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  1. Iskra

    16 Levels of Piano Composition !...amazing video from a fabulous teacher !

    I think you haven't viewed a lot of her videos. There are many with very useful tips on practicing at the piano (valid for all skill levels, as position of the hands, how to practice arpeggios, and many more), plus her most interesting videos and most successful are those dedicated to delve deep...
  2. Iskra

    Greetings from Spain

    ¡Bienvenido! ;-) (Spaniard & Madrid here)
  3. Iskra

    The rite of spring - 100% Spitfire Audio

    Great programming! (and one of the best pieces of all time, of course) ;-)
  4. Iskra

    Spitfire kepler. . .

    Sounds and looks amazing. Huge content and many cool ideas.
  5. Iskra

    Your Favorite Wind Quintet and WW Choir Pieces!

    Summer music by Barber (you gotta love Barber!!) ;-) Mladi by Janacek:
  6. Iskra

    Working on the most advanced reverb setup!

    Not reverb-related, so maybe a bit offtopic... Haven't being able to listen to your examples, but for percussion, instead/in parallel of going crazy with EQ and reverb, maybe fiddling around with a transient plugin would be more effective? I don't do 'epic' stuff, but I use Punctuate from...
  7. Iskra

    Want to work for Spitfire in the US?

    Plans for a part-time position to care all the spanish-speaking customers? :2thumbs: And seriously, @Spitfire Team, glad to see you're expanding, guys! - for all the applicants above, good luck!
  8. Iskra


    Designing hardware is one of Yamaha's home base, but take into account that Yamaha is a huge company with hundreds of different product lines (Yamaha music makes from audio interfaces to orchestral percussion and almost everything in between). For example I discussed a long time ago -even with...
  9. Iskra


    Besides Nuage, they had a few years ago the CMC line of modular control devices (which, imho, were super-cool, too bad they are discontinued) They still have in production the CC121...
  10. Iskra

    Hi... I'm a newbie here!

  11. Iskra

    FluffyAudio - Holiday Sale! Discounts up to 50%!

    Buon anno a tutta la fluffy-squadra e benvenutti a Matteo & Simone Ps A good flamenco guitar is something not sampled yet, just saying now you have a ''tocaor" in the team ;-)
  12. Iskra

    New Solo Piano Album - now on Bandcamp

    Nice! Congrats on the release! ;-)
  13. Iskra

    Dominus Choir : also lighter sound possible?

    I'm not into the "epicness" neither, so Dominus was a breath of fresh air when I got it. I don't know if this qualify as a delicate example, but I tried in this peace to get different dynamics, and used different instances to separate male and female sections, if I remember correctly. Regarding...
  14. Iskra

    Mixing Modern Orchestral Music | Ebook for sample library composers

    Hi Joël, Purchased and read the book a couple of weeks back via amazon. Just dropped by to tell you the book is great, really straight to the point and with several very good pieces of advice. Also very nice you don't start the book by explaining what a reverb or a compressor is, really...
  15. Iskra

    Rey's theme - what is the instrumentation?

    More than in Mahler or Wagner? :-) For sight reading, if it helps the players, that's ok, but I don't think your reasoning applies here. There are much more examples of fast key changes, non diatonic harmony and atonal passages in the classical repertoire than in film music. And in the classical...
  16. Iskra

    Rey's theme - what is the instrumentation?

    That's very common in soundtracks, to write the score in concert pitch (in short, in "C"), so no key signature and no transposing instruments, to make the sight-reading easier for the musicians (although I guess this probably does not apply to horn players, i.e, as they have to sight-detranspose...
  17. Iskra

    Christian Henson Gave Me His Mac Pro

    Amazing, hats off to Mr.Henson!!!
  18. Iskra

    Dvorak 9th Movement IV Midi-Performance

    I agree with NoamL above. The piece shows a tremendous effort (as is almost always the case with classical mockups), and it is very expressive - which is the key thing. I would reduce a little the reverb in general, specially in the trumpets and horns to give a bit more spatial connection. Also...
  19. Iskra

    New piece, not sure what genre is this :-)

    Many thanks for the comments LamaRose & Whiskers. I'm kind of in the middle of a 'short reverb' crussade, changed my template for this, and this was the first piece I did with the new one. I used way more close mics than I was used to, and a shorter tail on the reverb split in three 'depths' - I...
  20. Iskra

    My First Sountrack. What do you think?

    Wonderful! Has a Hedningarna vibe, but less electric ;-)
  21. Iskra

    Paradise valley (orchestral)

    Very nice piece. Mix can be improved a little, though I have no advice on how to get it done. Since some time ago I stick to the motto 'less is more' when mixing. I rarely compress anything, just a little MB compression on the master, the rest is a bit of EQ, reverb, and chosing carefully the...
  22. Iskra

    Is the sound too outdated?

    It's not like you're using a DX7 bass or 'bells'. It's not outdated at all. Acoustic sounds never get old ;-) Nice track (absolute black coffee addict here, but also enjoy some good Darjeeling or Earl Grey, as strong as humanly bearable) :-)
  23. Iskra

    Joining in

  24. Iskra

    New piece, not sure what genre is this :-)

    Thanks for listening! Not sure what you mean exactly, you mean speed up the whole piece, or just give It more contrast in tempo between sections?
  25. Iskra

    New piece, not sure what genre is this :-)

    Thanks kony! I didn't wanted it to go too far on the "Epic side", so kept things under the humanly possible :)
  26. Iskra

    New piece, not sure what genre is this :-)

    Thanks for listening! Yes, I think I could tame a little some ww, but I think I should do that with automation (nota a fan of that in orchestral music, seems like cheating a bit) :-)
  27. Iskra

    New piece, not sure what genre is this :-)

    Many thanks for your nice comment and for listening Paul!
  28. Iskra

    Hi from Mallorca

    Hi from Madrid ;-) Benvingut!
  29. Iskra

    Orchestral Tools - Glory Days - Big Band Horns - New demo online!

    I heard some examples of that on the first screencast, no? (not pure good 'ole groovy jazz, but at least some jazzy phrasing and chords). Don't think any library will be able to put up a convincing hard bop tune, anyway... (which is a good thing for jazz sax players or drummers) :-)
  30. Iskra

    Meter vs. rhythm - what's the real difference?

    This exactly. I would add: Pulse =the underlying heartbeat of the music? Within the same meter and rhythm you can stress the pulse differently, e.g on 12/8 meter: 123 456 789 101112 vs 123 456 78 910 1112 (2nd one is a flamenco 'pulse' called mainly buleria)
  31. Iskra

    Output Bundle?

    Many thanks for your input, Paul, John, Your thoughts pointed me even more towards Omni. I really don't use synth elements within orchestral pieces (it's a rare thing for me to do), but on some other tracks from time to time -pop or jazzy oriented arrangements - I need to add some...
  32. Iskra

    Output Bundle?

    I've been interested in this output deal as I have none of their libraries and they sound and look very good. Even if the price have a big discount, it's around the price of omnisphere 2. Seems to me omni will cover more ground in the synth and sound design aspects compared to output's bundle...
  33. Iskra

    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    That indicates me it is not recorded in the same city. :-)
  34. Iskra

    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

  35. Iskra

    New piece, not sure what genre is this :-)

    Hi guys & gals, Been a while since I shared anything, but I want to gather some feedback from the composing and mixing expertise from the community on one of the last tracks I wrote. Not sure if this can be categorized into any genre, but anyway. I tried a different approach on this one...
  36. Iskra

    What is the proper name for "how high the key must rise before being hit again"?

    In real pianos is called escapement, the distance the key has to travel up before you can retrigger it. In real pianos this is a real mechanic device that bounces the key mechanism over the nugget (also real pianos term). In digital pianos the term is the same usually, no matter if the effect is...
  37. Iskra

    Orchestral Tools - Glory Days - Big Band Horns - New demo online!

    I dont know about the horn players, but can tell you for sure the drummer will be rushing! :-)
  38. Iskra

    Orchestral Tools - Glory Days - Big Band Horns - New demo online!

    My birthday is on Sunday, this would be a wondeful auto-gift for a jazz maniac like me. do you think my significant other would agree with this reflection? :shocked: Will wait for a few more demos and hopefully a walkthru before pre-order ends.
  39. Iskra

    Great music of the world nobody knows about

    Njava, Madagascar band (I think living in Belgium), the whole 'Vetse' album - where this song comes from- is wonderful:
  40. Iskra

    Creato's Studio - Solo rec. Sessions on demand

    It sounds incredibly interesting, but a bit more info would be appreciated, as others stated above. I dont care that much about the studio or equipment as far as it sounds ok, but info ok the musicians themselves, tier options, etc, would be great. I mostly use live musicians for jazz pieces...
  41. Iskra

    Eric Whitacre Choir

    Just for the passion Eric Whitacre shows in his chat with Christian I would pay 3K for this library. His passion for the human voice hits you through the screen. Gotta love that man.
  42. Iskra

    Strezov Sampling - Scene d'Amour

    Looks incredibly interesting. Also, am I the only one loving the artwork of the posters? So cool!
  43. Iskra

    Vir2 Instruments - MOJO 2: Horn Section Now Shipping! $75 Off + Giveaway!

    Sounds great, specially for a jazz maniac like me :-) There are not many good products covering good brass and winds for this context (basically you can count them with just 3 or 4 fingers). BTW, love the super-lean interface!
  44. Iskra

    Embertone Releases: Walker 1955 Steinway 'D'

    If you define 'purists' as classical and jazz advanced players, then yes, we care about half pedaling. But we are not what I would call 'literally nobody', as you can clearly deduct from the posts of all the purists in this very thread. Half pedaling and repedaling is a feature that is present...
  45. Iskra

    Midi libraries for Jazz drums Some swing and modern "ECM" jazz MIDI drum loops, performed by a real human and not quantized. As stated above by others, there are hundreds of MIDI grooves around.
  46. Iskra

    Orchestral Tools New Library: TIME MACRO

    The only thing missing would be some shorts and percussion (although we have that covered in sooooo many other libraries), because John Adams also did this: Great sounding library and articulations, and the price is really tempting.
  47. Iskra

    Bernard Herrmann "Vertigo Prelude" Mockup !

    Great mockup (of an amazing piece of music)!
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