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  1. gcorcella

    Review Novella: Origin by Westwood Instruments

    Novella: Origin by Westwood Instruments features a strings section, drum kit, synths, felt piano, guitar and choir. it's the first installment of the new Novella series, meant to be a complete toolkit for film composers. This library has a very intimate sound, from the gritty small chamber...
  2. bbrylow

    Review: Overview & Composing With Novella:Origin From Westwood Instruments

    Boutique developer Westwood Instruments are about to embark on their biggest musical journey so far. Origin is the first library in the new Novella series with the focus firmly on cinematic, dramatic underscore. Featuring a nine piece string section, guitar, choir, synth and percussion, Origin...
  3. gcorcella

    Review Lost Synth by Westwood Instruments

    Lost Synth by Westwood Instruments features several sounds made from rare analogue synthesizers. It has several different kind of sounds from mellow ones, to more aggressive to lead synths and it’s great especially for underscoring material, textures, pads. It has a very cinematic vibe and a lot...
  4. donbodin

    Exploring Novella Origin by Westwood Instruments & Why Toolkits are GOLD!

    Contributor Sam Burt delves into Novella Origin by Westwood Instruments exploring why sample library toolkits are gold! This library was provided to our reviewer at no charge for review consideration. Please use Sample Library Review links on the site and social channels. Developers notice...
  5. wahey73

    Novella Origin by Westwood - my first impression

    Westwood did it again: after the untamed series, which I really love, now the released Novella Origin. A complete composer's toolkit that can easily breathe life into your compositions thanks to the improvisations they sampled along with traditional articulations. Enjoy :)
  6. gcorcella

    Review Alt Piano by Westwood Instruments

    I want to share with you my review of Alt Piano by Westwood Instruments for This updated version features a brand new interface, 8 new textures and it’s made for Kontakt Plasyer and NKS compatible. Alt Piano is a quite interesting cinematic library with a beautiful...
  7. bbrylow

    The Sampleist Overview & Composing With Home Piano By Westwood Instruments

    Westwood Instruments have a history of making detailed, innovative and highly useable instruments. With such personal favourites as the Untamed Series and Lost Piano, Westwood Instruments are back with their new Electric Home Piano. In true Westwood Instruments style, you not only get an...
  8. wahey73

    Alt Piano by Westwood Instruments: playing and exploring the updated version

    In this stream I make some kind of unboxing of the updated Alt Piano by Westwood Instruments. Enjoy 😊
  9. gcorcella

    Review Electric Home Piano by Westwood Instruments

    I want to share with you my review of Electric Home Piano by Westwood Instruments. This library features an Electric Piano from the 1970s specifically designed to be used at home. The GUI allows you to mix together more sound sources as well as to have total control on vibrato, different kind...
  10. makimakimusic

    Write and ambient track with Alt Piano from Westwood Instruments

    Hi everyone, I just came back from a trip to London and the city inspired me a little ambient track. It was made using only Alt Piano and Percussion Untamed from Westwood Instruments. I've made a video walkthrough of the track. Hope you'll like the video : Audio only here :
  11. premjj

    Live Now: Nov - Dec (Early Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Christmas) Deals - 2023 Edition

    #1 Virtual Instruments #deal 🆕 Westwood Instruments 35% off all individual sample libraries (ends Dec 7)
  12. donbodin

    Checking Out: Alt Piano by Westwood Instruments a new engine, there is a lot to love about this character-filled instrument. Contributor Raborn Johnson reviews Alt Piano by Westwood Instruments Alt Piano is available now for $35 (reg $59.00) - This library was provided to our reviewer at no charge for review...
  13. Baronvonheadless

    Westwood - The next chapter: Novella Origin

    Congratulations @Westwood on a beautiful collection of instruments and sounds.
  14. Mr Sakitumi

    Best Cheap Instruments You've Bought

    Westwood Instruments ALT Piano for $35 (intro price)
  15. premjj

    Live Now: Nov - Dec (Early Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Christmas) Deals - 2023 Edition

    #deal 📅 Sales going live this week. #1 Virtual Instruments Cinematic Studio Series (Nov 20) - Already live Vienna Symphonic Library (Nov 20) - Another two hours to go Westwood Instruments (starts Nov 23)
  16. Fry777

    OUT NOW: Novella Origin

    @Westwood That latest video showcasing your demos is really well done, and very useful! Would it be possible to know how many dynamic layers are there for the individual string instruments and the piano?
  17. Alex Niedt

    This wonderful era of "character samples".

    Good thread. My top 4 "boutique" devs right now... Felt Instruments Slate + Ash Westwood Instruments Wrongtools
  18. Westwood

    The WESTWOOD Black Friday Event

    Is it that time of year already!? • 35% off all individual sample libraries • No coupon needed • Ends 7th December Thank you for all your support this year. Rob & Team 🙌
  19. gcorcella

    Review Solo Winds Untamed by Westwood Instruments

    I want to share with you my review for of Solo Winds Untamed by Westwood Instruments , the latest addition to the Untamed Series, which follows closely the Solo Strings Untamed and the Solo Brass Untamed. Thanks to many improvisation and several uncommon articulations...
  20. Akoustecx

    Westwood - The next chapter: Novella Origin

    Make it so! And maybe sample the Smash robots from the adverts. I can never listen to an impeccable mockup without thinking "needs more sarcastic advertising icons!"
  21. bbrylow

    Review: Overview & Composing With Lost Synth ByWestwood Audio

    If you like vintage synths and you love sound design, Westwood Instruments are continuing their "lost" series with Lost Synth. This treasure trove of vintage sounds are housed in a two layer engine with incredible sound design functions. Lost Synth promises to be versatile, cinematic and...
  22. Gauss

    Chamber/solo string recommendations for ' neoclassical' trailer tracks

    ...also work: Tableau Solo Strings and Tableau Chamber Strings by Organic Samples (Orchestral Tools) And for more raw and aggressive sound i would go for: Solo Strings Untamed by Westwood Instruments For layering you can also use cool, but really nicely priced: Signor Paganini by Simple Sam Samples
  23. J

    Best Cheap Instruments You've Bought

    Mostly the Spifire Originals that I bought like Epic Choir, Intimate Grand Piano and Intimate Strings. Just now started composing with Alt Piano from Westwood Instruments, so time will tell how I will feel about this one. So far, I'm liking it.
  24. gcorcella

    Solo Strings Untamed by Westwood Instruments Review

    I want to share with you my review of Solo Strings Untamed by Westwood Instruments for Virtual Orchestration.IT. This is a great library to create evolving textures yet remaining into the acoustic world thanks to thousands of improvised samples. The overall sound is great and realistic, just sit...
  25. jehovahlicious

    Will you be buying Spitfire BBC piano?

    It sounds nice, but no, I did pick up the Westwood Instruments Alt Piano for $35 today. Apples and oranges, I know. Or maybe apples and pears.
  26. wahey73

    Solo Winds Untamed - First Impression

    Westwood Instruments just released their newest instalment of the Untamed Series: Solo Winds Untamed and what to say: as inspiring as it's predecessors. Enjoy my first Impression and me playing the flute 😂
  27. Westwood

    OUT NOW: Novella Origin

    2 for lots of them, 1 for a few. 4 on the piano, separate pedal up/pedal down samples as well as ambient releases. Drums are up to 8. Guitar is up to 5. Choir up to 4.
  28. K

    Kontakt Updates (current version: 7.7.2)

    This is exactly what studio one and cubase are doing as well on Mac.
  29. makimakimusic

    Create a track in the style of Akira Yamaoka

    ...I try to show how I've created a track inspired by Silent Hill or The Medium soundtrack. At first, it was just me trying to re-create the Akira Yamaoka's piano sounds with the Pianos from Westwood Instruments. List of instruments used in the video description. I hope you'll like the video.
  30. VVEremita

    Spitfire Audio | Black Friday 2023 & Spin to Win

    OACE is great because of the beautiful tone in the evos and the waves (swells). It is subtle and blends well. Just layer it under slowly moving string arrangements, it's magic. It's recorded in Air Studios (Hall). OAE is individual instruments with more movement. It has some subtle stuff, but...
  31. Syncopator

    Any suggestions for a "cinematic," slightly detuned, upright piano? unpolished, "family-style" piano (like many of us had, growing up) and a piano that's warm and beautiful to listen to. Westwood Instruments' Alt Piano comes close (I especially LOVE being able to dial in the desired amount of detuning), but I haven't fallen in love with the piano overall...
  32. gcorcella

    Solo Brass Untamed by Westwood Instruments Review

    Hi there! I want to share with you my review of Solo Brass Untamed by Westwood Instruments on Virtual Orchestration.IT. Thanks to a lot of uncommon articulations and hundreds of improvisations, this library can really bring something new and different to your mock-up. The core of the library are...
  33. GeorgeThatMusicGuy

    Westwood Instruments Solo Brass Untamed Review

    In this video, I check out Westwood Instruments' new library: Solo Brass Untamed. I really like the tone of this library and the different textures and possibilities included. To me, it's by far one of the most inspiring and creative libraries I have tried, and there isn't anything else out...
  34. Alan.Veucasovic

    Kontakt Updates (current version: 7.7.2)

    OK, the clicking is due to my DAW CPU spiking. This is with only 2 instances of @Westwood instruments. One track Lost Viola and one track Lost Piano, that's it. No Plug-ins. Watch the CPU spike at 5 seconds
  35. JohnG

    This wonderful era of "character samples".

    Hi Eric, Great thread! Which of these are primarily 'acoustic' sounding, and which more 'electronica?' Kind regards, John
  36. D

    This wonderful era of "character samples".

    Would love to hear some Wrongtools demo’s done by you Alex. I still play your Habitat “Into Spring” song on a weekly basis - it ranks high on my “best demo’s of all time” list. It is entirely unique and authentically “Niedt” but it somehow always reminds me of some sort of blend of Sakamoto and...
  37. Akoustecx

    Rhodes emulations? beautiful, and worth the current price of ST Max alone. The Rhodes Bass is a particular highlight. I would also recommend Westwood Instruments Electric Home Piano, though I'm not sure whether it's A Rhodes or not. Either way it's glorious. Superb base sounds, and really easy to dial into...
  38. Jdiggity1

    Help find this Sample company! I saw an add or post but can't locate it now.

    ...Textures: But to be honest it's now sounding like you might have meant Westwood Instruments' "Solo Woodwinds Untamed": OR Cinematique Instruments' Vertigo Flute...
  39. emilio_n

    Arturia Augmented Brass - Overview and Demo

    $29 to me as well. Two super cheap but incredible instruments that I bought in 30 min... This one and the new Electric Home Piano of the guys of Westwood. Now, I can go to sleep. ;)
  40. Geomir

    ALT PIANO - A major update!

    Congratulations, Rob / Westwood Instruments! This is amazing! Upright felt piano, pure upright piano, anything in-between, sound design, modern beautiful interface, compatible with the free Kontakt Player, for 35 euros? Instant purchase for me! The very definition of value for money, for an...
  41. CGR

    Any suggestions for a "cinematic," slightly detuned, upright piano?

    Check out this. Fits your brief perfectly in my opinion: LivingRoom Upright Piano - virtual piano instrument • KeyPleezer
  42. D

    String FX Textures Library?

    +1 and for basses the newly released Nodal library - both by Wrongtools There’s of course also Westwood Instruments but those are solo instruments.
  43. A

    String FX Textures Library?

    Oh yeah, Viola Untamed in particular is incredible...
  44. creativeforge

    Just another solo piano piece (Noire)

    Love it, well done! If you want to try this with a few various "particles" pianos, off the top of my head, there's : AudioOllie Memoir piano (free): Westwood Upright (free)...
  45. wahey73

    Solo Brass Untamed by Westwood Instruments, my first Impression (and yes, I had fun doing this)

    In this (a little longer) video I want to give you my first impression of this wonderful, very expressive Solo Brass library by Westwood Instruments. I wrote some short demo cues and play through the 5 instruments (Trumpet, Flügelhorn, Euphonium, Trombone and Tuba). As the video already became a...
  46. TomislavEP

    All VI Freebie contributions Here!

    You can get a lite version of the "Alt Piano" from Westwood Instruments for free: Although this has only one mic perspective, one background layer, and no piano noise control, apparently it isn't restricted in terms of available...
  47. Reznov981


    Way I see it, if I'm presented with a loyalty discount, that might make the difference of me buying it :P Worked with Zero-G's Ethera vocalists! Edit: what I really want is for a dope company like Westwood to give me free instruments in exchange for demos, without me having to figure out how to...
  48. oli

    Just another solo piano piece (Noire)

    Thank you Andre! Appreciate your recommendations. I have Memoir and westwood , they have their cons and pros , but as of now , they did not find a way into my music. Botdog piano sounds very interesting , i need to try it out , only $29.. Alt piano been on my radar for a while now , maybe i...
  49. Alan.Veucasovic


    I've finally had a chance to dig in after purchasing this morning. The real power of this library is the "Get Lost" function, which randomizes everything. I tweak to taste and I can have my own preset in about 2 mins. The Memories and Places sections are absolutely my favorite. Well done @Westwood!
  50. AndromedaX8

    Westwood - The next chapter: Novella Origin

    From the official website: "NOVELLA is our new series of multi-instrument toolkits. Created to be a complete all-in-one scoring solution. A cohesive sonic palette of instruments that are collated and crafted to feel unified, whilst still offering a wide gamut of sounds to suit multiple styles...
  51. premjj

    Live Now: November / Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals - 2022 Edition

    #deal Westwood Instruments Up to 45% off (ends Dec 1) 🆕
  52. D

    Help finding library

    Crocus Soundware Liminal series Bunker Strings volumes 1 & 2 Westwood Instruments Untamed series Felt Instruments BLISKO series Waverunner Audio Struttura series Sonora Cinematic Poiesis Cello
  53. Z

    NEW - Logic Pro: Articulation Remote for iPad has been released

    Hi there ! Thanks, and well done Rinus, the 3.5.4 Plugsearch release fixed all my (known) issues, it works fine for now, and the workflow is absolutly great ! I tested with an iPad Air 2 and an iPad Air 5, wifi connected, both are working fine, but the air 5 is much more reactive, not a big...
  54. Mr Sakitumi

    Your preferred upright piano library

    Westwood Instruments ALT Piano has been my goto upright piano for a while now.
  55. Mr Sakitumi

    Felt Piano Library For Peaceful Piano?

    As mentioned above: Noire (Felt and Pure options) Westwood Instruments ALT Piano (Felt and Pure with the option to blend between) I have many other pianos, incl NI’s Una Corda, Gentleman, Maverick etc as well as the Hammer & Waves bundle, OPW, some Originals… But Noire and ALT are my goto’s...
  56. P

    Your preferred upright piano library

    wow that's sounds beautiful
  57. Studio E

    Does Westwood Instruments have sales?

    Just curious. I might need my 43rd piano or something. :rofl:
  58. Westwood

    ALT PIANO - A major update!

    Hey all! We have released a major new update to ALT PIANO today. Highlights An upright character piano Recorded with and without felt 4 microphone positions “Live” player controls 11 unique textures Over 40 presets Kontakt Player and NKS compatible Save 40% during our relaunch period Check it...
  59. babylonwaves

    UPDATE: Babylonwaves Art Conductor 9.8: Spitfire, VSL and more additions

    Art Conductor 9.8 - Direct Link to the latest update: Hey VIC - We have something to celebrate: 🅰️ Art Conductor is now officially a heavyweight – with the...
  60. Mr Sakitumi

    Looking for really "edgy" strings

    Westwood Instruments Solo Strings Untamed…add some distortion/overdrive for some extra “untamed”ness
  61. NekujaK

    Looking for String FX library

    Sonokinetic Tutti Sonixinema Hybrid Scoring Collection: Strings Westwood Untamed series, although these are solo instruments ...and if you want to get insanely crazy, Stringache from Silence & Other Sounds 😱
  62. Westwood

    Westwood - The next chapter: Novella Origin

    What a great summary and review. Really appreciate it!
  63. S

    Westwood - The next chapter: Novella Origin

    Watch the review by The Samplist. They do a good job describing the merits of the library. I bought it on release day and like it for the exact reasons that review mentions. I like confined toolkits, that offer an inspirational set of instruments, all recorded in the same space - I tend to use...
  64. speakerfood

    NEW - Logic Pro: Articulation Remote for iPad has been released

    Thanks, glad the update is working! If you are using custom articulation sets, please consult this support topic: Adding / modifying categories of Art Conductor / custom articulation sets...
  65. Akoustecx

    Best Cheap Instruments You've Bought

    ...Vibes, Glass Soniccouture-Bowed Gamelan, Xtended Piano Soundiron-Imbibaphones, Luminabells Taleweaver-Ancient Bowed Psaltery Westwood Instruments-Electric Home Piano Xperimenta Project-Classica Double Bass,Kantele, La Fisarmonica, Preparato Piano Cherry Audio-CA2600, PS-20, Quadra...
  66. D

    Search help

    Definitely check out: - Bunker Strings, volumes 1 and 2 - Westwood Instruments Untamed series - Ben Osterhouse Sospiro Strings, Oscillation Strings
  67. Markrs

    The Developer you maxed out on

    What I have played with so far, I like it a lot along with MSS. I won't really have a good idea until I am using it fully on a track.
  68. CGR

    OUT NOW! Electric Home Piano - 40% OFF during launch

    This is such a well conceived and implemented new framework/GUI. Intuitive but deeply editable, and for me raises the bar in functionality of Kontakt based instruments. It’s evident how many hours have been poured into this . . . and yes, I did buy a copy yesterday :) Had a quick play soon...
  69. Baronvonheadless

    Favorite unique sample library?

    Felt Instruments (gotta love the afterglow sound design patches) Sound-Dust. (Cmon) MNTRA Instruments. (Rather singular voice imo) Westwood (Untamed Percussion)
  70. creativeforge

    Arturia Minifuse 2 - any user?

    I'm looking for a second USB interface, this one for live gigs. Using Kontakt and Omnisphere mostly, triggered via a Yamaha P125 digital piano. Ideal price point would be around $150 to $200 (USD). I was considering a few after reading some comments on the forum, like MOTU M2, Audient EVO2...
  71. Soundbed

    Westwood Instruments - Lost Piano

    In this video we casually meander through the innovative @Westwood Instruments’ newest creation, Lost Piano. It’s neither a typical piano nor is it a typical Kontakt instrument. Some of the re-recorded material is based on their revered Alt Piano. While some sections may seem fairly standard...
  72. Baronvonheadless

    Advice on the Best Piano with Atmospheric Pads VST?

    Sound-Dust ghost pianos Felt instruments: lekko and the new Bardzo Westwood Lost Piano Spitfire Olafur Stratus
  73. Mr Sakitumi

    Achingly Beautiful Sample Libraries

    Spitfire OACE & LCO Textures OT Time Macro & Micro Westwood Instruments Lost Piano
  74. L


    Any discount for existing owners of Lost Piano? Any discount for owners of Lost Piano?
  75. pranic

    Intimate Legato Cello - OUT NOW | 30% Intro Offer

    I kicked the tires on this lovely instrument tonight. Quite enjoyed the tone and how well it sat in the mix. I didn't spend a lot of time writing anything special, but this is what I came up with, and combined it with some Spitfire Chamber Strings (Violins 1 & Violas), Albion Tundra (moving...
  76. Michel Simons

    The Developer you maxed out on

    None (not counting those that only have one or two libraries). Wait a minute, I am being a lying bastard once again. Waverunner Audio and Westwood Instruments. How are you liking Genesis?
  77. Ekaterina_composer

    Creating ambient music

    Тhank you so much!
  78. antret

    Creating ambient music

    ...more out there, but I grab these 1st. - 'Character Pianos' - wide open category here.... anywhere from felted, wonky uprights (Westwood Instruments Alt Piano comes to mind), to una corda sample libraries (Audio Brewers The Upright Complete library works for me!). If you want free/cheap ...
  79. Bee_Abney

    The Jazz, Big Band, Noire, Pop, Reggae - Brass Favorite Vst-Talk

    It's a little different, but Westwood just released Solo Brass Untamed, which has an introductory offer of £105 (£175 full price): Simeon is taking a look at it live at the moment, which should be available later too: This...
  80. cloudbuster

    Affordable amazing libraries (less than $100)

    ...glance over some recent projects (almost) anything from: Karoryfer Samples (especially Vengeful Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin) Westwood Instruments (everything) Ben Osterhouse (Sospiro Strings, Oscillation Strings, String Flow Cello, Cello Textures, ...) Rigid Audio (all very affordable...
  81. Sonixinema

    Intimate Legato Cello - OUT NOW | 30% Intro Offer

    Awesome track, love to hear the cello in action, sounds great! :) Thanks for the support!
  82. Westwood

    Save up to 35% on all libraries in the Westwood Summer Sale!

  83. mk-oh-one

    So which solo violin library?

    Thank you. The flute is from SWAM (Sample Modeling). I will investigate the Westwood. I wasn't necessarily aiming for the music for media market but with this particular one I thought I'd give it a try and see what came back.
  84. rhizomusicosmos

    Recs for a strings library that has all percussive sounds?

    How about Percussion Untamed by Westwood Instruments?
  85. D

    [NEW] Dan Keen Soft String Textures (Pianobook Artist library for Kontakt Player)

    ...Other examples (for me) include Wrongtools (Feathersome Strings), Waverunner Audio (Alder series, Struttura series), Westwood Instruments (Untamed series), Bunker Samples (Bunker Strings), Xperimenta Project (Preparato Double Bass), Performance Samples (Vista, Solos of the Seas, various...
  86. D

    Who's your fav small developers cuz I want spend my Black Friday $$ on smart brains, suffering long hours, in small rooms.

    Karoryfer Samples Xsample Waverunner Audio Westwood Instruments FELT Instruments Bunker Samples Ben Osterhouse
  87. Bee_Abney

    OUT NOW: Solo Winds Untamed

    Hold on a minute: you have good taste? What's the world coming to? This release is actually very exciting. If we can get legato instruments that match the tonality, etc., of the Untamed series, I could see myself wanting to make a permanent home with these libraries. Though I'd have to use the...
  88. Reid Rosefelt

    Tiger the Frog's Categorized & Alphabetized List of November 2021 Sales

    Westwood Instruments is up
  89. Grymt

    Solo Cello - what are you guys using in 2023?

    Bohemian Violin and Cello are both 40% off atm. I agree with @bcslaam though: the number 1 problem of all string libraries I own is the baked in machine gun vibrato, and Bohemian doesn't seem to be an exception on that. (number 2 in my opinion is too much reverb) I think I want to try XSample...
  90. Futchibon

    Who's your fav small developers cuz I want spend my Black Friday $$ on smart brains, suffering long hours, in small rooms.

    Aaron Venture Audio Ollie Ben Osterhouse Bunker Samples Cinematique Instruments Mntra Instruments Performance Samples Virharmonic Waverunner Audio Westwood Instruments Xperimenta Project
  91. PeterN

    OUT NOW: Solo Winds Untamed

    @Westwood Can we get some kind of "everything bundle" for Black Friday? Like, brass, strings & woods? In a nice sealed package. Buying all these separately will cost like, say, a carton of iodine tablets on black market. Think about it! Many lurkers for BF!
  92. J

    Westwood Instruments Viola

    Westwood has released their Untamed Viola with intro pricing. Having a lot of fun with it at the moment. The velocity layers and shift/select instrument layers provide a lot of variety in the sound you can get. Similar to the others in the way it's built but has some unique articulations of...
  93. premjj

    Live Now: Nov - Dec (Early Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Christmas) Deals - 2023 Edition wide, 65% off Revolution, Bassynth & Reverb Bundle Wavelet Audio Up to 50% off (ends Dec 6) 🎁 Wavesfactory Storewide sale Westwood Instruments 35% off everything (starts Nov 23, ends Dec 7) 📅 Wide Blue Sound Up to 50% off Wrongtools 50% off on all Collections XLN Audio 50% off site wide...
  94. Markrs

    Tiger the Frog's Categorized & Alphabetized List of November 2021 Sales

    Westwood Instruments 30% of everything starts Thursday 25th November
  95. Y

    Who's your fav small developers cuz I want spend my Black Friday $$ on smart brains, suffering long hours, in small rooms.

    Ben Osterhouse Westwood Instruments Audio Imperia (I would probably include them in the small developer group)
  96. Geoff Grace

    Westwood Instruments Collection Prices Available Now

    FYI, I got an email today from Westwood Instruments about Violin Untamed that ended with the following message: UPDATE: Bundle pricing is available now. Here are the details: Solo Strings Untamed (Violin • Viola • Cello • Bass) is $199. (Sold separately $276.) If you already own one or more...
  97. tritonely

    Short film scoring competition

    ...The Ascend, Teletone Audio: Golden Age Grand, Native Instruments: Noire and Piano Colors, Spitfire Audio: Olafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit and Stratus. Thank you for listening and thanks to Westwood Instruments for the great opportunity! Would love to hear your feedback, suggestions or support.
  98. Nate Johnson

    Your November Acquisitions 2021

    I’m definitely another ‘thought I wasn’t gonna buy anything this time around, but….oops’ Westwood Instruments - Lost Piano Felt Instruments - Everything (finally) Performance Samples - Vista (finally)
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