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    Ryzen 3000 Vs I9 9900K for music production

    I am not so much after the memory boost higher frequency would bring. But the fact that it increases the speed between the dies on the cpu itself. Wouldn't the datatransfers between the dies directly on the cpu have an impact on non-partisan cpu performance? The 3600 ram bandwidth option...
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    Ryzen 3000 Vs I9 9900K for music production

    Thank you for posting Pete. I noticed you ran the memories in 3200mhz I have seen overall benchmarks for other productivity tasks and games that running memory clock at 3600mhz improves performance considerably as this also increases the clock speed of the infinity fabric bridge between the...
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    Studio One users, how do you find S1 for big orchestral projects?

    I don't run my SO on a mac but a win 7 machine. I encountered a similar behavior with sluggishness and crashes when using vst3 instead of vst2 with certain plugins.
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    InstaChord - Brilliant Little Piece of Software - On Sale $14.90

    Yes it does have drag and drop midi function. Even in arpeggio mode if you like.
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    Hello from Sweden

    Välkommen =)
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    Eduardo Tarilonte DARK ERA

    Does this contain any field recordings of animals, crows or ravens etc? Given the theme its aiming for =)
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    I can't stomach The Circle of Life.

    I found this idea quite interesting.
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    I can't stomach The Circle of Life.

    To invoke emotion in someone through music and to self be moved to tears by it, is such an beautiful experience. Gratitude is what comes to mind. =) Cognitive emotional ecstasy .
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    Minimum (Windows) laptop specs to run DAW and VSTs

    Lenovo is really great, very happy with my machine sofar. Strongly recommend (Lenovo P50) , but for 500$ is going to be hard to find anything with more than 8GB of RAM.
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    Super Audio Boy: Legendary handheld samples, power synth engine. 100% free instrument!

    Anyone else got issues downloading the product? I seem to be getting a DNS error.
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    Strings Quintet (Embertone) UPDATED

    Thank you for sharing, loved the piece. But the strings sounded way to analog and stiff to me. The musical idea is much appriciated though!
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    Metropolis Ark 2 - Released!

    Will keep an eye on that, thanks for the heads up =)
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    Metropolis Ark 2 - Released!

    Darn, Wish they did sales ! :(
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    Win7 vs Win10 (again)

    Thanks for your reply John, I will go with 7 for now. Upgrade is on the horizon though.
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    Win7 vs Win10 (again)

    Interesting, I just ordered a new machine but choose to have it delivered with a downgrade to win 7 pro. Not having any control over the updates that are being released is mainly why I chose win 7 atm. But can always install win 10 pro later down the road. Has anyone here chosen to upgrade to...
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    Albion V - As the Seasons Change

    Beautiful! Amazing piece
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    Spitfire Audio - Albion V Tundra - Demos, Walkthroughs & Feedback

    Is the VRAL grid tempo synced to your daw like the latest installation of evogrid was?
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    Dark superhero suite (demo)

    Well done. had a great time listening through the entire peice. i think you nailed it.
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    Great piece, i enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing!
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    Epic cinematic hybrid with harmonics & marimbas - sure why not ;)

    Its all of it, but especially the wood hits. They stand out more than the rest of the percussion. But its there throughout the entire peice, a slight adjustment to the spaces and reverbs should suffice i belive.
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    Epic cinematic hybrid with harmonics & marimbas - sure why not ;)

    I love the idea and what you are trying to do here. but the presence of the drums seems slightly off.
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    A Moment in Time

    Beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing this. Really liked the build up , you had me hooked from the start and all the way through. =)
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    The Lost Realm

    I enjoyed this track quite much. Thank you for sharing. i like the experimental atmosphere of it.
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    Song of the Damned

    This was beautiful, enjoyed the subtle textures very much. Thank you for sharing.
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    Portable Composing Gear

    Hey Walid, How is the gear working for you. Are you satisfied with the performance? Anything you would do differently when choosing your gear for composing on the go? // Luke
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    Adventureland (Full Orchestra)

    Love it, as goes for the mix and composition i didn't find anything which annoyed me. Definitively sound adventurous the piece.
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    Virtual Sound Stage 2. Who is using it?

    Thank you for the suggestions. That sounds exactly like what i was looking for. I'am definitely looking for something that supports automation. And Panorama seems like the best choice sofar. Thank you for the suggestions, i will look into those alternatives aswell! =) Do you have any...
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    Virtual Sound Stage 2. Who is using it?

    Which plugin or technique would you suggest to achieve the following effect in the video below? I'am looking at creating a 3D soundscapes combined with musical elements.
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    Nocturnal Madness

    please do share more =) i seriously cant stop listening to this piece. Out of curiosity, what feelings did you try conveying with this piece?
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    Eastern Dream by Nektarios.

    I appreciate what you are trying to convey here, Most of all i really like the contrast you bring forth with the images and music. Midpart to the end the strings felt kind of repetitive , although i found them fitting in a way due to the fact that history repeats itself over and over it seems...
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    The Wayfarer (orchestral video game inspired music)

    My first impression of the bagpipes was it sounded kind of dissected from the rest of the score. Improve the mixing perhaps on the bagpipes? Love the overall theme though.
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    X-1 (the black hole) - Live Orchestra

    This is spectacular. Thank you for sharing. you definitely made something here that i have never heard before. I Enjoyed this piece very much, so many small details. =)
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    The Haunted

    Well done, its like iam waiting for the story to unfold throughout the entire piece. Beautifully done.
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    Nocturnal Madness

    i actually enjoyed this very much. Thank you for sharing this.
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    The Way it is

    Really like this track. love how everything seems loud and clear yet it doesent feel like a mudpool all together.
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    My first film as a director and composer

    Really enjoyed the surprise element in the movie. Constantly curious about where it was going to go next. And i really felt the music added excitement to the clip.
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    "Ground Zero" - a new track from my project Tales of the Forgotten

    Love it, this is a bliss for my ears! Would love to hear more about your process thought that lies behind all this. Where have you drawn inspiration from?, what tools have you used to achieve this? The Mix sounds great to me, love how you could hear all the subtle details. How have you mixed...
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    O Fortuna (Carl Orff) - Mockup

    I like what you have done with this piece. :) Keep it up!
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    Mixing orchestral music - KNOWLEDGE BASE

    Awesome thread guys, i have been looking for something like this. Great stuff! Thank you for sharing and keep it coming =)
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    The Ancient Stones of Tamriel - Elder Scrolls ARRANGEMENT

    Very nice piece, what setup do you use?
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    Minute Eternity (Minimalism) Any feedback welcomed.

    Odd sensation, it felt like the piano was inside the right side of my head =D I presume you have used some kind of panning here with the piano? Otherwise i really like the way the strings were layered. But when the piano came in it just felt like it was in a totally different space compared to...
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    Ciaccona in E, for 2 violins & viola

    Thank you very much for sharing this. It sounds lovely! Well played! =) Every musician brings something unique in their style of playing. That beats any Virtual instrument out there.
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    Cosmic Intelligence and Celestial Love

    I think you nailed them both, What Cello lib are you using in Celestial Love? Really beautiful pieces.
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    Orchestra Essentials Demo

    Welcome to VI =) I enjoyed this piece very much. Although i agree with what emid here said. I felt like you could let the strings soar slightly more throughout the entire piece. But only in the parts where the action really takes off.
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    I like it, although my first impression when the choir change note at 00:24 and 00:27 time it didn't seem very natural. What strings have you layered here?
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    Orchestral Tools METROPOLIS ARK I Released + New Intro Special!

    Sorry to hear that, hope your continuata problems will be resolved shortly. The product itself is just amazing. Very happy with my purchase sofar. =)
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    "Catalyst" - Hybrid Djent style track

    I like it, very heavy . It felt like it was going somewhere. Keep it up! =)
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    Cello improvisation

    Thank you for sharing!, this is beautiful!
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    "Mountain" - Djent inspired hybrid track!

    I enjoyed listening to this very much, please do more! =)
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