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  1. ZeeCount

    2CAudio 2019 Big Splash Summer Sale !!!

    You can download the betas of the new versions. I'm gonna be checking them out when I get home from work.
  2. ZeeCount

    Budget Woodwinds Shootout!

    Aaron Venture has a demo of the flute on his soundcloud page:
  3. ZeeCount

    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    All three mics loaded into the Trumpets patch uses 6.08 gb of ram, and for the Horns 1 patch uses 5.85 gb.
  4. ZeeCount

    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    Here's the same passage with the mics soloed and all internal processing turned off (so you are just hearing the samples in their purest form).
  5. ZeeCount

    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    I could re-render it with all internal processing off if you want to hear the samples in their cleanest form.
  6. ZeeCount

    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    This is using the Full Mix (rest of the library only just finished downloading) in its default state (which means internal eq rolling off some low end and ir set to adagio preset). No external EQ or reverb.
  7. ZeeCount

    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    Here's a quick go at the Ulricht from Mahler 2, one patch for horns, one patch for trumpets. EDIT: this is the full mix in it's default state (internal eq and reverb). No external processing.
  8. ZeeCount

    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    Fullmix download just finished, and after playing around for a bit, the attack control has a large effect on how much bite there is to the patches, but also how much low end they have. Leaving it on smooth gives a very nice choral type of sound.
  9. ZeeCount

    FS: SOLD

    Both have been sold.
  10. ZeeCount

    FS: SOLD

    Hi all, Just selling off some things I am no longer using (all prices in USD and I will pay fees): Liquid Sonics - Seventh Heaven Professional: SOLD (ilok required) Chris Hein - Orchestral Brass EXtended: SOLD Thanks
  11. ZeeCount

    Spitfire Studio Woodwinds - Coming Soon

    As a former Oboe player, my favourite for exposed lyrical parts is the Oboe from BWW Expansion B. The VSL French Oboe is really nice as well, but is more restrained. Spitfire's Symphonic Woodwinds has my favourite Cor Anglais (the cor in BWW Expansion B is really good as well). This piece by...
  12. ZeeCount

    Tin Whistles

    Jerry Freeman makes tweaked Generation whistles that he adjusts to fix the issues that injection moulding causes.
  13. ZeeCount

    Tin Whistles

    I would suggest getting Jerry Freeman tweaked Generations if you want one of those whistles. Massproduced generation whistles have terrible quality control, so you are just as likely to get one that plays terribly as one that plays well. If you want to spend a bit more, the Killarney whistles...
  14. ZeeCount

    Your Favorite Reverb?

    The three I am most using now are: Soundtoys Little Plate 2C Breeze 2 2C B2
  15. ZeeCount

    Aaron Venture Infinite Brass

    I have to admit... that sounds a lot better than the one you posted in the Infinite Brass comercial thread. Excellent work.
  16. ZeeCount

    Aaron Venture Infinite Brass

    The issue I take with that video, is that Christian just used a single reverb. You can quite very similar results to the tree mic by cascading a smaller, completely wet reverb, into a larger one. The smaller reverb creates the body you are describing, and the larger one creates the feeling of...
  17. ZeeCount

    Another AM Swam Violin Example

    There is this buzzsaw like quality to the tone of the AM strings that once I first heard it I've never been able to unhear. I also find the vibrato adds some unpleasent resonances to the tone, that I have never been able to remove, no matter what processing I have tried. This is not to say that...
  18. ZeeCount

    Samplemodeling Horn Legato

    Try using the C0 keyswtich to force split portamentos.
  19. ZeeCount

    Cinebrass Core 1.7 update - bugged script

    I never got the update to work for me. Re-downloaded a few times then gave up.
  20. ZeeCount

    Cinebrass Core 1.7 update - bugged script

    The Horn Ensemble patches still don't work for me. I re-downloaded (for the 3rd time now) the 1.7 update yesterday and no change. I did a full download of cine brass core a week after the 1.7 update came out and that didn't work either.
  21. ZeeCount

    Fitting Sample Modeling Brass with everything else

    B2 does that for me to. The time knob is setting the RT60 of the reverb, which is the time it takes for the reverb tail to drop by 60 dB.
  22. ZeeCount

    Fitting Sample Modeling Brass with everything else

    Here is the preset that Blakus shows in that video
  23. ZeeCount

    What is your go-to (best) reverb for composing?

    Now using: IR-1, Seventh Heaven, Pro-R and Little plate.
  24. ZeeCount

    CineBrass CORE 1.7 - Finally! Legato update, Trombone True Legato

    I tried that, and it didn't work. I then wiped the whole folder and did a full re-download of core, still didn't work.
  25. ZeeCount

    CineBrass CORE 1.7 - Finally! Legato update, Trombone True Legato

    I did a complete re-download of core and it was still broken.
  26. ZeeCount

    CineBrass CORE 1.7 - Finally! Legato update, Trombone True Legato

    Is anyone else still having the 6 horns patches not working for anything but the main mix? I've tried re-downloading today but they still don't work.
  27. ZeeCount

    Black Friday & December sale 2017 - What did you buy?

    Sound Toys Echo Boy, Waves IR-1, Pianoteq Standard, and SWAM Double Bass.
  28. ZeeCount

    SWAM Doublebass

    It seems they have also updated all the of the SWAM strings to 2.0 with new body images to match the double bass.
  29. ZeeCount

    Will Sample Modeling offer SWAM versions of their Kontakt Instruments ?

    SWAM is actually a different company to Sample Modeling. Sample Modeling worked as advisers to the SWAM team when they did their instruments and they also distribute the SWAM instruments. You can see this is you go to the Sample Modeling and SWAM engine websites...
  30. ZeeCount

    Will Sample Modeling offer SWAM versions of their Kontakt Instruments ?

    SWAM uses a completely different technique to how the kontakt instruments were built, so they would effectively have to start again from the original samples.
  31. ZeeCount

    What are your favourite string libraries? (Poll closesd)

    Since going all in on Spitfire Audio, I basically only use their products, but I still reach for Soaring Strings if I really want to go for that John Williams sound.
  32. ZeeCount

    Brass library fff

    Another way you can get that really brassy edged sound is to have some players playing normally and some players playing stopped. Cinesamples talked about this in this video:
  33. ZeeCount

    Spitfire Symphony Orchestra IS HERE - introducing MASSE

    It's an orchestra made up entirely of people who have no experience on the instruments they are playing.
  34. ZeeCount

    Spitfire Symphony Orchestra IS HERE - introducing MASSE

    Please please please be a sample library made with the Portsmouth Sinfonia!
  35. ZeeCount

    Albion One: Strings Low - 8ves - Long? (SSS equivilant?)

    It means that it is the low string section playing in octaves. You could duplicate this sound by having the cellos play the same line as the basses an octave higher.
  36. ZeeCount

    What is your go-to (best) reverb for composing?

    I was using B2 a lot, but Fabfilter's Pro-R is really growing on me.
  37. ZeeCount

    Which reverb to buy?

    What I'm now using is: Ircam Spat for general spatilisation and matching dry instruments to spitfire libraries which is mostly used on sample modeling and woodwind recordings I do in my studio. Fabfilter Pro-R for general reverb tasks that don't need to be in your face such as adding a bit of...
  38. ZeeCount

    Sacconi strings

    I love them and use them on most of my tracks in conjunction with sable (and mural which I just picked up). They have the same performance legato patches as the newly updated sable and mural which means there is a really nice workflow across the three libraries. As The Darris pointed out however...
  39. ZeeCount

    Project Chaos by Daniel James

    Great news Daniel. I've made regular use of both Alpha and Bravo in various projects and can't wait for more!
  40. ZeeCount

    Musical Sampling releases Adventure Brass!

    Dammit, I promised I wouldn't buy anymore brass libraries! Just got this one, and boy is it fun. It's like someone took the playability of Sample Modelling and blended it with the sound of Hollywood Brass. Stunning work Musical Sampling!
  41. ZeeCount

    Moonlight - Lullaby

    Hey guys, Uploaded a new piece for the Pixelmon soundtrack, intended to play at night time in the game. This one is a lullabyish piece featuring my friend Mia Mah on vocals. This was my first time working with a vocalist but I think she did a fantastic job on the piece.
  42. ZeeCount

    FINALLY!!! Sample Modeling Viola!
  43. ZeeCount

    Spitfire Chamber Strings - EXPANSION PACK - Has Landed

    Mine is downloading now. It's reporting 73.6 gb
  44. ZeeCount

    Sacconi Strings V1/VC Playable Patch update?

    It's possible it's for the complete quartet only. Here's what the email said: "Sacconi Strings - Quartet (Version: 1.1 (V1 VC Legato Update)) is ready to download! This is a FREE update."
  45. ZeeCount

    Sacconi Strings V1/VC Playable Patch update?

    New legatos came out today. They've added portamento and legato detache to the Cello and Violin 1.
  46. ZeeCount

    Poll: Strings...who splits their string parts out?

    It really depends on the context of what I'm writing. I'll usually start by sketching stuff out in the sable ensemble and then move on to the full sable, Sarconi Quartet, Hollywood strings, or LASS for more complex/intricate orchestrations. I often end up using a lot of the sable ensemble parts...
  47. ZeeCount

    Your Personal Go To Orchestral Samples

    Strings: Sacconi Quartet, Sable and Hollywood Strings. LASS and Albion ONE for shorts if I require something a bit larger. Woodwinds: BWW + Expansions, VSL for solo Flute, Sample Modeling for solo Bassoon and Cor Anglais, Albion ONE and Legacy for quick parts. Brass: Hollywood Brass and Sample...
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