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    New TAQS.IM Middle Eastern Music Podcast

    Hi Everyone The TAQS.IM Middle Eastern Music Podcast just launched. Here's the link to the latest interview we did with Peter Deneff, an accomplished Pianist and Jazz Fusion musician about his background, his involvement in the Los Angeles Middle Eastern Music club Scene, and his approach to...
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    Trying to create a Soundcloud alternative

    Maybe a power feature you can add is to designate a link for "mix notes" - meaning the end user receives it, and they can enter in mix notes. This link would only be given for people who you want to solicit mix notes from.
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    How do you get to know your libraries?

    Normally I'll go through and play the sounds either on a drum loop or through a mix, to see how it "cuts" without tweaking. It gives a good sense of how the sounds sit in a mix.
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    Logic Pro X - 10.4.3 released

    Hopefully they bring the chord track back from 9 ;)
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