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    Digital Performer: Difference between Track view and Sequence view

    I use Tracks for overview stuff and Sequence for detailed editing etc. Anyway you can remove either one from view in preferences if you want to.
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    So... who's got the best timpani?

    I LOVE the Spitfire BHCT timpani. Sounds great and works for everything.
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    DP 10 drops today. Are you gonna upgrade?

    Have 3 projects lined up so will upgrade after that. Sometime in the summer.
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    Digital Performer - Film scoring

    People here are usually Logic or Cubase so you'll probably get a lot of "no 'this daw' is the best" and so on. I use DP. It's the best for me. It's not as difficult as people say it is to learn. I spent a weekend going through the manual and now I can do everything I need it to do, which is...
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    Spitfire Audio London Contemporary Orchestra Textures – Available now

    Jonny Greenwood Composer Toolkit... jk. Excited for this!
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    Your favorite Komplete-bundled NI piano library?

    Una Corda. So good!
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    Did HZ ruin film music ... or did Bernard Herrmann already start it?

    Are overrated threads like this ruining christmas?
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    Best library purchases you ever did?

    Spitfire BHCT. Stupidly good.
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    Spitfire Solo Strings playability

    Most likely. As far as playability, I know Andy Blaney plays in all his stuff so his demo for Solo Strings is pretty much as good as it gets.
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    Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 4 - Elite Orchestral Forces

    I agree that this is, if not a nod to, definitely the same concept that was behind BHCT. I'll probably get this because of that alone. And it sounds really good. Well done OT. If people are still unsure about the BHCT because of the combo-patches, I say go for it. It 'forces' you out of the box...
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    Help me! BHCT now, or maybe Ark 2 later?

    I have both and they are both great but I use the BHCT more than Ark 2. While Ark 2 has a lot of great instruments that BHCT does not really cover, for me, Ark 2 acts as an addition to BHCT. If you love BH's music you'll learn a lot about his style of writing and orchestration by using the toolkit.
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    Quick GAS question, A(Spitfire) or B(Fabfilter)?

    Easy, samples!
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    Christian Henson Gave Me His Mac Pro

    Class act that Christian.
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    If you could only use 5 sample libraries?

    Spitfire Bernard Herrmann Toolkit Berlin Brass Spitfire Woodwinds Spitfire Labs Metropolis Ark 2
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    Digital Performer PC (Windows) Users?

    DP on Windows is really unstable, but on Mac it hasn't crashed on me for 8 years. And I've done all the updates etc. Good daw(the best for me). For windows.... wait for DP10 and see.
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    Opinion on Ark 2 and BHCT?

    The Herrmann Toolkit is one of my most used libraries. It can do almost anything if you want that old-school sound. If they add anything to it later I'll be all over it. It's just great.
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    That John William's Trumpet

    Haha $149 extremely expensive? Either you want the sound or not. 90s Retro Trumpets has the sound.
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    Neither. Depends on the context of them saying it.
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    Orchestral strings library crowfunding

    I only have two points to make. 1. BH Toolkit does the sound he describes in the video beautifully, so for me there is no gap in the market. 2. Why would anyone want to be involved with the $99 Orchestra guy on any level?
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    Rating the Native Instruments Symphony series

    This sums it up for me. But then again what do I know..
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    Gromposer VLOG - Episode #3 - Hollywood, How To Pitch and Collaborate!

    Loving these vlogs, Daniel. Is the Grom 125cc? Been looking to get a bike lighter than my Ducati for zipping around town..
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    Is it possible to get the score for UIST?

    Learn orchestration and you'll pick the approx. parts out yourself.
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    Did Spitfire Audio get sold?

    Spitfire Audio bought Facebook
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    What's up with ...

    Yeah... Probably don't want to discuss that here...
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    Spitfire Chamber Strings Professional?

    Again with the naming of products... Come on guys!
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    Does anyone think a HZ Orchestra will happen?

    The only fiasco is your statement.
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    HZ Strings First Look VIDEO - Full Live Stream (w/chatroom)

    The only thing I expect with Zimmer is the unexpected. This library, according to you, is just that. And maybe it's me and my flailing eyesight but I haven´t seen anything in the marketing that suggests that by buying this library you will be able to replicate the well known sound of Hans...
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    Hans Zimmer strings as main strings

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    8Dio doesn't like me.

    This happened with me a few years back as well. After that I was done with them... Until they reached out, completely out of the blue almost a year and a half later and offered me a discount on whatever I was interested in from them. They said they were very sorry that I had a bad experience...
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