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  1. Matt Riley

    I need a hammerweight pro MIDI keyboard

    The Kawai MP11 is the very best keyboard action I've ever played. I did a lot of research and tried a lot of keyboards (including the RD2000) when I was looking for a controller. I bought a used MP11 on Ebay and love it. The only issue I've had with it is that Logic sometimes doesn't recognize...
  2. Matt Riley

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    I have the pro version of the Studio Orchestra. I just finished a symphonic band demo using the wind and brass. I found some of the patches lacking and some were fine. When I had issues with a patch, I would tweak it, or replace it with Berlin Woodwinds or Hollywood Brass patches. If I didn’t...
  3. Matt Riley

    What are your favourite Brass Libraries then?

    This is disheartening to read since I invested around 1K on it about a month ago but haven’t had a chance to use it yet.
  4. Matt Riley

    Moving away from Ableton (or am I?)

    Ableton was all used for orchestral stuff until a couple of years ago. I just became unwieldy with larges projects. Their development team is also incredibly slow to bring new features. I made the switch to Logic X and have never looked back. Logic is so much more flexible and fully featured. I...
  5. Matt Riley

    Breath controller, lemur and controller keyboard = MIDI congestion

    I am using Kawai MP 11, Akai MPD 226, and an iPad with metagrid. I am experiencing similar problems with Logic X.
  6. Matt Riley

    Does the VI community considered themselves commercial composers rather than artists?

    You should really study the life of Bach and then come back and edit this post.
  7. Matt Riley

    Spitfire Studio Woodwinds - Coming Soon

    I bought Studio Orchestra Pro and now would like to download from my MacBook Pro to my external SSD and then transfer the raw files to my PC to install there. Does anyone see any technical issues with that?
  8. Matt Riley

    Spitfire Studio Woodwinds - Coming Soon

    If I hold out for the usually spring sale, what price could I expect for Studio Orchestra Pro?
  9. Matt Riley

    Hello from Indiana, USA

    Another fellow Hoosier here (Bloomington, Gosport, Ellettsville). Welcome!
  10. Matt Riley

    No more hard drive space!

    It’s funny, I just picked up a 1tb samsung 850 pro for cheap off ebay because I plan to add spitfire studio strings when they have their next sale.
  11. Matt Riley

    Anyone tried the new Spitfire "studio" series?

    Is this really true? If so, that sucks! I was hoping to layer with Chamber Strings.
  12. Matt Riley

    Brass Quintet (Cinematic Studio Brass)

    This is a really great piece and great MIDI orchestration! I need to step up my brass writing skills.
  13. Matt Riley

    How I hate using these apps when needed

    I am on Finale 26 and while I have a few gripes, it performs really well and can do anything I need it to do which is a lot since my business is publishing music. Are use it all the time so everything is easy. The learning curve was intense for me 12 years ago though. If I was starting fresh...
  14. Matt Riley

    Violin mic recommendations

    Thanks for this. There’s actually a fantastic studio down town Minneapolis in the warehouse district that I’ve used in the past. I thought about it for this particular project because it would definitely save me time. I’ve gotten some decent results with a borrowed mic in my in my office too...
  15. Matt Riley

    Violin mic recommendations

    I'm going to be recording a violinist and need to rent (or maybe buy) a good mic. Which mics would you recommend? I'm hoping to save money and rent since I don't think I'll be recording violinists more than once or twice a year. Renting will limit me to what's available locally though so I would...
  16. Matt Riley

    Can't get buffer below 512 consistently

    Are you using VEP? Have you tried changing the buffer settings there for each instance?
  17. Matt Riley

    Art of the Score

    Just subscribed, thanks!
  18. Matt Riley

    PLAY 6 upgrade?

    Is your setup similar to mine, mentioned earlier in this thread?
  19. Matt Riley

    PLAY 6 upgrade?

    Thank you Jay! Maybe it's time to give it a shot.
  20. Matt Riley

    PLAY 6 upgrade?

    If you get a chance, yes that would be great. My set up has PLAY in vienna ensemble pro 6 on my PC. The problem happened when I bounced in place in logic. It didn’t matter what patch I was using. The version of play 5 that I am currently using is giving me no problems.
  21. Matt Riley

    SA Recordings by Spitfire Audio

    I saw that too. I just wonder how relevant record labels are in today’s market.
  22. Matt Riley

    PLAY 6 upgrade?

    I asked about it a few months ago and Jay Asher said PLAY still has problems with that.
  23. Matt Riley

    PLAY 6 upgrade?

    Lots of drop outs in the audio. They fixed it for a while with one of the PLAY 5 updates but it was back with next PLAY 5 update so I had to restore my system.
  24. Matt Riley

    PLAY 6 upgrade?

    I hear they still haven’t fixed PLAY’s issues with bounce in place and offline bounce so I wont be upgrading anytime soon.
  25. Matt Riley

    Michael Kamen Appreciation Thread

    For me it’s Prince of Thieves if we are talking films but his collaboration with Metallica was amazing.
  26. Matt Riley

    What is "vertical" development versus "horizontal" development in a piece ?

    I think Bolero is a good example of vertical development. Not sure why that would bother you though. It’s a great piece and Ravel made use of vertical development in that piece. Pachelbel‘s Canon in D would be another example.
  27. Matt Riley

    Question for veteran MIDI orchestrators

    I would be curious to hear a more comprehensive history than the bits and pieces I've found too.
  28. Matt Riley

    Considering SF Chamber Strings or SF Studio Strings... which would you choose?

    Also I don't necessarily recommend getting the pro version. I rarely reach for the other mics. Maybe start with the standard and upgrade if needed.
  29. Matt Riley

    Considering SF Chamber Strings or SF Studio Strings... which would you choose?

    SCS is my bread and butter string library. I have others but use them only to layer when needed. It's one of the very best purchases that I've ever made and it was WAY more expensive than it is now.
  30. Matt Riley

    Can't find my ideal DAW

    Yeah I love this feature. It cleans up my sloppy playing just enough and keeps it from sounding robotic at the same time.
  31. Matt Riley

    Emotional Cello Problems

    Do you know when 1.1.7 was released?
  32. Matt Riley

    The Baton: A John Williams Musical Journey

    I’ve been trying to find contact info for him because I’d like to give him some feedback about the balance of the volume. The music is so much softer than the narration. He mentions his email address in the podcast but I have no idea how it’s spelled.
  33. Matt Riley

    The Baton: A John Williams Musical Journey

    This is a real gem. I’m listening now. Thanks for the heads up!
  34. Matt Riley

    Can't find my ideal DAW

    This is really interesting. You must be a serious MIDI wiz! Having a series of single ports would be the way I would probably go. It’s pretty much what I am doing now without the environment method. Is 24 the max you can have? Are there any issues with bouncing in place? I also use...
  35. Matt Riley

    Can't find my ideal DAW

    Are there downsides to doing it this way? Is it buggy?
  36. Matt Riley

    What orchestral percussion library would you recommend ?

    I picked up EW HOP diamond last month and have been using it in projects. The two mark tree patches are really useful. The timpani is really nice and thoroughly sampled but I was disappointed with the sleigh bells, celesta and glock. They each seem to have only 3 sample layers per note which...
  37. Matt Riley

    Midi Quantization (Logic Pro X)

    Click in the arrange area and not on a midi region and then select no quantization in the inspector
  38. Matt Riley

    What did you buy from Spitfire's Wishlist?

    I blew my budget in November so I'm going to pass. If they had offered a bigger discount, it might have been a different story. I'm kind of relieved that they didn't though :-)
  39. Matt Riley

    Spitfire Christmas wishlist 2018 is coming !!!

    There are some things on my list that I’d like to get at some point but the discount would have to be at least 75% to get me to bite since I’ve spent over $3000 this year on music software and hardware.
  40. Matt Riley

    AKAI MPK88 vs Arturia KeyLab88 Black Edition vs Korg D1 ?

    Maybe you could sell it as is for cheaper.
  41. Matt Riley

    AKAI MPK88 vs Arturia KeyLab88 Black Edition vs Korg D1 ?

    I should say that it’s a good controller for non-pianists. If you’re a pianist that is used to the real thing you won’t be happy though.
  42. Matt Riley

    AKAI MPK88 vs Arturia KeyLab88 Black Edition vs Korg D1 ?

    $250 on Facebook marketplace
  43. Matt Riley

    AKAI MPK88 vs Arturia KeyLab88 Black Edition vs Korg D1 ?

    I just sold my MPK88 and agree with everything that has been said. The keybed is awful. I found a used Kawai MP11 on eBay for $1700 and it is the very best action I have ever played on a keyboard. If you are a pianist, I can’t recommend it enough if you can find one.
  44. Matt Riley

    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    8dio Agitato Legato strings. I bought them to fill a specific need of playing convincing fast legato lines. I downloaded it and immediately tried to use it in a project that I was working on it. Once I started working with it, I was disappointed to find that no amount of finagling could get my...
  45. Matt Riley

    BF2018: The cigarette after it. How do you feel?

    I spent way too much money this time around. I'm done for a while hopefully. East West Hollywood Orchestral Percussion Samsung Evo 860 SSD Kawai MP11 Akai MPD 226 I would have picked up Pianoteq but they only had a discount on their Pro version.
  46. Matt Riley

    CSS or Spitfire Studio Strings as HS replacement

    Well said. I hadn’t thought about the demo functionality being built in to Kontakt.
  47. Matt Riley

    Kawai MP11 makes a fantastic controller

    Someone noticed my cheap but practical desk, yay! It's a modified desk. I found someone giving a away a free desk on Craigslist. It might have been originally from Ikea or something. Then my wife and I cut off the top part of the upper rack and laid a board across it for the speakers and...
  48. Matt Riley

    CSS or Spitfire Studio Strings as HS replacement

    Their Agitato Strings is what did it for me several years ago. I’ve stayed clear of them since.
  49. Matt Riley

    Kawai MP11 makes a fantastic controller

    In my search I tried out CN35 which has the same action as the MP7SE. It felt pretty nice.
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