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  1. will_m

    Is library music saturated? Talkradio Show -Show Over

    I really like the idea of having this radio show format. I did listen in on Youtube for a bit but there did seem to be a bit of a misunderstanding of the question, a few thought it was about sample libraries and the focus seemed to shift between being about library music in general and then epic...
  2. will_m

    I need a little honesty...

    I think bands now have begun to try and go back to physical media like vinyl, its obviously costs more to produce but you can sell it for $30+ as opposed to someone streaming it for a lifetime and it netting you about nothing. I see more film soundtracks being released this way too, through the...
  3. will_m

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    I'd disagree here, I can't see anything suggesting that i7 and i9 CPU's are geared towards gamers and "beat makers", CPU's really aren't that picky. If anything i7/9's are better for music making in general, in that they tend to have better clock speeds than Xeons, which is very important for...
  4. will_m

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    Both systems offer poor value at the lower spec though because they are Xeon based and everything is more expensive. You'd be better of with a higher end i7/i9 system in that range. The Xeon chips make much more sense in the higher configurations though where you can get crazy core counts...
  5. will_m

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    That base spec for 6k is terrible, maybe the higher configurations will make more sense? I think even the iMac pro is going to outperform the base spec for less money and it comes with a screen as well.
  6. will_m

    Albion One vs Metropolis Ark 1

    Definitely depends on the track but I use mostly the outrigger or ambient mics from Albion blended with the closer mics from MA1.
  7. will_m

    Albion One vs Metropolis Ark 1

    I have both, that's how I'm comparing them. Not everyone will be able to get both though so this is for them. I also don't think this makes them 'cheap and small'.
  8. will_m

    Albion One vs Metropolis Ark 1

    Not strictly a review as such but hopefully a useful comparison between two of the big ensemble libraries.
  9. will_m

    Which of these Spitfire EVO GRID based library do you recommend ?

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
  10. will_m

    (Might Contain Spoilers) The Dark Zebra in Game of Thrones S8 e3

    I'm sure the production time was lengthy but I meant the time for post-production and scoring. They only wrapped shooting 10 months ago and each episode is like a film now, the last one was almost wall to wall score for 120 mins.
  11. will_m

    Trumpets in trailer music

    I'd say trumpets can have a place in hybrid trailers but there's a definite emphasis on lower brass and french horns in their higher register for those heroic brass leads. I mainly use Ark for my brass and the trumpets probably get used the least from the brass section. I layer them into the...
  12. will_m

    (Might Contain Spoilers) The Dark Zebra in Game of Thrones S8 e3

    I wonder what the schedule is for an episode like this, must be crazy, its an hour and twenty minutes of almost wall to wall music. I liked a lot of the cues, felt like a break from some of the previous work but these final episodes need that next level of drama. There was also some nice...
  13. will_m

    Is this the only sit stand studio desk for 88

    There are a number of places that sell just the motorised desk legs, you could then look at just adding a desk top. I'm considering getting the Jarvis from Fully, as it will lift 158kg. Would be pretty simple to add a sliding tray, most of them are literally a piece of wood attached to sliding...
  14. will_m

    PRISM - Modern Pop Drums - Video Review

  15. will_m

    Video Export solution for Cubase users

    That's the annoying thing, it was a feature for ages and then Steinberg just removed it. I think it happened when they were changing the video engine.
  16. will_m

    First Solo Trailer Album

    Thanks! The mix and master was done mainly by myself, I sometimes use bits of Ozone but its mostly other plug-ins on the master. Although for trailers I try and keep the bulk of the processing on the group channels so the stem mix still works. Thanks! Fingers crossed for some good placements.
  17. will_m

    First Solo Trailer Album

    Thanks! Really appreciate you taking the time to give it a play.
  18. will_m

    First Solo Trailer Album

    Thanks! It was over the course of about a year but whilst I was doing other projects so difficult to say. I find with this style the first drafts only take 2-3 days, its the refinements that take a lot longer and I work off feedback from the library.
  19. will_m

    First Solo Trailer Album

    Thought I'd share what I've been working on, first solo album for me so really excited for people to listen to it.
  20. will_m

    Splash Sound - Epic Percussion - Video Review

    Just put this one up on Youtube, an in depth walkthrough and review.
  21. will_m

    Incorporating guitar pedals into DAW set-up?

    Thanks @Mojo Bone , that's great. I think I'll go with the re-amp and DI set-up for now and maybe upgrade to the Radial box in the future if its something I use a lot. My interface is the RME UFX+ and I'm pretty sure you can select between +4 -10 and a 'hi gain' setting for the outputs, so I'll...
  22. will_m

    Incorporating guitar pedals into DAW set-up?

    Ah right thanks, I think I got confused after reading this article where they refer to a reverse DI, which I thought was using a regular DI but in reverse, as opposed to a separate product that is actually a reverse DI that steps down the signal...
  23. will_m

    Incorporating guitar pedals into DAW set-up?

    This might be a silly question but could I use a 2 channel DI box to be both the link from the interface to the pedals and also from the pedals back to the interface? So connect an output from my interface to one channel on the the DI, then into the pedals. Then from the output of the pedals...
  24. will_m

    Library music and writing what you want to write

    I think a full time income from one style in library music is a big ask, not impossible but it'd certainly take some work and time to get there. In regards to looking for libraries that cater to your style some will post post on their website when they have a brief for an album. Most exclusive...
  25. will_m

    Incorporating guitar pedals into DAW set-up?

    Thanks, that's a cool looking design. I'm not sure it offers anything over a patch bay though and getting it to the U.K is probably going to work out more expensive.
  26. will_m

    Incorporating guitar pedals into DAW set-up?

    Awesome, thanks Charlie for such a detailed rundown. I'd definitely like to build towards such a set-up. Looks like the patchbay will be the way to go, with some combo of re-amp / DI boxes or the Radial. I saw this amazing set-up from Yellow Technologies the other day: Bit out of my budget...
  27. will_m

    Incorporating guitar pedals into DAW set-up?

    Thanks guys, I think I've got a handle on the re-amp / DI side of things, plenty of options there. The Radial EXTC-SA is probably my favourite, for the options it has and being an all in one solution but yes it is a bit on the pricey side for a routing/level box. I'm surprised no one has made...
  28. will_m

    Incorporating guitar pedals into DAW set-up?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to be able to add a number of guitar FX pedals to things I'm recording into or already have recorded in my DAW, such as: The output of my synth The output of my Kemper Tracks from my DAW At present I am using an external FX return in Cubase to send audio out of my...
  29. will_m

    Orchestral Tools Ark 1, 2 & 3 free upgrade

    I would have though the strings shorts in MA1 could be fixed quite easily, it just sounds like the sample editing is off, so some of the RR samples have too much dead space at the start of the sample. To me the timing isn't just humanised its plain sloppy sounding, on faster phrases its even worse.
  30. will_m

    Orchestral Tools Ark 1, 2 & 3 free upgrade

    I've noticed the same thing and I know others who have too. I write a lot of trailer stuff and love Ark for this purpose but the shorts (especially the Highs) have very inconsistent timing which makes fast or repetitive passages sound pretty sloppy. I'd consider OT libraries in the premium...
  31. will_m

    I paid ~$1200.00 for Hollwood Strings and apparently I have to buy Gold if I want to save HDD space

    That's not really a fair analogy though, the costs incurred to the dealership would be massive, the costs to a sample dev to send you the lower tier version is a bit of bandwidth and maybe some admin. Or to go another way, if I deliver someone a track in WAV format as they ask for it, then they...
  32. will_m

    What audio buffer setting can your system handle?

    If you go into the Nvidia control panel, under power management mode change it to 'prefer maximum performance.' I believe the default setting of 'adaptive' can be the cause of additional DPC latency.
  33. will_m

    Is trailer music a field too competitive?

    If you want it to be your sole income then yes but many people working in trailers have other areas, whether it be t.v libraries, commercials, film etc. I think currently two of the biggest barriers to entry in the field are one, the level of production chops needed and two, the time it takes...
  34. will_m

    Why did John Williams not score all of the Harry Potter movies?

    It would be interesting to hear the scores swapped around, for instance JW score in the final film and Desplat's in the first. I think this might highlight how each score fits within the context of the film it was intended for. Its also good to remember the films were created largely with...
  35. will_m

    Maniac - NETFLIX - Dan Romer

    Sounds like live players for the majority, especially the strings and winds, maybe some evos as texture underneath in a few small places.
  36. will_m

    Olafur collection redundant - if i have Tundra and heavyocity's intimate strings?

    Sure, they're both felted pianos but they have a different sound to them. Una Corda is really flexible though, I'd say the OA felt is very much his own sound. I prefer the tone of the OA felt in most situations, especially low dynamic repetitive parts. The Una Corda I like best for big spaced...
  37. will_m

    Olafur collection redundant - if i have Tundra and heavyocity's intimate strings?

    The felt piano in the toolkit is worth it alone in my opinion. The synth side of things is also really lovely. There is some overlap with his two other products being string libraries but I think you'd be hard pushed to recreate the EVO's with Tundra. Maybe some of the chamber evolutions could...
  38. will_m

    Soundstripe and other subscription based libraries - Sustainable?

    I think this is my main issue with it, it sends a message to the users that music is cheap and 'all you can eat'. There were actually users in the comments section moaning that they had just paid the old price of $135. It's essentially unlimited music licensing for the about the yearly cost of...
  39. will_m

    Soundstripe and other subscription based libraries - Sustainable?

    Lately I've seen a few subscription based libraries such as Soundstripe, they offer unlimited in perpetuity licenses with seemingly no restrictions on usage. From a recent Fb post they are selling this at 100 dollars for the year. I don't see how this can be worthwhile for the artists. Taking...
  40. will_m

    PRS and MCPS Royalties informations (UK)

    Yeah I know, I wasn't expecting anything really, its the same with trailers in theatres. Just making the OP aware that there likely wont be a cheque at the end of it all. Same goes for anything from social media really unless you do really well with Adrev on Youtube.
  41. will_m

    PRS and MCPS Royalties informations (UK)

    +1 For what Daryl said. Its all good practice and will get you used to the PRS system etc, however I wouldn't expect anything on the royalties front. For example I scored a short last year that went on to about 150+ festivals around the world as well as socials fairly recently and I've not...
  42. will_m

    Audio Interface Recommendations

    I think you'd be better off spending the money on more CPU power, a new interface can help with that list but only to a certain extent. I'd also look at tweaking Windows fully for LLP. For interfaces the new Focusrites are meant to have good LLP, RME are very good in that regard too, also the...
  43. will_m

    How do you clear out the low end to make your drums massive?

    I've found when a library/client asks for more low end in the percussion they mean more weight, which I've found isn't really in the low end, more the low mid. I've also started using less orchestral percussion and more synth/hybrid style percussion because its often much more focused and cuts...
  44. will_m

    Kontakt 6!

    Hmm, at first glance it looks kinda underwhelming. Was hoping for some GUI and library organisation changes.
  45. will_m

    SPITFIRE - Announcing Spitfire Studio Strings! 24 Hours LEFT on Promo Price!

    Damn that's a good price for what's on offer. I'm now very tempted.
  46. will_m

    Audio Interface Recommendations

    Emailed support directly and posted on the forum, got some help from other users on the forum. Official support took over 2 weeks to reply, issue still isn't fixed (months later) and I think they've given up. Others on the forum have been reporting the same issue random distorted / bit-crushed...
  47. will_m

    Komplete Kontrol mkII

    Does anyone know if there's a performance hit using KK as the wrapper for Kontakt? I currently use one instance of Kontakt per instrument track in Cubase and have several hundred tracks so I'd be worried that any additional strain would be multiplied.
  48. will_m

    Audio Interface Recommendations

    I recently went with RME, moving from Focusrite same as yourself. I've had big issues with getting TB to work properly and RME's support have been pretty useless TBH. The USB3 connection is good though. I've found at higher latencies (typically what high track count projects need) that the...
  49. will_m

    Sample start positions - to move or not to move?

    When I render sampled instrument tracks in Cubase I've noticed that there is often a portion of silence before a waveform can be seen on the track. Even if quantize a drum part, there is still silence before the attack of the hit starts. I first noticed this a while back with spiccato strings...
  50. will_m

    Audio Interface for mostly sequencing

    Here's the test conditions as per the website:
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