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    PEDAL STEEL by Impact Soundworks - Available NOW w/ intro pricing!

    Sounds like you may have hit "Skip missing" during the batch re-save. That essentially saves the patch with the samples it can't find removed, which would account for no samples playing. If that's what happened you may have to extract the .nki from the original download to get the original back...
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    REAPER: Is there an easier way to render out an item like this?

    Ah you beat me by a few minutes @lucor. Mine's a bit longer but I did figure a way to mute the midi item as long as it's in the track above the mics folder: Best,
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    Reaper: How to apply track FXs to source media ?

    No problem! I hope it helps. Reaper seems to follow a non-destructive ethos so they don't have much native functionality for overwriting/editing source files, but I know some scripts explore that territory. Best,
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    Reaper: How to apply track FXs to source media ?

    As far as I know there's not a direct way to apply FX to source media, unless Reaper has some surprises I'm missing. In terms of replacing, using Project Media/FX Bay and going to the Source Media tab is probably the quickest way to replace all the files, but that still does involve manually...
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    Reaper: How to apply track FXs to source media ?

    How many source media files are there? If they all will get the same processing, you could load them in a separate session, apply the FX, export them with FX, then replace the original source media with the new effected ones. Best,
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    Sample Library Depreciation thread

    I do agree that VI purchasing is a pretty risky thing for consumers, and I'd love to see more solutions to correct that, but there is also a balance that the consumer unfriendly policies (if you feel that way about most EULAs) have allowed for the saturation and price drop of libraries in the...
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    Can Someone Please Identify the Percussion in This Piece?

    Impact Soundwork's Momentum has a bunch of content in that vein, both loops and oneshots.
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    Poll - Would you like OT to change the way their NKC files are organized?

    I agree that would be a cool idea, and wish more Kontakt libraries had sample monoliths organized by instrument and mic position for more modular organization possibilities. Unfortunately, besides the addition of work that @Ihnoc mentions above just for OT, I believe it would also involve...
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    Orchestral Percussion in RRA's Palette Symphonic Sketchpad

    Here's a video that may give you more perspective: IMO, the percussion in PSS is really versatile and useful on its own, though I don't own True Strike 1 to make deeper comparisons. In terms of comparing their spec sheets, PSS' percussion doesn't have as many percussion "toys" (vibraslap...
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    Cinematic Studio Brass?

    The term "fix" when used about legato delay in CSS/CSSS is always troublesome to me, since the delay is part of the core concept IMO. But the problem could refer to two things and when there are complaints it's not always specified which. 1. It could refer to the fact that different negative ms...
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    DAW of choice for prepping Audio Samples for a Kontakt Library?

    Nice! Looks like you've already sunk your teeth in! Or maybe it's the other way around. ;)
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    DAW of choice for prepping Audio Samples for a Kontakt Library?

    Hey Jono, here's some Reaper resources that should help get started: Outside of basic track and item manipulation, the actions list is the gateway into how to find almost anything you need to do in Reaper (if you can find the right keywords, sometimes they're not 100% consistent): Some of the...
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    Sampling a vintage harmonium - Detuned beating fix?

    +1 for @gregh's suggestion, RX is likely your best bet.
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    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    In case you didn’t see it, the dev said he’s working on an update on a different VI-C thread.
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    Announcing a FREE Orchestra from Red Room Audio - "Palette Primary Colors"

    Yeah, but both are true. The key switches are stackable so they select both articulation and section, so for example the key switches can be used to activate string longs layered with brass staccatos, or any other combination. Each section and articulation has its own key switch. Hope that...
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    Announcing a FREE Orchestra from Red Room Audio - "Palette Primary Colors"

    Yes, the keyswitches at the top of the keyrange activate articulations rather than on the GUI. To quote @EvilDragon's explanation earlier in the thread:
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    The Orchestra - a year later

    @Voider I don't think you're wrong to have high standards about what you buy, and good on you for voting with your wallet, but I do have two issues with what you're saying: With your Cinesamples example, keep in mind there are top musicians recording in a top studio. I think they know the...
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    ProjectSam OE, VSL SE or Albion II?

    Since it's ensemble based, I sometimes end up adding other instruments with dedicated sections/soloists for parts that more call for the sound of a single instrument rather than a mix of them. I guess that just comes with the territory of ensemble vs. individual sections sample library...
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    ProjectSam OE, VSL SE or Albion II?

    Could I recommend adding Symphonic Sketchpad from Red Room Audio to the comparison list? For softer music it has smaller chamber size sections for strings, winds, and brass, and I really like the sound of the low dynamic layers. Disclaimer: I helped develop it but I really do think it's great.
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    Spitfire dropping Kontakt for HZ Strings

    Heh, that crossed my mind as well.
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    How to program keyswitches with Berlin woodwinds, Berlin Brass, etc

    As I don't own any of the woodwind expansions I can't speak to whether articulations are missing in the multis, but in the core library, nothing appears to be missing for me (besides things like the "TO" patches and playable runs that have special scripting). Also, legato can be activated on...
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    Cinematic Studio Strings - new sample library from the creators of CS2 - out now!

    Just in case you don't know this, the velocity of the keyswitch can set which short note/pizzicato note plays. For example, pizzicato keyswitch at low velocity activates normal pizzicato, middle velocity activates Bartok pizz, and high velocity activates col legno. Same concept works on the...
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    What instrument is this

    Ah, great soundtrack! From the clip I can hear three things you might be talking about: a scraped hi-hatish rhythm, a hollow metal pipe-ish sound, and the clear lead bell. Which one are you referring to? For the scraped sound, Lux Nox Perc+ has a load of interesting cymbal/perc fx...
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    Cinematic Studio Brass?

    CSSS is around four months old now.
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    What library do you love using but don't think many know about?

    No, they're not synced. I think that's just the nature of the springs, though, it's an "unmeasured" feel where the tempo kind of dies out. However, the spring doesn't keep hitting the string long enough to interfere with any other rhythms in my experience.
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    Middle-East percussion recommendations

    I really like the percussion patch in Impact Soundwork's Koron, and it has recorded loops as well.
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    What library do you love using but don't think many know about?

    I'm a big fan of Wavesfactory's Marxophone for zithery struck/plucked sounds, the springs especially sound cool.
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    Albino One metropolis ark or symphobia. Also albionone price

    May I also suggest Red Room Audio's Palette - Symphonic Sketchpad as a really good all-rounder starting library? It is still on intro discount so it's a good time to get it. Best, Christian [Disclaimer: I helped develop it so I...
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    More Libraries like Soundiron's Circle Bells?

    That particular sound at 0:35 reminds me of the Pipeharp from ISW's Resonance Emotional Mallets. Lots of good off-the-beaten-path mallets in that one. Hope this helps,
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    What are your favourite string libraries? (Poll closesd)

    Ni refers to "niente" which means x-fading will go down to complete silence rather than just low volume. KSFP stands for "Key Switch Finger Position" and patches labeled as such have some keyswitches that let you choose what position on the fingerboard the note should be played. Hope that helps,
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    Aleatoric Sample Libraries

    @SimonViklund The only library on that list I own is OT: Symphonic Sphere, but from what I know about the other libraries listed, it might not be quite the same. While the others as far as I know are aleatoric/atonal/textural FX, Symphonic Sphere is generally traditional, tonal FX like trems...
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    Cinematic Studio Strings

    To those who don't like the legato delay, have you tried the Classic Legato patches? They seem to have the same amount of delay as competing products. In my eyes, to remove the delay will actually reduce the quality of legato, since much of the smoothness is coming from the natural recording of...
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    Jasper Blunk is back in the sample industry!!

    In another thread, Jasper gave what I believe his definition of "not for purists" means: ( IMO, "quirkiness in the sound/fades/setup for more expression" are the keywords.
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    IMO, unless you don't have time, I figure it's worth getting the non-feature restricted trial version and seeing how you jive with it. I haven't used the notation editor much and I'm not sure I prefer the default settings, but Reaper is customizeable enough to make it work how you like. I know...
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    Dreaming of a complete muted brass lib...

    I don't think there are any dedicated to mutes yet, but I know Orchestral Tools has one planned (Berlin Brass EXP B).
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    Who is using Reaper for Film Scoring?

    I made a little .gif that perhaps will help with this: As you can see at the end, it responds very differently based on what timebase the item is set to. I've used it in the past to map tempo to an already existing audio track, but it's also useful to add a little feel to midi tracks. Hope it...
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    New years freebie

    I know Prezemek has worked with Chris Hein in the past so I think this is legitimate.
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    Cinematic Studio Strings - new sample library from the creators of CS2 - out now!

    I bet Alex made the walkthrough before NI had finished encoding it, but you made a reasonable assumption. :) I always prefer being able to get my hands dirty if I need to but fortunately for me it seems that Alex and his team have generally great quality control.
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    Advice on Minimal/Travel Setup

    Maybe check out Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2 ( I don't have it but it looks like a really cool collection of quality sounds optimized for light use. I'd recommend REAPER for DAW as it's a really light install and not very resource hungry (and...
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    Announcing Scream Elements Aleatoric FX Bundle $49

    @j_kranz stepped into the other thread to verify that it's his project, not Olajide's. I understand you may have been burnt by Private Labs, but I think it's unfair to Hidden Path Audio to make accusations with the only evidence being product similarity. All the best,
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    2015 POLL: Your preferred DAW/program for work with orchestral libraries?

    I also wish there was a better integrated way to have MIDI input and audio output on the same track. I've been working with the "allow routing loops" and have Play and Kontakt templates of that setup easily accessible. I haven't had many problems with it, although I vaguely remember a thread...
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    Impact Soundworks - $99 Orchestral Bundle on

    No, they are separate sample sets.
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    Epic Percussion

    I'm curious as to why Strezov Sampling's Thunder X3M isn't mentioned more in these discussions? I don't own it (I only have Thunder 1) but I really love their sampling philosophy/sound.
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    East West Stormdrum 3 problem

    Maybe roll back to the previous version of Reaper you were using to see if it's a Play-centric or Reaper-centric issue? Otherwise, I've had some luck getting Play to work with Reaper by changing the "Run as" setting in the VST selection page. Right click on the Play.vst from the FX window and...
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    Play 5 Now Available!

    Figured it out...working really smoothly now. Apparently Play 5 was hanging in REAPER because I had set it to run as a dedicated process. Once I set it to run as a separate process instead, it worked like a charm.
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    DJANGO: Gypsy Jazz Guitar, now available from Impact Soundworks!

    I've never tried to write in this style before, but this library is just really fun and inspiring. :) [Disclaimer: I was a beta tester; take this with a grain of salt if you want to. Spice is good.]
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    Play 5 Now Available!

    I was afraid of that. It's probably something specific to my system and I doubt EW will put much work into it if it's not reproducible by many people. I guess I'll have to roll back. :( I will miss those loading times...
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    Play 5 Now Available!

    Any Reaper users on 5.0.0? I'm having a strange bug where if I load more that 14-16 instances, it'll hang indefinitely. Obviously not great as I can't load or create full orchestral templates. I've been talking to support but I'm wondering if I'm the only one.
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    Play 5 is out

    I was getting significant delays in loading audio until I turned Windows Defender off. After that it started loading quite quickly! Unfortunately I've having trouble re-opening older projects in REAPER, as one or two of the Play plugins will hang indefinitely. Seems like an improvement for the...
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