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    Mystery CCs Causing me issues in Playback

    This issue, and others like it, have plagued me for a few years. This is why I always render to audio incrementally. There's a lot of cleanup and track combining and deleting involved, but it works. I keep all the midi clips in muted state afterwards.
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    Symphony Schymphony

    Ok! I like this a lot. Some gorgeous and unexpected harmonic twists and it holds together really well. It's a bit in that early 20th century style that still supports a large form while allowing for lots of inventive harmonies and melodic evolution. I do hear Walton's energetic gestures (2nd...
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    What should your daily music quota be?

    We call noodling with patches "practicing."
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    The Quandary

    Very interesting and musical approach as well. Reminds me of the feeling I had when I was young, playing with slowed piano parts on a reel to reel. Being a bit lazy at sound editing, this makes me wish I had the more expensive version of something like Pianoteq's products, so I could play with...
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    Sample Library Depreciation thread

    Note: this response is to an earlier post regarding the "superior" work of professionals, presumably doing soundtracks. I have to agree with you, for the most part. But most professionals are really focused on commercial production, and the most successful are part of a production team. Some...
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    Does anyone actually like or use phrase based orchestral libraries?

    In your opinion, and based on what you like to do.
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    Does anyone actually like or use phrase based orchestral libraries?

    I don't either. The only Sonokinetik library I've settled on to date is Espressivo. Most other "aleatoric" or dissonant products seem determined to shake, shock and scare, although there's a fair amount of that kind of material in Espressivo. I find that by laying out my keyboard with...
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    Orchestral Tools New Library: TIME MACRO

    Brass sounds fine; warm and alive. You can always reduce the volume a little. I find this to be a quirky library in that things are marketed as something you layer together, but in fact elements do not always work that way for me. I'm finding that some patches are best used as brief effects...
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    Orchestral Tools New Library: TIME MACRO

    The sound of many of the patches is excellent. I bought it because I like the idea of adding a bit of subtle motion to sustained sounds, as well as the natural sound of the swells and diminuendos. This library allows the user (I hope) to add expressive musical gestures without resorting to...
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    Orchestral Tools New Library: TIME MACRO

    I bought it too. Too beautiful. Like Ragnar told Bjorn about Princess Aslaug "I couldn't help it."
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    Sonokinetic inquiry

    I like to use Espressivo a lot. I find that a partial playback of one sample followed by others offers a lot of flexibility. In essence, I'm using it like I would use a standard instrumental library. I play it as an odd keyboard instrument, and I get better at it with practise. Another...
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    Orchestral Tools - TIME MACRO - Released!

    I too am waiting for a walkthrough. This is a wonderful sounding library. To me it's a bit like an orchestral version of the old Korg Wavestation, and that would be a great tool. Scriabin might come back from the dead just to play with it. Let's find out how versatile it can be. Finger's on...
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    Black Friday 2018 - What's on your Wish List?

    I'm on a tight budget this year, but I'm looking forward to getting Sonokinetik's Sotto. I'm a contrarian: I like to take Espressivo and use it for fairly pretty (to me) music. So I would add some harmonic tension to Sotto phrases. These products are unbeatable for adding realism to my work...
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    Do you really use instant orchestras?

    Most ensemble libraries (and most others as well) have a patch or two that are irresistibly good sounding and useful. That is how they sell them, especially to impulse buyers (all of us from time to time). I find that I have to discern whether or not I can live without those sounds, if I can...
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    Epic Orchestra for game

    Very nicely produced. The samples are (of course) top notch but the real work of mixing, tweaking and processing really shines through. You didn't just pop this out overnight and it shows. Congratulations.
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    Flying - Piano and String Orchestra

    Very nice. I see you like Copland's pandiatonic harmonies (we all do). The piano is especially lovely throughout. Through my cheap headphones, the strings sound a little bottom heavy for a piece entitled "Flying" but that's just an EQ thing. You could have a little fun with the piano...
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    Plagiarism Anxiety

    For me. the bottom line is whether or not a composer is being creative. I have special circles of hell (in my mind) for music critics, lawyers and judges who can't comprehend that.
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    What Will Become of Us?

    I really enjoyed that and I want to thank you for writing and sharing a really lovely piece. I was especially impressed by the dialogue of thematic elements, especially among the woodwinds (Mahler came to mind in a good way). And I loved your folklike dance elements. The wind machine was a...
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    Do you always bounce your MIDI tracks to audio?

    I almost always bounce to audio, but keep the midi data. I'm retired and on a tight budget and still using a ten year old 32 bit machine, albeit with 4 hard drives. I'm still using Sonar 8.5, and it's dodgy as hell. I never know when spikes will occur and settings in Kontakt will get...
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