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    Switching from Logic to Cubase Advice?

    Has anyone had any performance issues compared to running Logic on the same Mac?
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    Switching from Logic to Cubase Advice?

    Pretty much as it sounds. For various reason I've decided to switch from Logic to Cubase and was wondering if anyone had any advice on making the transition as painless as possible? Thanks in advance!
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    Eurorack scoring workflow?

    I thought GAS was an issue with plugins, samples libraries and hardware synths, but modular GAS is just on another level!
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    Eurorack scoring workflow?

    That's the appeal of it for me also, but at the same time I want to balance it with scoring to picture. I'm trying to figure out how to get the best of both worlds, I guess.
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    Eurorack scoring workflow?

    Using loop-record mode in Logic makes so much sense. Do you ever use something like Expert Sleepers ES-8 or FH-2 to send CV / audio from the DAW to the modular?
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    Eurorack scoring workflow?

    Brilliant, was not expecting a response from the maestro! That seems like a fairly straight forward and efficient way of doing it. Thank you!
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    Eurorack scoring workflow?

    Hey all, I'm curious how people with Eurorack setups are incorporating it into their film scoring workflow? Are you using it to generate source material for use in your DAW? Actually composing / performing to picture? I'm on the brink of going down the rabbit hole and would love to know what...
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    Director iPad Control during Playback?

    It doesn't have faders for control over the music / dialogue mix, though.
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    Director iPad Control during Playback?

    Hey all, I've seen some composers use an iPad to give a director control over the DAW music / dialogue mix as well as stop / start / jump to marker options for during playback of cues. I know it's possible in Max / MSP but that's a little beyond my technical capabilities. Is anyone aware of...
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    Steven Price - musical sound design techniques?

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I'm curious if anyone has any insight into Steven Price's musical sound design and processing techniques on Gravity and Fury. It sounds like there's a lot of processing of acoustic sounds and of the orchestra, but I haven't been able to find much detail...
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    USB hub for powering iPad while connected?

    They're the older pre-lightning cable iPads. Ended up plugging the iPads into a charger in the wall and connecting via WiFi.
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    USB hub for powering iPad while connected?

    Hi all, I have two iPads, one running TouchOSC and the other Metagrid. Has anyone found a USB hub capable of charging an iPad while it's connected to the computer? All the hubs I've found so far have USB sockets that do only one or the other. Thanks in advance!
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    New Free: Mod Mate MIDI EFFects Plugin _ Ideas for Usage?

    Any chance you can elaborate on this?
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    Arturia Pigments

    What's the CPU load like?
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    Spitfire Symphonic Brass Expansion?

    Hi, Does anyone know what happened to the Spitfire Symphonic Brass Expansion with the additional mics? I can see the Expansion pack for the Strings and Woodwinds in the downloader, but not the brass.
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    CinePiano vs Piano in Blue?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any thoughts on one vs the other? Thanks in advance!
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    Logic unloading VEPro instances

    Thanks, waiting to hear from them.
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    Logic unloading VEPro instances

    They're both on static IPs. The Mac is connecting to the correct instances, but some of them are being unloaded. I can see it flash from being fully loaded instance to an empty one. It's not a case of new ones being created. I also have "Always discard" selected in "Incoming project data...
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    Logic unloading VEPro instances

    So I'm wracking my brains about this... I'm running the latest versions of VEPro, Logic and High Sierra. All the instances of my VEPro server on my PC are set to preserved and decoupled, but when I load up my Logic file some of the instances are being unloaded. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in...
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    Fiverr session musicians, anyone experience?

    I've used musicians from with great success.
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    Logic Assistant Needed for Film Composer (Los Angeles)

    Position has been filled, thank you everyone who responded!
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    Logic Assistant Needed for Film Composer (Los Angeles)

    It's an assistant position for someone much earlier on in their career.
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    Logic Assistant Needed for Film Composer (Los Angeles)

    Looking to hire a studio assistant for a film composer on a freelance basis who's a Logic expert. Previous experience for a film composer a definite bonus! Please PM with your resume / website / IMDb and hourly rate. Thank you!
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    Anyone using an XY pad to control Zebra and or Alchemy

    I use a Keith McMillen QuNeo and have the four bottom pads set up for for Zebra. It can be a little tricky to be precise with it, but other than that I'm pretty happy.
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    FS: NI Maschine Mk2 in Mint Condition - $350

    It's a fantastic beast, but doesn't fit it with my personal workflow unfortunately. Barely touched it since I bought it. Looking to sell for $350. Includes the software, original cables and box. Will also include desktop stand worth $69. Based in LA, pickup only. Retails for $599 at...
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    SOLD: ProjectSAM Symphobia 1 (Boxed) - $350 or best offer

    Includes shipping within the US and the $30 ProjectSAM license transfer fee.
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    SOLD: Bricasti M7 Reverb - Like New - $3200 (Los Angeles)

    Hate to have to get rid of this beautiful beast, but I have to deliver stems for a TV series and it doesn't fit my workflow any more. Is in pristine / new condition. Still has the plastic cling film on the display screen. Includes original box and cables. Price is firm, cash only and local LA...
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    Raxxess ERK-8-20B - Black 8U Rack (Brand new in box - unassembled) - $100

    (Brand new in box - unassembled). I bought three and only ended up needing two. Selling on Sweetwater for $180, will take $100 or best offer. LA (90035) pickup only. The Elite Series of fine audio racks are of knock down construction using the highest grade of fused 3/4" melamine. They come...
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    Saxophones Kontakt Libraries?

    Is the VSL saxophones library in kontakt format or something else. I'm not quite clear on that.
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    Saxophones Kontakt Libraries?

    Other than Chris Hein's Horns, are there any other saxophone family libraries I should be looking at? Looking for a more orchestral sound rather than for big band purposes.
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    VisionDAW thoughts?

    Expensive but rock solid machines that let you focus on composing. Can't speak to their technical support as I haven't had a need to. :-)
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    Omnisphere Ferox from The Unfinished

    Very inspiring, as always!
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    FS: UAD-2 Satellite Quad (FireWire) (LA Only) for $500

    UAD-2 Satellite DSP Accelerator (FireWire) for sale. It comes with the Analog Classics plug-in bundle. Comes with cables, but no box. Minimum use. It's in great cosmetic shape as well. LA pickup only. Priced to go! Retails on Sweetwater for $999, selling it for $500...
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    Kontakt overloading in VEP - noob question

    Did OP ever get this resolved? I'm having the same issue.
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    Woodwind overdubs?

    Interesting, I hadn't come across this site before!
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    Woodwind overdubs?

    Good recommendation, thank yoU!
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    Woodwind overdubs?

    Does anyone know of a woodwind session player who does woodwind overdubs with their own recording setup? Looking for someone who can do flute, tin whistles, recorders, and misc. If they don't have their own recording setup, they have to be based in LA. This is for a paid non-union gig.
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    Massive Darkscore V by The Unfinished - now on sale!

    Re: Massive Darkscore V by The Unfinished - coming soon... Can't wait!
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    HIRING: Virtual Composer's Assistant

    My regular assistant is on maternity leave and I have a few tasks I need done while she's gone. Would be great to get someone from the VI-Control forum community. Initially, I have two 90 min films on vimeo for which I need the cue sheets to be done. Requires familiarity with the concept...
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    Spotting notes with project manager?

    So up until now I've been keeping track of cues / spotting notes via a spreadsheet in google docs. It's definitely nowhere near as sophisticated as some of the custom filemaker solutions I've seen out there. I'm wondering though…I haven't seen anything that integrates with a project manager...
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    Spitfire Orchestral Grand - RELEASED! Discounted to £39 until April 18th!

    I can't seem to find how many velocity layers this has…?
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    Quiet portable air conditioner?

    It does look pretty good, except I'm renting and I don't think the landlord would go for the modifications to the wall.
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