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    Which Celesta?

    Oddly enough I find the Sonokinetic one to be super noisy on certain notes. It hasn't been a huge issue in context of the mix, but overall I like the tone. The one in CinePerc PRO is also pretty nice!
  2. J

    FS: Novation Bass Station II

    Bump! Still for sale! Taking offers as well.
  3. J

    Why/how do YOU still use Albion One?

    I think it works great as a layering tool! I wrote a cue using CSS, on a Legato, Con Sord patch, and used the Con Sord in Albion One as a layer. But similarly to other posts, it's mainly a sketching tool. I've never really been big into the synth-y stuff it can do. And I don't particularly love...
  4. J

    FS: Novation Bass Station II

    Selling a mint condition Bass Station II Amazing little synth, I am however moving to a smaller studio, and scaling back on my hardware. I have barely used this thing (mainly due to my expanse of software synths), but it works great as a standalone analog synth, or as a MIDI controller, or...
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    FS: Joshua Bell Violin, Symphobia 1

    Selling some Kobtakt Libs I picked up recently. These are AMAZING libraries, but I unfortunately need the money at the moment, so I have to part ways. I've gotten plenty of use out of Symphobia, which is an extremely versatile library, filled with loads of awesome orchestral effects, and solid...
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    Tape Plugins?

    The UAD Ampex ATR-102 is my desert-island plug-in. The Studer is pretty great as well! The Waves Kramer Tape is pretty cool as well, and the Slate VTM gets some use in my studio. Really depends on what tone/use you're going for.
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    Reverb suggestions

    Space Designer in Logic is pretty flexible! Try to search for some Scoring Stages IR's, though there are definitely some in there already. Depending on your budget, Altiverb is one of my go-to's for that style. Can go from a fairly dry studio, to a massive hall. Plus all the IR's for Post are...
  8. J

    What are your favourite Brass Libraries then?

    I think Cinebrass PRO is a no brainer if you’re already using CORE. The monster low brass is excellent, plus all the solo instruments, improved legato on certain patches, and the FX. Gets a ton of use in my template!
  9. J

    Cubase Tutorials

    Groove3! I always forget about that one, despite having a subscription. Thanks I’ll check them out!
  10. J

    Cubase Tutorials

    I’m an audio educator, so knowing as many different DAWs as possible is key! I’m a long time Pro Tools and Logic user and just bit the bullet and picked up Cubase. Wondering if anyone on here had any good learning resources (tutorials, etc.) they could point me to. Thanks! Looking forward to...
  11. J

    Sample libraries within Samsung T5

    Yes, but for whatever reason the fact that the enclosure has a built in USB, it’s increased the speed of the drive for my use. Not 100% sure why, maybe someone else could elaborate. But I know certaintely that going SATA to USB will bottleneck the speed.
  12. J

    WTB: Embertone Fischer Viola

    Not selling mine unfortunately, but hope you get your hands on this one. It's EXCELLENT!!!
  13. J

    Sample libraries within Samsung T5

    There's a bottle-neck happening when you go from SATA to USB. You're probably seeing around 300MB/s, give or take. I used those cables for awhile. I eventually upgraded (not much, maybe $20 a pop) to an enclosure I found on amazon, mainly to protect the drive. And it ended up boosting up the...
  14. J

    Over-The-Top Jazz Horns

    Project SAM Swing! More has some really cool horns like this! Not nearly as many weird articulations I've hoped for, but nonetheless the tone and general vibe is directed at this style of music, being in the jazzy/swing style.
  15. J

    Sample libraries within Samsung T5

    I've got my samples spread across a couple of EVO 860s, in an enclosure. And a couple of T5s. I like the convenience of the T5! It's lightweight, and has been fast enough to stream samples, imo.
  16. J

    Less than perfect solo strings/quartet libraries

    I’ve had the proveledge of working with Kronos Quartet on a recording project several years back. The New York Times did a study on what musicians were looking at during a performance, and used Google Glass to analyze their eye movement. We were brought in to do the recording/mix the...
  17. J

    Epic Orchestral/Cinematic Drums & Percussion Elements

    Would be really nice to have. However, I feel like this is something that isn't as standardized as Orchestral Percussion say, which is a bit more predictable. There are certainly instruments that are very commonly used, like Taikos, Surdos, etc. But then there are also things like 'Metals' which...
  18. J

    WTB - Swing! More or Other Big Band Kontakt Libs

    Just got a new project that requires a Big Band/Swing feel, and unfortunately after years of Kontakt collecting, I'm short on that style. Too much epic orchestral :/ Anyway, if anyone is looking to off-load Swing! More, or other Big Band Libs they recommend, PM me. Thanks in advance!!
  19. J

    FS: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator (Rhythm & Robot) - WITH CASES!

    Selling my beloved Pocket Operators. Unfortunately I need the money for other ventures, otherwise these tiny little things are awesome! I love how flexible they are, in being able to program your own sequences, and sync them together through a single cable. They also sound GREAT when recording...
  20. J

    FS: Sonuscore The Orchestra - SOLD

    Yes you’re right, this was just a typo.
  21. J

    FS: Sonuscore The Orchestra - SOLD

    Yes still available! I think this is a perfect library for a starter. Everything you need is there. Let me know if you have other questions, otherwise feel free to message me to move forward :)
  22. J

    FS: Sonuscore The Orchestra - SOLD

    Selling my copy of Sonuscore The Orchestra. Grabbed this gem awhile back, however I'm looking to fund some new libraries, more in the Jazz realm. The Orchestra offers a full sampled orchestra, with TONS of articulations, and an AMAZING animated orchestra. The pre-recorded phrases are awesome...
  23. J

    So... who's got the best timpani?

    I find the Cineperc Timp to be stellar! It's got a ton of dynamic control, and has this awesome slappy growl at the top end of the dynamic range. Rolls are also very fun to play, and I find it layers really well with others, such as NI.
  24. J

    Solo Vocals

    Thanks, wasn't aware!
  25. J

    Best library purchases you ever did?

    Even though it's only been a week or so, Ark 1 and 2 have been so quick and easy to work with, that they're worthy of my top purchase this year! Other than that, probably Omnisphere, which I've had my eyes on for years. Such a vast tool.
  26. J

    Solo Vocals

    Not sure if it was mentioned already, but the vocals from Audio Imperia's Jaeger are awesome, in my opinion. Now granted, it's not a standalone vocal library, but the articulations are a lot of fun!
  27. J

    Omnisphere 2 - Your Favorite Patches

    Hey all, My first post here! I spend enough time ready through other threads, so figured I'd create one. Anyway, just grabbed a copy of Omnisphere 2. And WOW, there is a TON of content! Wanted to see which patches you guys find particularly inspiring. Or what you're using Omnisphere 2 for. I...
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