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    Eduardo Tarilonte BOGO & up to 75% off IK Multimedia

    Et tu, Brute? :(
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    Eduardo Tarilonte BOGO & up to 75% off IK Multimedia

    How exactly does the Tarilonte deal work? BestService has something similar going on but it's highly limited to some Kontakt vocal libraries. Please enlighten me (with good news! Make me throw my money at you!:rofl:)
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    Thank you for fixing the breadcrumb!

    Thanks to whoever fixed the breadcrumb navigation so that the first entry is actually "Forums" and not "Home". You wouldn't believe how often I landed on the website's homepage when I just wanted to go back to the forum homepage.
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    Microsoft Surface 6 pro i5, i7 or wait for a new version of it?

    PS: I say "i7 16gb" because to my knowledge there is no i5 version with 16gb.
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    Latency benchmarks for new komplete 6, audient id14 etc.

    Thanks for the links! Can you verify that they tested the new version of komplete 6, not the old one? Also are the results of id4 and id22 identical to id14 (which is missing in the list)?
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    Microsoft Surface 6 pro i5, i7 or wait for a new version of it?

    I7 16gb Ram is top priority. You can always work with external hard drives but no such thing as external RAM ;) If you're really really really only doing office work on it, then i5 8gb should be fine.
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    Microsoft Surface 6 pro i5, i7 or wait for a new version of it?

    I got the i7 16gb Ram 500gb SSD version last year. Although I'd say it's a super handy device that you can always fit in whatever bag you're traveling with and even do light orchestral Work on it, I would suggest that now is not the best time to buy. If I were you, I'd wait for the next...
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    Latency benchmarks for new komplete 6, audient id14 etc.

    Hi folks, I know there's this old dawbench chart floating around on the internet but I'm specifically looking for results of the new komplete interfaces, audient id4 and id14 and the like. I'm not able to buy RME, UAD etc. The only thing I could compare it to would be my Tascam US322 but I get...
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    CABAL 8 | Coming Soon

    Will we still get to hear some of the songs we were able to request for demos?
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    Selling my Cinematic Studio Series

    It has nothing to do with respect or at least if it has, it is not a one way road. In the EU, there are laws about this that state, you're allowed to resell software. This right can't be restricted by licensing issues and bases on principles of utmost good faith. So in order for anyone to market...
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    Irish flute for exposed parts?

    Take a nap, grab a coffee and take your time. I'll be here.;)
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    Irish flute for exposed parts?

    Trust me at this point I don't know any more either. It started with low whistle. Then I realized I want bagpipes too. Then I realized a fiddle would be great. Now I realize a hurdy gurdy would also be good.
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    What's the deal with templates?

    Short answer: it saves time that you lose setting stuff up. For as long as you're only working on one machine it's not necessary if you're someone who doesn't care about setting your tracks up and you don't need everything organized from the start of a project. Getting more and more interesting...
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    Is there a portable controller the ISN'T Micro USB?

    Kontrol m32 has USB B. Didn't touch any other mobile controllers since I got it.
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    Spitfire Solo strings or Spitfire Sacconi Quartet?

    You really didn't leave a lot of time to explain the pros and cons between the two hours of your question and purchase :rofl: GAS at it's best.
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    WTB: Bestservice Celtic Era

    What's their BF discount usually? Yeah I did extensive research and pretty much fell in love with this library from what I could gather.
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    WTB: Bestservice Celtic Era

    Seeing multiple threads about this without responses so I don't think people want to sell it but I'll give it a try.
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    Irish flute for exposed parts?

    After researching this some more, I get drawn towards Celtic era more and more because I'm also looking for a fiddle and some bagpipes. Plus it comes with tin and low whistle. I've never worked with best service products. I assume there is no Kontakt equivalent that comes as a similar package...
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    Build feedback please

    Also for the love of God: please don't try to go for a silent chassis with an i9 9900k. Keeping it cool while it's under heavy load is a pain. If you try and pull that off with air coolers in a silent chassis, you'll have a lot more noise AND a higher temperature. Trust me I've been there ;)
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    Build feedback please

    Correct, it's not needed. But why spend 150 on something you can't use on anything else if you can spend 170 for something that enables you for much more if you feel like it? Also: the ram makes a (teeny tiny) difference. Not only is it clocked higher but more important it has a lower cas...
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    Build feedback please

    Exchange the ram for corsair 3000mhz CL15 - should go for the same price (at least in EU) Exchange Mobo for e.g. Gigabyte Aorus prime (better MOSFETs and I THINK it has more USB ports) Get a gold certified 650W (or more) PSU instead Why 2 cooling paste? Upgrade GPU to a cheap 1060 instead...
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    Vgm (video game music)

    Remember when Outcast came in this huge eurobox and it included a T-shirt? Man I wore that with pride until it literally dissolved.
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    Spitfire Audio - Hauschka Composer Toolkit ...

    "Shut up while you're talking to me!"
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    Hired to write a style you dislike/don't care about?

    And before you know it, your next banger will be a 4 to the floor aria because of what you can take away from this job.
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    Spitfire Appreciation Thread

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    Irish flute for exposed parts?

    Thanks everyone. I will binge whatever YouTube videos I can find about these.:2thumbs:
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    Hired to write a style you dislike/don't care about?

    Well in your (very uhh...creative) example you made it sound like there's no benefit. But he's getting money for the job so I think the comparison you made wasn't fair.
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    Irish flute for exposed parts?

    Thanks for dropping (obvious) names. I hoped for more background information as to why X vs. Y. Considering getting the ISW tin whistle for 100 sounds daunting when you look at Celtic Era for 250 which comes with tin and Irish whistle and so much more. What do you guys like or dislike when it...
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    Irish flute for exposed parts?

    Any recommendations for an Irish flute/low whistle library? Please don't tell me to get cinewinds pro :notworthy:
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    Why has it been a decade and a half...

    Do I smell a deep sampled Cello Horn with performance legato? Edit: Holy shit forget what I just said. Is it time to finally bring N to life?
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    Looking for Gaming Headset

    Most headsets don't have a jack, some do though. I don't know if any of them use proprietary stuff or if you can just use any mic with them, sorry.
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    Looking for Gaming Headset

    Correct. The modmic wireless comes with it's own Bluetooth aptX dongle. If you get wireless headphones, they usually come with their own receiver so you would end up with two seperate devices. Shouldn't be a problem if you get a USB hub and never think of those dongles again once plugged in...
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    Looking for Gaming Headset

    Get whatever wireless phones you want + a modmic wireless. Best of both worlds if you want to go full wireless.
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    SOLD OUT (Native Instruments)

    Kinetic Metal for $29? What a steal. Would buy it if I didn't have it already. Good luck :)
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    How do people deal with CSS delay?

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    Time+Space _ NI Summer of Sound _ K12 /K12U /K12U-CE ( Thru June30 )

    Pulled the trigger on K12U so that people can stop mocking me for not having full Kontakt ;) Also looking forward to play around with Thrill, Kinetic Metal & Toys, Damage and Action Strikes. I'm also interested in whether I'll like Una Corda after having Noire first.
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    Daniel james live on twitch now with an important topic!

    Mikeh I did not say that theory is not about the product, I said it doesn't matter for the product how you got there. You guys can tell me I'm wrong all you want but it simply doesn't matter whether or not someone was able to analyse their score if the score is good. I am not talking about...
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    Daniel james live on twitch now with an important topic!

    It is a plausibility check for your work, yes. But not only will clients know in an instant whether it sounds good or not and/or whether it fits the desired mood, so will you - even without the theory. And if you don't, theory doesn't help much. That was my point basically. Also this whole "you...
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    Daniel james live on twitch now with an important topic!

    But in order to be influential for society, in this case the majority of the small society of composers that came after him had a positive opinion about him, thus becoming influential for following compositions leading to what became a status quo for "the" society. Collective opinions can only...
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    FINAL 24 HOURS - Save 30% Storewide in our Summer Sale!

    Any user demos available of you folks?
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    Daniel james live on twitch now with an important topic!

    While I think I understand where your are coming from when you talk about the necessity of theoretical knowledge when it comes to composers, I have to disagree with your last statement from experience. Yes there are full time musicians who do this and really don't know what they are doing. All...
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    Can you help me to complete library collection for trailer / epic music?

    If you want to do loud and facemelt stuff only (I refuse to use the word), then you want to get something else than inspire. Go for Ark 1, Albion 1 or Jaeger - each one of them comes with pros and cons. Making stuff louder doesn't mean it's played fff. Inspires were meant to be used for rather...
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    I have no idea what I'm doing

    From experience I can tell you that doesn't seem to work for everyone :crying:
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    Best studio monitors for price/quality?

    Depends on the size of your room but honestly the former mentioned JBLs and the Kali LP-6 offer supreme bang for your buck. An alternative would be Yamaha HS7. Comparing those three is probably your best bet. Adams still get a lot of hype in a lot of places. When talking about budget speakers I...
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    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    This thing is super cool. Not my style but super cool. Open the library-floodgates though because with this you can just pump out ridiculous amounts of stock beats.
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