtan

    Hi from austria

    Hey there, neighbour! Welcome to the forum and feel free to share some of your knowledge!
  46. Meetyhtan

    How much RAM does your PC have?

    I felt weird just by adding an "96" option :blush:
  47. Meetyhtan

    How much RAM does your PC have?

    Recently yes, when I'm impatient and doing some mixing tweaks early on. But as it doubles the amount of needed RAM (with CSS), it might be smarter to hold on to your mix mic until the very end of your arrangement.
  48. Meetyhtan

    How much RAM does your PC have?

    That's hard to say, as it's pretty variable (I'm deleting / purging everything I'm not actively using) Generally speaking CSS and CSSS take most of the space. All 3 mics loaded, it's 2GB+ RAM per instrument. On top of that, I lately used many multi articulation patches from the Metropolis Ark...
  49. Meetyhtan

    Big Spitfire Purchase Feedback

    As said above, I would recommend you to start with very few, maybe only 1 or 2 versatile libraries. Metropolis Ark or Albion ONE are a good choice. I own them both and they are more than just a beginner library to learn from. If you like the sound, go for it, see what you can get out of it...
  50. Meetyhtan

    Did NI make a 50% on Komplete Ultimate?

    What does it look like if you put it on your shopping card? Should update then.
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