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  1. MarcelM

    New Forum Layout Is Live! Things to know

    i liked the old layout better, but probably because i was used to it for quite a long time :)
  2. MarcelM

    Audient iD14 vs Focusrite 2i2 - your opinion ?

    latency is a bit worse with the audient, but it got better with latest drivers. go for the audient. the tascam 7000 has between the same converters than the audient id22, but i liked it also a bit better. lateny wise the tascam was bad for me. if you can get a cheap focusrite forte, then go...
  3. MarcelM

    Audient iD14 vs Focusrite 2i2 - your opinion ?

    audient wins. very easy decision! better ad/da.
  4. MarcelM

    Selling a full PC or its components?

    cpu goes for like 100 eur on ebay your board for 100-150 ram (NEW!) you pay like 500-600eur ( you wont find often 128gb ram used since not too many ppl use that much, but iam sure once in a while you find it for less than 500.
  5. MarcelM

    New Neocymatics violin ensembles

    uhh... just watched that GoT cover video right after i had checked the prices for this. i expected way more tbh.
  6. MarcelM

    Selling a full PC or its components?

    cant be answered in general. sometimes you get more by selling parts, but as you said it might be hard for some of them. after all, iam sorry to disappoint you but i fear that nobody will pay not even close to $1200. i checked ebay prices quickly, and one could get your bundle quite alot cheaper.
  7. MarcelM

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    i messed it up ;) will buy an extra guitar because of my fault :)
  8. MarcelM

    Build feedback please

    you wont notice a difference when he uses that machine as a daw by changing the ram. gfx card is more than enuff for a DAW - he could even go with a cheaper one. i mean if he can upgrade for just a bit then your suggestions make sense, but its not needed really.
  9. MarcelM

    Build feedback please

    looks good and will be a beast. have fun :)
  10. MarcelM

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    umm... my bad. must be the sun ;) thought only the featured librarys are included in sale and ofcourse iam wrong. iam in!
  11. MarcelM

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    i was so excited to see the topic, but now iam disapointed a little. seems only a few librarys will be included in the sale and sadly none iam interested in :/
  12. MarcelM

    Build feedback please

    most big companys offer bios updates for their z390 boards to support 128gb ram (asus, gigabyte...)
  13. MarcelM

    Build feedback please

    oh, and about the board. id go with a good z370 or even better z390 board when i choose this cpu.
  14. MarcelM

    Build feedback please

    the i9 9900k needs a better cooler. dont think the one you picked is enough. a noctua dh15 or be quiet dark rock pro 4 would do the job, but liquid cooling is the best option for an i9.
  15. MarcelM

    Berlin Orchestra Inspire or Palette Symphonic Sketchpad?

    hollywood orchestra gold is like 330$. you get alot more content and all sections. play isnt as horrible as most people say.
  16. MarcelM

    Reverb Glut? One More?

    not sure. i dont have precence yet. also not sure how many and what reverbs you got, but breeze 2 beats most likely alot of em ;) if i were you id probably go with breeze 2 first.
  17. MarcelM

    Reverb Glut? One More?

    if you want i can do it. PM me your email and first and last name (needed for referral).
  18. MarcelM

    Keeping your DAW off Internet

    are you sure? by default usually osx does have this for wifi only?
  19. MarcelM

    Keeping your DAW off Internet

    windows? yes. just disable the network adapter in device managment or network adapter settings.
  20. MarcelM

    Keeping your DAW off Internet

    one click if you use some desktop vpn solution. vpn wont protect anyway if people keep opening supsicious emails or files on their machines. you are safe without a vpn if you dont surf "strange" sites and take care what you download or open in your mail program.
  21. MarcelM

    Rethinking my CPU

    from what i have read that upgrade isnt really worth it. i mean consider the price and compare it to the gained performance. its not worth it.
  22. MarcelM

    Buy new Mac Mini vs upgrade Thinkpad X1E

    sold my mac pro 5.1 already and will go with hackintosh. ive recently build a new one based on a pretty cheap asus z370 prime p and really everything is working on this one. it has an i5 8600, but i ordered the i9 9900k for it last night. also bought two new 4k screens for it from philips which...
  23. MarcelM

    Anyone knows whats up with pettinhouse?

    website seems to be down and iam trying the whole weekend now to access it.
  24. MarcelM

    Logic Pro 10.4.5 Update

    the price is a joke, sorry. :)
  25. MarcelM

    SOLD ProjectSam Symphobia 1 en 3 (Trade with Omnisphere possible)

    yah, you can read about the NFR thing at the projectsam page. dont get it why they do it and its wrong imho, but what can you do? good luck
  26. MarcelM

    SOLD ProjectSam Symphobia 1 en 3 (Trade with Omnisphere possible)

    they become not for resale if you buy them "used". and it wasnt the first 50% sale, and for sure not the last.
  27. MarcelM

    SOLD ProjectSam Symphobia 1 en 3 (Trade with Omnisphere possible)

    he asked probably because you asked for more or quite the same when they were 50% off. and they become NFR. guess ppl will wait to prefer for another 50% sale then which will for sure come.
  28. MarcelM

    Fanless, dead silent prebuilt mini PC with 9900k, up to 128gb RAM, 5x SSD?!

    i dont see a reason why it wouldnt support an amd gpu. put a rx 580 in it or even better a vega and there you go ;)
  29. MarcelM

    Cheapest wat to get Kontakt

    get arcane from embertone for free and then buy the Kontakt 6 crossgrade for like 125$ from NI. cheapest way!
  30. MarcelM

    How do you route libraries in your template?

    low/high groups and short/long for everything. different reverbs for all of those groups.
  31. MarcelM

    Update from Kontakt 5 to Kontakt 6

    if you are on windows the kontakt vst dlls are under progam files/native instruments/64 bit plugins. reaper and lots of other daws dont look there for vst dlls by default.
  32. MarcelM

    New from Output, Steven Slate, Sonuscore's The Orchestra, and IK Multimedia

    i dont even watch those trailers anymore. most trailers just dont fit, since it is about librarys or plugins and not the next hollywood blockbuster. just my 2 cents
  33. MarcelM

    Orchestral Tools Completion Days -30%

    bit offtopic, but any news about that new sample player and the modular based system? i mean where is the point if you can buy all this (and only what you need) soon with the new system?
  34. MarcelM

    Updated to Kontakt 6: where are these new 'play' libraries?

    for me it it took like 5 minutes and i had them in my NI account.
  35. MarcelM

    Reverb Glut? One More?

    it is for sure. i own spaces and its fantastic. spaces 2 is even a bit better. if u got hollywood diamond its a good buy for sure. i own diamond too ;)
  36. MarcelM

    Reverb Glut? One More?

    the demo was very nice. full version 159$ - upgrade 149$. NO! i wont upgrade and will not buy it. its just not fair.
  37. MarcelM

    Windows 10 silliness

    you can turn that off.
  38. MarcelM

    Windows 10 silliness

    iam using windows 10 for years and i cannot remember that it installed any apps again which i uninstalled earlier. you can turn off alot of stuff in windows 10 :) windows 10 is the best windows ever tbh. still i prefer osx for some things, but i use both daily.
  39. MarcelM

    Logic Pro 10.4.5 Update

    well... thx apple for putting the update out after the cubase crossgrade offer ;) the disable track works great in logic and the only other thing iam missing now are multiple CC lanes.
  40. MarcelM

    Finally: disable/enable tracks (load/unload memory) in Logic – with an auto-function!

    have it already in my appstore and iam from germany. youre not running sierra,right?
  41. MarcelM

    Dragonfly Reverb - Very Nice Free Reverb

    copy both to your vstplugins folder.
  42. MarcelM

    Anthology II: Adagio general discussion

    if you are starting out, get east west composer cloud. then if you get along with it and play buy HO diamond. you cant buy anything like it for the money it costs.
  43. MarcelM

    Komplete 10 Ultimate to Trade with Kontakt 6 Full Version

    dont get it exactly tbh. what do you offer and what do you want?
  44. MarcelM

    Daniel james live on twitch now with an important topic!

    is music theory essential for the modern music composer? come and join. we have some kind of talkshow running...
  45. MarcelM

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    does it still use intel cpus? ive been reading apple wanted to ditch intel and use own cpus. would be bad for my hackintosh ;)
  46. MarcelM

    How much RAM does your PC have?

    64gb here for the one ive build over the weekend. ram is cheap at the moment so i just thought why not :)
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