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  1. LandWaterSky

    Soundiron | Emotional Piano Free Expansion Pack!

    My jaw dropped the first time I heard your first demos for Emotional Piano. Years later it still stands tall among all the new piano offerings from other companies. Like everyone here has said....THANK YOU...for your generosity in expanding the sound possibilities for this fine library.
  2. LandWaterSky

    VSTBuzz: Up to 80% off "Indie Kontakt Developer Week" - 17 plugins from traditional to experimental!

    I also own the Halflight Sampling Bundle and think there are some amazing sounds to be had.
  3. LandWaterSky


    Great recommendations!
  4. LandWaterSky

    Hello from Australia

    Good on ya, Mike. Make yourself at home.
  5. LandWaterSky

    Hello from Bulgaria :)

    You are welcome here, Ilia.
  6. LandWaterSky

    Sonokinetic releases the Alphorn

    You guys did a great job with the demos.
  7. LandWaterSky

    Sonokinetic releases the Alphorn

    It's been out for awhile. I think I purchased it last year. But it was one of the best buys I made all year and one of the most soulful...if I can use that word...brass packages I've ever had the pleasure to use.
  8. LandWaterSky

    Thank you Spitfire Audio...

    I'm so glad to see this thread. I am grateful for your exciting holiday promotions. Every year I pick up some tremendous libraries I might not normally have explored. Thanks from all of us!!
  9. LandWaterSky

    Best fo 2018?

    The major sample library creators already get lots of attention, so I'd like to comment on a bit of a sleeper library that absolutely blew my socks off: Paris Sampling Motion Cinematic Grooves. The library was created by Olajide Paris, a producer who's had his hand in quite a few projects by...
  10. LandWaterSky

    Soundiron's Winter Holiday Sale Starts Now!

    Finally remembered to buy Ambius Prime. Very interesting sounds!
  11. LandWaterSky

    My Future Sample Library Setup

    Don't mean to resurrect this thread but that's the biggest laugh I think I've ever had on this forum.
  12. LandWaterSky

    Great music of the world nobody knows about

    Norwegian Saxophonist, Jan Garbarek, with Sami singer, Ingor Ánte Áilo Gaup... One of the most natural and amazing vocal recordings I have ever heard.
  13. LandWaterSky

    Strezov Sampling presents AFFLATUS Chapter 1 // 1.2 Update feat. 18GB of new sample content

    I agree with every point you make, Rob. Very well put.
  14. LandWaterSky

    Soundiron | Tuned Artillery Flash Sale 50% OFF!

    I love concept libraries that actually sound great. Well done you guys.
  15. LandWaterSky

    Designer Drums Version 1.1 Released with new GUI | Rast Sound

    Love all your software instruments. Just purchased Designer Drums. Thank you for the Pre-Order discount!
  16. LandWaterSky

    Save Your Money For Black Friday!

    I think that's a very smart thing to do, because the sales noise during BF week is deafening. Really hard for smaller developers to stand out as well.
  17. LandWaterSky

    Eric Whitacre Choir

    I am a gearslut in N. Idaho, but I don't think I'm one of those guys. Haven't posted there in a good while.
  18. LandWaterSky

    Eric Whitacre Choir

    I decided to go on and have them ship it to me on a hard drive. I would have needed to backup this monster anyway.
  19. LandWaterSky

    Eric Whitacre Choir

    And I'm just up the road in Sandpoint.... :grin:
  20. LandWaterSky

    "Solo Opera" by Organic Samples | Solo Vocals VST for Kontakt

    It's not throat singing exactly, but it would be wonderful to have some Sami yoik singing!
  21. LandWaterSky

    Help me build a learning plan? | where to even begin (any advice welcome)

    Another thumbs up for Rick. In addition to being a good player and theory teacher he has a great knack for music history. He tries to give a context to all the points he's trying to make. Way more interesting than my college music professors! Wish we had YouTube then, or the Internet, or...
  22. LandWaterSky

    Kontakt 6!

    Very good to hear, ED. I think UI improvements would create more goodwill among their user base than a whole slew of other technical improvements.
  23. LandWaterSky

    Kontakt 6!

    Until they offer easy access to more scalable and higher contrast type, Native Instruments is seriously neglecting a huge part of their pro audience: people over 40. All industry studies on useability show that GUIs created for the vision impaired have higher overall satisfaction across all age...
  24. LandWaterSky

    Sick deal bro

  25. LandWaterSky

    Flash Sale at Performance Samples!!!

    Welcome to the group, Ermac. :2thumbs:
  26. LandWaterSky

    Going from a 34" DAW monitor to a 43" monitor - Any opinions?

    I sit an average of 3 to 3.5 feet from my monitors. I currently run both a 43-Inch 4K ViewSonic VX4380 Flat Screen Monitor (16:9 aspect ratio) along with a Samsung 34-Inch CF791 Curved Widescreen Monitor (21:9 aspect ratio). I like the 43-Inch ViewSonic when I’m working on a project where I...
  27. LandWaterSky

    Melancholic Strings

    I think that defining the term "melancholic" is very tricky. You can point to subject matter if the music is referential - i.e. a requiem or tragic opera. You could consider the sad words of a song or a non-religious choral piece. There are also innumerable musical qualities: major/minor...
  28. LandWaterSky

    Spitfire - APEX Ending Tonight at 23:59 GMT! One Library - Half Price - For One Day Only.

    For me, Tundra isn't only the most useful Spitfire library. It's one of the best libraries I own period.
  29. LandWaterSky

    Spitfire - APEX Ending Tonight at 23:59 GMT! One Library - Half Price - For One Day Only.

    And who among us here can say with a straight face, "No, I'm not a hype!" o_O
  30. LandWaterSky

    Interstellar :reason for minor/major alternation

    Excellent information, thanks for sharing.
  31. LandWaterSky

    Interstellar :reason for minor/major alternation

    I honestly believe Zimmer's music for Interstellar served the film better than any soundtrack in recent memory.
  32. LandWaterSky

    LESS THAN 72 HRS LEFT!: 60% off “Hybrid Scoring Strings” by Sonixinema - Normally €79.99 now €32!

    After finally sitting down with the library a fresh group of sounds and great variety, too. Well done.
  33. LandWaterSky

    Did the Sales Go On This Long Last Year?

    If this is the new normal it could be very tough on software and sound library developers. Especially the small ones. It could make it to where every slight update would necessitate an upgrade fee. I love sales just as much as anyone, but developers have to make money or the lights will go out.
  34. LandWaterSky

    John Powell's Updated Template

    And we all wonder why we're going blind. ..... and need Xanax....;)
  35. LandWaterSky

    Get 85% off SOUNDIRON Super Insane Bundle! Save $575!

    The organ was the clincher for me, too, Quasar and Fleer.
  36. LandWaterSky

    Get 85% off SOUNDIRON Super Insane Bundle! Save $575!

    I purchased the library for the the Struck Grand, Montclarion Grand Piano and the Traveler Organ. I may download the Mars Choir later if the need arises...
  37. LandWaterSky

    24 HOURS LEFT! Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions Promo Price Ending Tomorrow

    Hilarious story that we can all relate to, Christian....:eek:
  38. LandWaterSky

    FabFilter Pro-L 2 - Limiter Plug-In Review

    Excellent article with diverse applications.
  39. LandWaterSky

    24 HOURS LEFT! Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions Promo Price Ending Tomorrow

    Oh my, that looks nice... Thank you, Quanah!
  40. LandWaterSky

    24 HOURS LEFT! Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions Promo Price Ending Tomorrow

    Really enjoy Arnalds Evolutions and Composer Toolkit. This new library sounds promising. On another note...what is the small interface to the left of Arnalds' midi controller in this video. I recognize it but can't quite place it.
  41. LandWaterSky

    Spitfire Audio - WISHLIST - **Limited Time Remaining On Your Codes! **

    Just purchased Earth Encounters 1 and Union Chapel Organ. Thank you very very much to the fine folks at Spitfire. Very generous of you!
  42. LandWaterSky

    MIDIssonance Omnisphere Tajdo - Available Now

    Just bought the bundle. Great sounds. Thanks! - Ken
  43. LandWaterSky

    Albion ONE: 10th Anniversary Edition Promo Price Ends TOMORROW!

    Happy 10th! Thanks for your previous fine efforts and for those to come.
  44. LandWaterSky

    LiquidSonics Black Friday

    I picked up 7 Heaven Pro as well. Thanks for the heads up!
  45. LandWaterSky

    Is a Bricasti Worth It?

    Well, there goes that kidney.
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