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  1. jneebz

    Library Spotlight - PercX

    Thanks for the review. Wonder if @Auddict would be willing to hop in to this thread and address some of the shortcomings you mention here.
  2. jneebz

    Our Greatest Instrument Yet. Announcing PercX - 50% Off Black Friday OP Sale! (Standalone/VST/AU/AAX)

    Bought. Really great sounds and the workflow seems like it will be a huge time saver. Well done Auddict and thank you!!
  3. jneebz

    Our Greatest Instrument Yet. Announcing PercX - 50% Off Black Friday OP Sale! (Standalone/VST/AU/AAX)

    The Installer won't accept my account credentials. I've double-checked that they are correct. The "Contact" link on the Auddict website doesn't seem to work. @Auddict or @chrisboy can you help? Thanks
  4. jneebz

    2CAudio Releases PBJ Spatial Mixing Environment, Precedence 1.5 & Breeze 2.5

    I'm assuming (forgive me if I missed this) that wet orchestral libraries don't benefit as much as drier ones when it comes to spatialization plugins such as this?
  5. jneebz

    Orchestral Tools - Introducing the SINE Player: Episode 5 Added

    So earlier posts in this thread seem to imply that there's an "a la carte" option where one has the option to purchase only portions of a full library, but that wasn't exactly what this new video described. It sounded more to me that you own a full library and have the option to download only...
  6. jneebz

    AizerX Comparaisons

    And you've been happy with it?
  7. jneebz

    Joshua Bell *Essential* ????

    I think you're victim of a website blunder by APD. "Joshua Bell Essential" isn't even a product on Embertone's website...probably an upcoming release. Bummer it allowed you to pay though...I'm sure it will work out with Embertone, solid developer.
  8. jneebz

    Tiger The Frog's Alphabetical List of November 2019 Sales

    C’mon @Embertone !! ;)
  9. jneebz

    New Spitfire Strings incoming.

    Because the legato patches were not very good....
  10. jneebz

    Junkie XL Brass?

    OMG. Who is mixing these videos? The 6k is so freaking annoying....
  11. jneebz

    CSSS Main Folder size?

    Ah crud. Yeah referring to CSSS. So I have two .ZIP files in the folder too, which probably account for extra data that you see. I’ve contacted support...hopefully get it sorted soon. Thanks
  12. jneebz

    CSSS Main Folder size?

    Thank you
  13. jneebz

    CSSS Main Folder size?

    Just bought CSSS but the installer is stuck on "Installing Files" so I was wondering if someone who owns the library could post the size of the main CSSS folder so I can compare and verify I'm fully installed. TIA [EDIT]: Reported size on my system (OS X): 38,807,683,814 bytes (38.97 GB on...
  14. jneebz

    Cubase 10.5

    Thanks very much for that
  15. jneebz

    Cubase 10.5

    What if I bought it in June but didn’t register it?
  16. jneebz

    Valhalla Room settings for orchestral mock-ups

    Check out this post from the Valhalla DSP Blog. There are some presets that can get you started.
  17. jneebz

    VEP MULTI Instance V2 (Released) ::: 128 Kontakts with 8192 Channels per VEP Instance

    Thanks very much for sharing, I’m really intrigued by this....
  18. jneebz

    VEP MULTI Instance V2 (Released) ::: 128 Kontakts with 8192 Channels per VEP Instance

    Anybody here that can share real-world experience with this? Looks like you would have to do your mixing within VEPro...?
  19. jneebz

    New Performance Samples Choir????

    Blake Robinson (@Blakus) mentioned an Oceania “update” as part of a post on his Facebook page last week....
  20. jneebz

    Danny Elfman Masterclass

    Well said, I couldn’t agree more. “Masterclass” is the wrong description for these.
  21. jneebz

    Black Friday 2019

    Shhhhhhhhhhh...... ;)
  22. jneebz

    Hello! Aspiring film composer from the Pacific Northwest

    Welcome! From a native PNW'er ;)
  23. jneebz

    Audiobro Sale - LADD and MSB Opinions?

    "Power Features" was probably the wrong phrase....more like the "Deeper" features maybe. Like the sequencer. Holy hell, it's so small and unusable. Menus are buried and the whole process of using it just feels like a chore. And have I mentioned how freaking hard to read it is? ;) If this...
  24. jneebz

    Audiobro Sale - LADD and MSB Opinions?

    LADD: - Sounds awesome - Complicated to make use of power features - GUI - WTF were they thinking
  25. jneebz

    SIGNS - Last Call - Only a Few Hours Left

    @STRING AUDIO - Is this the next iteration of Alchemy 2? If so what are the major differences? Are these new samples? Is there a discount for Alchemy 2 owners? Thanks
  26. jneebz

    Oceania - Probable update coming

    According to a post on @Blakus’ Facebook yesterday. Maybe it will default to a higher volume...;)
  27. jneebz

    Black Friday 2019

    On sale now, until Thursday. In case you werent aware...not sure they will bring that price back for BF/Christmas...
  28. jneebz

    Infinite Series (Aaron Venture) thread

    Exactly my thought also.
  29. jneebz

    [SOLVED] Oceania - Super quiet?

    Wow. I feel like an idiot. Thank you. But yeah. I guess I wasn't expecting an "Epic" choir to be the quietest library I own. Kinda strange that....
  30. jneebz

    [SOLVED] Oceania - Super quiet?

    I've had a clusterf-ck of an experience with downloading and installing Performance Samples' Oceania. Continuata crashes every time the samples folder tried to install, so I got manual download links. I figured out how to unzip the RAR files into the proper folder structure, then loaded a...
  31. jneebz

    How good is MODO Bass in comparison to other options?

    +1 for Modo Bass....easily replaces all my other bass libraries.
  32. jneebz

    Best Service Elysion available now!

    Blasphemy! ;)
  33. jneebz

    Which choir has the best humming patch ?

    I love the mmmms in Time Macro... But I'm sure SF Eric Whitacre has some pretty incredible samples also.
  34. jneebz

    More videos from me: Cinematic Guitars Motion out today

    This, is exactly how I feel about most SL products. Too homogenous to justify the cost...
  35. jneebz

    Driving RAM hard.

    Nah, your RAM will drive you before you drive your RAM. Let your PC/software performance be your guide.
  36. jneebz

    In Session Audio Annual Sale

    Awesome, thanks for the info on that!
  37. jneebz

    In Session Audio Annual Sale

    Yeah been waiting for this to grab Shimmer Shake I did. It sounds great, is easy to use, and sped up my workflow. Definitely no regrets. Earlier this year I grabbed the Riff Generators. The sound quality is fantastic in both, but the newer “Outside In” version seems a lot more...
  38. jneebz

    ProjectSAM S4:Pandora

    This. Exactly what I thought when I heard the S4 demo.
  39. jneebz

    Favourite instrument(s) in your fav. string libraries?

    My all-time favorite string patch is the Spitfire Chamber Strings ensemble Long Flautando. Gorgeous sound and so inspiring.
  40. jneebz

    Cubase, a silly but annoying thing....

    This happens randomly for me. Just assumed it was a bug...I’m on v9.5.5. Definitely annoying.
  41. jneebz

    Headphones, do you mix with them or does it depend on what headset.

    I think you can accommodate your ears to anything while mixing, and if your final mixes are making your clients happy, then go for it. Personally, I feel I get the best results mixing through my near fields and using headphones for detailed listening/tweaking.
  42. jneebz

    Embertone Releases: Walker 1955 Steinway 'D'

    Oh, cool, thanks! I’ll try that tomorrow...
  43. jneebz

    Embertone Releases: Walker 1955 Steinway 'D'

    There's an image in the Installation Guide. However, I found the update installation to be confusing despite the Guide. I just made the folders look like the picture and then had to batch re-save everything. Everything seems to be working now, but the CPU usage is off the charts and the...