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  1. FinGael

    Behringer CS-80!

    Oh my goodness. *faints*
  2. FinGael

    A horrible post (sorry)

    Thanks for sharing and I am sorry. I can relate to that. Years ago we were driving home late at night; my wife was driving and I was resting, when suddenly a raccoon dog jumped out of the darkness and was hit by the car. I think it had damaged its spine and I had to end the suffering. I love...
  3. FinGael

    My first official 8dio Demo! (Intimate Studio Brass)

    I liked it a lot. I got the impression that you had something real to say - which isn't often the case for me ((imho) - in many ways shallow and superficial world we are currently living in)). It took me on a trip to somewhere and something. In this case I think I do not even want to know...
  4. FinGael

    Is Hans Zimmer overrated as a composer?

    Yep. Here in Finland the main celebration is today - on 24th. Merry Christmas everyone and have a Happy and Fulfilling New Year!
  5. FinGael

    Is Embertone updating their Intimate Strings?

    It's a season of bad jokes, so here we go again... Yes - heard that they are updating. The overhaul will be called "Very Intimate Strings". (Sorry [email protected] You rock!)
  6. FinGael

    Is Ludwig Van Beethoven Overrated as a Composer?

    What movies has this mister Van Beetleoven chap scored? I recognize the name from somewhere...
  7. FinGael

    Orchestral Tools "groundbreaking" announcements

    Maybe they'll quit selling libraries and start to manufacture heavy drilling machinery. "Groundbreaking" "...building the new" :grin:
  8. FinGael

    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    Having flu and fever and I was sleeping most of the day. Then noticed this and there were 500 copies left at that time. Managed to grab one without any problems. (Have the Strings and Brass too). Thank you Sonokinetic team and have a merry Christmas!
  9. FinGael

    Aaron Venture Infinite Brass - Update v1.2 is live!

    Yikes! I think that November should be renamed to Brassember from now on... :scout: The concept of your library is very interesting. Congratulations. Looking forward to a walkthrough.
  10. FinGael

    Orchestral Tools - Black Friday - 40% on Berlin Series Main Collections

    I remember reading from somewhere that it worked on a purchase of 599 euros (although OT says that the minimum is 600). Not sure though. I personally haven't tried; still have my voucher.
  11. FinGael

    Anyone else hate the "wheel" controls for pitch bend etc

    True true. Should know that because I got my first electric axe on my 9th birthday. :2thumbs: Even though my analysis of my pitch bending was faulty from the start, there is something when I'm using the wheel for pitch that does not sound right. I know it's a user error. Maybe has something to...
  12. FinGael

    Anyone else hate the "wheel" controls for pitch bend etc

    Thank you EvilDragon. I was planning to get a cheap controller with a joystick; just for the fun of playing sampled guitars, and some other solo instruments that need pitch bending. Not going to replace my other keyboards, and was planning to use it as an extra only when needed for those...
  13. FinGael

    Modern Scoring Brass - AudioBro

    Where is all this Brass coming from? :P
  14. FinGael

    Anyone else hate the "wheel" controls for pitch bend etc

    I have only keyboards with wheels, but prefer a joystick for pitch. For dynamics/modulation wheel is ok. I remember vividly the days when I had a brand new Korg Triton as a master keyboard - playing Jan Hammer -like synth guitars (with the joystick) like a madman. I guess it's time to buy a...
  15. FinGael

    Hall-of-fame samples (best from each library)

    "N" is an ancient library that makes an appearance once in every thousand years. It contains all the mysteries and answers of the universe (and the unknown parallel universes and multiverses). And it has the best legato that will ever be made. There is a dedicated thread about it. Seek 'N thou...
  16. FinGael

    Woodwind runs library, other than Berlin?

    Yes - you are right. It is full ensemble runs and sounds, so not suitable for your needs.
  17. FinGael

    Woodwind runs library, other than Berlin?

    Cinesamples Hollywoodwinds has that classic hollywood sound - if you are looking for that kind of thing. Don't know how it fits more classical pieces. It is quite inexpensive and it has been discounted often during the sales. It is quite old library, but the sound is very nice.
  18. FinGael

    Steinberg is not going to receive any more money from me until...

    ...I buy Iconica. (Not using Cubase, but wanted to participate :P)
  19. FinGael

    Cinematic Studio Brass - upcoming release!

    I think it indeed is a very generous price, but it can generate more sales with the other products too. For instance I decided to buy the solo strings in addition to the brass. I have always liked the sound, but haven't jumped on the Cinematic Studio solo train. The pricing of the brass library...
  20. FinGael

    Cinematic Studio Brass?

    Little offtopic. Sorry about that... Got an idea reading your post. A fun challenge: who creates the best (sounding) space with some chosen orchestral patch, using only close mics and reverbs. I think something valuable could be found in the process.
  21. FinGael

    Cinematic Studio Brass?

    I like this more traditional approach to section sizes, and do not see it as a problem. If it does not sound big enough, you can layer other brass libraries (or synths), filter and pan them to your liking, while letting the CSB form the core sound and "skeletal structure" of the brass. The...
  22. FinGael

    Cinematic Studio Brass - upcoming release!

    "Dear mommy. Please send some money". Sounding great. As I already have CSS it seems (too) hard to resist.
  23. FinGael

    Customized CSS + CSSS Violins (For flow and cohesion)

    I experimented using this technique also with some ensemble and sections sounds. With other instruments I tried it it works ok, but with Berlin Inspire (strings) doesn't; by adding the transpose it kills the modwheel (dynamics, nothing happens after the transpose being added). It does not make...
  24. FinGael

    What do you guys think Metropolis Ark 4 will consist of?

    . A silent movie era version "at the edge of silence"? Including some special patches inspired by John Cage. (Sorry). I think you are right. And Mike is probably right too; there has been a choir in every MArk so far. The rest - have no idea.
  25. FinGael

    What do you guys think Metropolis Ark 4 will consist of?

    Sounds from this: (MArk 4) :grin:
  26. FinGael

    LOL - Just bought a violin (I've never played one before)

    This. I had so much fun today and I'm a hands-on type of person, so it really is a great experience. Did some composing (with libraries) afterwards and it felt like there was some new kind of inspiration in writing the brass parts. Also bought and old clarinet at the same occasion, but haven't...
  27. FinGael

    LOL - Just bought a violin (I've never played one before)

    I hear you. And good timing. I "played" trumpet for the first time today (bought an old (and cheap) one a while ago). Have never before played or even tested any brass instruments... :dancedance: During my practicing (Youtube is your friend) our cat came in from the rain and decided to want...
  28. FinGael

    Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns

    A special edition for next Halloween: Gory Days - Big Bad Horns. Sorry. Couldn't resist. The library sounds really good.
  29. FinGael

    Strezov Sampling presents AFFLATUS Chapter 1 // 1.2 Update feat. 18GB of new sample content

    Is the crossgrade offer permanent or limited in time?
  30. FinGael

    12 Years Old. Twelve. There is hope for humanity.

    I respectfully disagree. I think the music she makes is something that the world needs - especially in this time of great global challenges. Some have stated that her harmonic language is not so developed, but to me her music is beautiful, and to me that is valuable. Vangelis stated in one...
  31. FinGael

    12 Years Old. Twelve. There is hope for humanity.

    What impressed me the most was the way she seems to love the music. I think she is great and there is certainly room for her in this world. Wish her all the best.
  32. FinGael

    12 Years Old. Twelve. There is hope for humanity.

    Good and bad jokes and opinions aside... Have you considered what you are gaining with your posts (about this subject)? My guess is that with posts like yours in this thread, some more acclaimed and skilled people will leave the forum. Can't blame them. In my opinion, one of the things that...
  33. FinGael

    New from Strezov Sampling: Afflatus Chapter - Part one: Strings

    I'm out too. Too much for my suffering wallet (already decided to buy it after watching the walkthroughs...) Congrats for a great sounding library. I really like the concept and the versatility, and hopefully am able to buy it some day.
  34. FinGael

    Strezov Sampling presents AFFLATUS Chapter 1 // 1.2 Update feat. 18GB of new sample content

    Could you lads please stop raising the price of the library? :grin:
  35. FinGael

    Greetings from Malaysia

    Hello and welcome.
  36. FinGael

    Eric Whitacre Choir

    I feel much the same way. Have liked many Whitacre's choir pieces a lot during the years, but felt a little empty after watching the walkthrough. I think I will give it a little time, but probably will eventually skip buying it. The library sounded very good. Congratulations to Spitfire Audio...
  37. FinGael

    Sonokinetic Halloween Sale Now on - 60% off selected libraries - ENDING SOON!

    Oh my. Espressivo looks so tempting with the discounted price (99,9e at the moment (without VAT)). Going to have a tough meeting with myself, because that guy promised me not to buy anything before Black Friday.
  38. FinGael

    Vir2 Instruments - MOJO 2: Horn Section Now Shipping! $75 Off + Giveaway!

    The library looks good and sounds very nice and versatile. Congrats. A longer video with a walkthrough of the sounds and articulations would be nice.
  39. FinGael

    The History of the Prophet Synthesizer

    Watched it (twice) earlier today. It was a great journey. Thinking now of purchasing U-HE Repro for the worst symptoms... :P I really appreciate what you are doing; your channel is one of my favorites in YT. Also looking forward to seeing more videos about composing techniques; some...
  40. FinGael

    You've been in the studio too long when...

    When you are asleep and dreaming, and at the same time are tweaking things in your DAW, which is floating on a separate semi transparent layer in front of the dream that you are experiencing. :2thumbs: Has happened to me many times during the years...
  41. FinGael

    Best edm vst synth 2018

    Another vote for VPS Avenger from here. It is ready for EDM, but also a great tool to sculpt other kinds of sounds. A lot of good drums (sets and sequences) are included.
  42. FinGael


    N is already sticky; you can't get your hands off it. ;)
  43. FinGael


    It sounds synthy, because it is a tribute to those marvelous sounding 80's Casio "synths". It also contains the same scripting that is available as hardware in some TI calculators, so it can't be THAT bad. But yeah, legatos could be better.
  44. FinGael


    Heard that there is a different version coming as a crossgrade option. Unlike the original, it is suitable for all studio environments. It is called NSFW (N - Suitable For Work). It also expands the original sampleset by a whopping 16.4 MB, containing all-new samples from bells and whistles...
  45. FinGael

    Does your own music make you cry?

    Yes, my wife too. "Could you PLEASE STOP playing that low brass".
  46. FinGael

    Evolve Mutations - loops for hybrid music

    My two cents and a little bit different experience. I am not a dedicated trailer music producer, and only few days ago was checking out EM and EM2 for the first time. Have had them for ages, came with Komplete 10U, but I think I have never even opened them. I found especially some of the tonal...
  47. FinGael

    Sonar Users what are you switching to? (If you switch)

    I still don't want to switch. The force is strong with this one.
  48. FinGael

    Scoring Synths

    I heard that N might be included in this (scoriNg synths). Don't know what the other N (or n) stands for...
  49. FinGael

    Best solo cello?

    Yes. To be honest I have not been a fan of their modelled strings; the intonation seems nice, but there is something in the timbre and vibrato that make the sound in some way synthetic to my ear. Have to add, that I am not that experienced with strings, and that goes to both samples and real...
  50. FinGael

    Best solo cello?

    Sample Modeling?
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