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  1. Tice

    Advice for composing around narration?

    My 'rules of thumb' are these: If the narration is low, compose high. (and vice versa) If the narration is short cyllables in quick succession, compose in long notes. Follow the speaker's volume, but don't overrule it. Find the narrator's rhythem of speech and use it. The narrator is the...
  2. Tice

    Trying my hand at EDM

    I hear you on the mix. I find that mixing/mastering EDM is proving to be way harder than mixing and mastering an orchestra! Especially difficult is creating a raw sense of power in the bass and the lead synths that EDM is known for. Polkasound, I LOVE the vocals on your track! I'm currently...
  3. Tice

    Trying my hand at EDM

    So I went in a somewhat different direction from my usual orchestral cup of tea and made an EDM piece. I wonder what y'all think of it...? Should I stick to what I know, or make more?
  4. Tice

    Hi from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Ah, a fellow Dutchie! Welcome!
  5. Tice

    Why VSL (still) rocks

    Yeah, they're the biggest string section I could find that has the full range of flexibility. Count me a big fan!
  6. Tice

    Why VSL (still) rocks

    I recently bought the Appassionata Strings. I'm VERY happy with them!
  7. Tice

    Why VSL (still) rocks

    Oh VSL, how I love you... Still haven't found a library I get more flexibility out of with an easier to use interface than what VSL gives us.
  8. Tice

    Tell Me How I Could Improve This

    My advice beyond what was already given by the others here would be to use much more of the orchestra. The entire woodwinds section is also at your fingertips, for instance. Use them to add color and detail, to change repeating sections in small ways. The orchestra has plenty more 'colors' to...
  9. Tice

    How do you use Your reverb on orchestral samples?

    On my large orchestral template that I'm currently using I have 5 different fx tracks with reverbs, all the same Spaces reverb but each track has a little less direct sound to it than the previous one did. This creates an orchestra 5 rows deep. The brass is the exception to this, I'm using...
  10. Tice

    Sample Developers Appreciation Thread

    It amazes me to no end that VSL is being mentioned as little as they are on composer forums. I'd really love to know why.
  11. Tice

    Spitfire Appreciation Thread

    Oh hell yeah! And while we're at it, a Berlioz and Wagner one too! I'm talking the super enormous Berlioz setups!
  12. Tice

    Spitfire Appreciation Thread

    The first library I ever bought from Spitfire was their Bernard Herrmann composer toolkit. Love it! It's a great way of putting myself into a different mindset when composing. The Hans Zimmer piano, and the Symphonic Brass libraries followed. No regrets at all. I'm keeping all my fingers crossed...
  13. Tice

    Sample Developers Appreciation Thread

    I'd like to mention AmpleSound here, I LOVE their stuff!
  14. Tice

    My first official 8dio Demo! (Intimate Studio Brass)

    I really love this demo! Very nicely done! My two cents on the issue of mixing to bring the product to the forefront would be that mixing it isn't how to bring it to the forefront, that'll just make it jump out unnaturally, and the product isn't served by that at all. To put instruments on the...
  15. Tice

    Favourite Solo Woodwinds

    VSL is a clear winner for me personally. I'm very fond of their woodwinds.
  16. Tice

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    Ugh, that really doesn't sound right. I hope they fix it. I have their symphonic brass, quite happy with that. Got a discount on their studio brass, was thinking about it. But this makes me want to wait.
  17. Tice

    Pros/cons: keyswitches vs separate patches for every articulation?

    Hmm, I need to look into this some more... Thanks!
  18. Tice

    Pros/cons: keyswitches vs separate patches for every articulation?

    I like articulation switching that messes up notation/the sheet music as little as possible. If a glisando requires one note to overlap another to activate, you need to correct that for the sheet music. Keyswitch notations tend to be easier to get rid of on your sheet music. I hope future daws...
  19. Tice

    Demo Instruments - Whats Reasonable?

    I like the notion of a demo being full functionality but only for a limited pitch range, like an octave. So you still get to hear the instrument function and can work with it indefinitely without losing a compelling reason to get the full range.
  20. Tice

    Anvil Denham recording Studio reverb

    Thanks for posting that!
  21. Tice

    Shazam! Theme, thoughts?

    I really love this flavor of music for super heroes. Or for adventure movies in general. I even outright miss it. But I do feel that this movie does a few things that make it fall just short of the mark. For this kind of theme to work, it has to be used a LOT, and not be snowed under in...
  22. Tice

    Tips for getting instruments' volume just right, and getting multiple VSTs to work well together?

    You really have to have the sound of a real orchestra committed to memory. Your ear, compared to your memory of what it 'should' sound like are your primary tools. If you cannot isolate a single instrument from the rest of the orchestra by hearing and hear how it sits in the mix, then I'm not...
  23. Tice

    Strings for a large orchestra. What to do...

    Well, it's finally happened. I got Appassionata Strings vol. I, the basic edition. Meanwhile I kept working on the demo I posted, and made others as well using the same template. Each time I kept adjusting the mixing, the placement of the instruments, etc. I now have 3 demos in total, including...
  24. Tice

    Anvil Denham recording Studio reverb

    Oh my god... that's a great way to be a nervous wreck for a while...
  25. Tice

    If you could only use 5 sample libraries?

    Strings: Appassionata by VSL Woodwinds: Woodwinds by VSL Brass: Symphonic Brass by Spitfire Percussion: Stormdrum 3 by EastWest Guitar: the Super Jumbo by AmpleSound.
  26. Tice

    Your experience with sax VI's?

    I've been getting some great performance out of the VSL saxes. I do find that I can't get a very aggressive sound out of them, but overall they've worked out great for me.
  27. Tice

    The Chase - Orchestral Piece/New Template

    Oh, you seem to have taken a few pages from John Williams' way of orchestrating! I like it!
  28. Tice

    Anvil Denham recording Studio reverb

    Thanks for the tip, checking them out... :)
  29. Tice

    Anvil Denham recording Studio reverb

    I'm in the process of trying to emulate the old Star Wars orchestra which was recorded at Anvil Denham recording studio in England. The building has since been demolished, long before modern reverb software I assume. I'm looking for a reverb that is as close as possible to this recording space...
  30. Tice

    Vgm (video game music)

    My go-to game soundtrack to remind myself why I love this job is Jeremy Soule's Total Annihilation soundtrack.
  31. Tice

    Looking for Critiques

    If you have control over it I'd put the piano just slightly right of the center in the stereo image. It balances out left and right more and allows the body of the piano sound to fill the room more.
  32. Tice

    SA BHCT shenanigans (all members)

    Oh, I really like how much power you're getting out of the brass section! Very powerful chords and instrumentation! In the second one the opening flute chord strongly reminds me of a part of the 'Dennis steals the Embryos' track from Jurassic Park, except Williams built it with brass mostly. But...
  33. Tice

    SA BHCT shenanigans (all members)

    Oh, I love it! Was that a sacre du printemps reference in there? I like how diverse this was, really went all over the place, but it's tention also managed to stay subdued.
  34. Tice

    Composing a game soundtrack before art is done.

    @ionian I see the same thing as you said with the different disciplines inspiring each other. And as long as there's a captain on the ship with a clear sense of direction, the result usually feels very coherent across all the disciplines.
  35. Tice

    SA BHCT shenanigans (all members)

    Oh, looking forward to it!!
  36. Tice

    SA BHCT shenanigans (all members)

    Is anybody else going to throw their hat in the ring here? I'd love to see what other people are getting out of the BHCT...
  37. Tice

    SA BHCT shenanigans (all members)

    I went back into the Cubase file to see about that little sound at 2:06. There's definitely something going on within the sample itself, but it can be mitigated with programming.
  38. Tice

    SA BHCT shenanigans (all members)

    Thank you very much!
  39. Tice

    SA BHCT shenanigans (all members)

    Thanks for the feedback! I see what you mean about the little bump at 2:06, I should have checked it better before posting! It's a modulation programming mishap. I overlooked it.
  40. Tice

    SA BHCT shenanigans (all members)

    I really love this thread and have been keeping my eye out for more compositions done with this library to see what other people can do with it. For this occation especially I spent my Sunday composing this piece using only the Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit, Not even other plugins were used...
  41. Tice

    Spitfire Strings Comparison (Spitfire Studio Strings)

    That solo strings violin has such heavy vibrato. I hope you can control that manually?
  42. Tice

    Samples of the octobass.

    Has anyone ever sampled an octobass?
  43. Tice

    SOLO Violin (Joshua Bell)

    Wow! You really command this violin well! Apart from the great composition, the play style you're able to create is amazing!
  44. Tice

    Strings for a large orchestra. What to do...

    Oh, nice price! Thanks for the tip!
  45. Tice

    Strings for a large orchestra. What to do...

    Alright, after a lot of thinking and listening I figured y'all might be curious about my decision. Well, I found that I really liked both the Appassionata and LASS sounds the most but using a library that not everybody else is using as well weighs heavily in my consideration. And since the...
  46. Tice

    Let's define what being a composer is

    Being a composer is making air vibrate. Preferably in ways people enjoy :D
  47. Tice

    I don't care for orchestral templates... Your view?

    For me, templates are a great way to get projects to sound consistent. I strive to create a new one for each large scale project to ensure it gets it's own consistent 'feel'. I won't add multiple libraries for the same instrument or that consistency will break.
  48. Tice

    Where to find internships or composer jobs?

    If you're out there living life and meeting people, and you're great to hang out with, odds are you'll run into your future employer. People will hire a like-able person over a skilled one they can't hang with, usually. And being outside doing things in the world rather than in a room makes you...
  49. Tice

    The end of soundtrack composers?

    I think that if you gave people enough power to alter the music in their game, then at the same time you give them the ability to destroy the experience. I reckon something similar to cheat codes/god mode can happen: players can enjoy god mode for a short while, but at the same time they reduce...
  50. Tice

    Strings for a large orchestra. What to do...

    Oh that is very good to know! It had me worried!
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