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  1. Henu

    Sonokinetic 12 DOC Day 2

    I'd warn people in the mail that "we're giving THIS amount of these freebies and expect them to go really fast- maybe faster than earlier. So act quick or prepare to pay!" Because in all honesty, I don't think nobody expected them to be handed away with a speed of a couple of licences per second.
  2. Henu

    Sonokinetic 12 DOC Day 2

    Yep, I've also experienced the last three freebie-things from them and as Sopranos said, "at least a few hours to half a day" is correct. So EVEN THOUGH we're talking about free stuff given out of sheer good will, 30 minutes of time to react is rather disappointing.
  3. Henu

    Sonokinetic 12 DOC Day 2

    Yep, same here. I get the idea that we shouldn't assume to get free stuff for granted, but I admit it's a bit dissappointing to check the link 45 minutes after it was sent only to see everything is gone already.
  4. Henu

    What is this instrument/sample?

    That has to be some sort of a synth patch, the similarity is way too obvious even with the processing.
  5. Henu

    A good Solo Viola library?

    By the way, I think CSSS is really good. Here's a small example of (yet unfinished) fun mockup snippet attached I did of World of Warcraft's "Wrath of the Lich King" theme music. (And here's the original one)
  6. Henu

    A good Solo Viola library?

    I kinda came here for the jokes and was a bit disappointed. :(
  7. Henu

    Looking for warm tape saturation - can you hear it?

    Don't touch the Waves- they are very digital-sounding. Soundtoys, Kush Audio and Slate make some wonderful stuff which works wonders on orchestral stuff.
  8. Henu

    Loudness war even in film soundtracks 2019?

    Dither on? Why the hell?
  9. Henu

    Heavyocity Punish and Gravity in 2019 - better alternatives?

    @Mike Fox , don't hate me enormously now, but I also just saw the thread again...and my own post and that promise I made. AND I BROKE IT! :( I bought the damn thing and I love it but goddamn forgot to tell you about it! :D I'm sorry! *repents in dust and ashes*
  10. Henu

    Something New. Final Teaser.

    I hope I don't want or need it. (yeah, right)
  11. Henu

    8dio is actually having a sale!

    What I didn't say is that there was about 6- hour gap between the actual purchase and my forum posting. So apparently, they had fixed it by then as it was clearly a mistake. I started to think about it today, and it must have been due to the fact that the original price of the Oboe is exactly...
  12. Henu

    8dio is actually having a sale!

    Yep, I was as surprised as anyone would be.
  13. Henu

    Kontakt issues

    3. You hard drive screams to be replaced.
  14. Henu

    8dio is actually having a sale!

    I bought the Oboe for €7.50 and received the percussion as a gift 20 seconds later. o_0
  15. Henu

    Why is samples relocation so slow in Kontakt?

    I do that a LOT (as I switch between two computers almost on a daily basis) and I*ve noticed that the first "round" is significantly slower than the next ones. So as soon as Kontakt has gone through them once, the process becomes much faster. Kontakt also finds all the "player"- libraries...
  16. Henu

    Hans Zimmer Strings: UPDATE!

    I don't own the library (and most likely never will), but I'm really positively surprised that there are still companies who don't charge from these sort of bigger updates. Very nice!!
  17. Henu

    Strezov Wotan + Freyja bundle is more expensive than buying each separately?

    Strezov is still having the Black Friday- sale on, but George said himself in the forum that the bundles aren't on sale this time. You're looking at the discounted individual prices of Wotan and Freyja, which indeed makes the bundle more expensive right now. Next week or so it's completely...
  18. Henu

    What Did You Buy on Black Friday That You Never Heard of Before?

    Fast Compressors Slow Transparent Compressors Punchy Compressors Mastering Compressors Squishy Compressors Glue Compressors Hardware-Emulated Compressors...............
  19. Henu

    Tiger The Frog's Alphabetical List of November 2019 Sales

    I can't find it from the list, but Korg has currently -50% on many things. I was supposed to buy only M1, but then I wanted the Wavestation too. After that I couldn't resist adding Polysix to the basket. Then I played with them for half an hour, giggled like a maniac, came back and bought...
  20. Henu

    Joshua Bell *Essential* ????

    Yep, I'm just actually doing the same as we speak. I got it working and HOLY MOTHER**** JESUS H CHRIST HOW GOOD THIS SOUNDS.
  21. Henu

    Joshua Bell *Essential* ????

    And for the love of all that is decent, could it be possible to post manual download links for the people who bought it? There's something completely fucked up in the Connect installation and it's impossible to install the library as we speak.
  22. Henu

    Joshua Bell *Essential* ????

    So, I finally bought it but annoyingly enough, Connect seems to stop installing at 25%, getting stuck with package 2 at 83%. Having been tried two different version on two computers both doing the same, so I wonder where is the problem.... :(
  23. Henu

    Joshua Bell *Essential* ????

    <3 Thank you!
  24. Henu

    Joshua Bell *Essential* ????

    I'm still getting the "Morphestra" to my cart when trying to buy this. Anyone else having the same problem? EDIT: It seems like it's using the same item code, being the "433273" which is Morphestra. Does anyone have the JBV item code anywhere so I could add it manually?
  25. Henu

    Dominus or Strezov Freyja+Wotan?

    They are indeed a bit different thing, designed to shine on different areas.
  26. Henu

    Which Soundtoys plugins are worth it?

    In all seriousness, after Decapitator and Echoboy it's just a personal preference. Filterfreak(s) are very good, as is Micro Pitch Shift and Little Alter Boy as well. Just to name a few. Because, in all honesty, all of them are really, really good.
  27. Henu

    Creating Perfect Loops with MIDI Delay

    Hah, good point- didn't even realize that myself. I always do the loops from audio like you describe, but as Joe is working with midi, I didn't think about that at all, as somehow I thought he would be exporting midi files.
  28. Henu

    Creating Perfect Loops with MIDI Delay

    You can either move the first note to start a bit later (at the first millisecond of the loop) and hope it doesn't really make a difference or you can print to audio, as you said. An option is also to start the export 1 beat earlier and cut it away from the exported audio?
  29. Henu

    Unwanted flanging in East West Play 6 Software

    First thing that comes to mind is output routing and accidental signal doubling somewhere in the chain.
  30. Henu

    Joshua Bell *Essential* ????

    I wonder what's going to happen if I want to later to get the full version- will Embertone offer crossgrades or am I stuck with the lite- version for the rest of my life? If there's a possibility for a crossgrade in the future, I'm so hopping in.
  31. Henu

    Storm Choir Ultimate pre-order

    Looking forward to my WHOPPIN TEN EURO DISCOUNT when crossgrading from SC1. Seriously, what?
  32. Henu

    Is Berlin Woodwinds ever on sale?

    It was -50% last Black Friday, so it's certainly a possibility!
  33. Henu

    Melodyne assistant vs waves tune

    Melodyne is best for more surgical work, but when it's all about small corrections in real-time, nothing beats the ease of use of Auto-Tune. Solution, of course, is to buy both. :D
  34. Henu

    Melodyne assistant vs waves tune

    Melodyne is light years ahead of Waves Tune in every aspect. But have you considered trying Antares?
  35. Henu

    What's your workflow when working with VSTs?

    It pretty much goes the same way that it does in FL. At least in 9.5 which I'm using.
  36. Henu

    What's your workflow when working with VSTs?

    I pre-mix with EQ only on the go when using VST's. And that's only if something troubles me a lot, like nasty trumpet resonances or horrible rumble on a crash cymbal. I try to make the track as finished-sounding as possible without any plugins and only try to get everything as balanced and...
  37. Henu

    Voices of War - Men of the North

    Makes sense- and I'm sorry to tell you this but that's exactly one thing where WoW shines. :D But hey, if it does help you, I have about ten choir libraries myself and am still going to upgrade Dominus to Pro when I get some extra money later this month. :P
  38. Henu

    Voices of War - Men of the North

    Ok, I laughed loud for that. :D It's a very niche library, but what it does it does goddamn excellently. Very inspiring, superb sound and instantly transfers you to Riverwood or Storm Peaks (which on you prefer) with a couple of buttons. If you're into fantasy, you can't miss it especially with...
  39. Henu

    I have Requiem and Voxos - do I really need Dominus Pro?

    Well, the original Dominus is at least excellent. (planning to get the Pro update withing a couple of weeks) But I think you could think also check out Tari's Cantus and Mystica for that smaller sound. Mystica is especially excellent and my go-to for smaller female choirs.
  40. Henu

    embedded player? no more? soon?

    I'd love to have that feature back as well. WAY more convenient to listen to the (usually short and for demonstration purposes) Mp3's people post in the browser than download them. I first thought it was about server capabilities, but then I realized it takes the same space to host that Mp3...
  41. Henu

    Be aware - Native Instruments have bumped up prices ~33% for their '50% sale'

    I'm pretty sure it's even more strict in Germany, where they are based.
  42. Henu

    Wavesfactory Cassette - Vintage Tape Emulation

    Just to chime in after using it- this is just so incredibly good.
  43. Henu

    Hardware on mix

    I have a great hardware SSL-bus comp clone which I use criminally little due to the fact that most of my clients requier constant reviewing and tweaking. Sometimes I print the finals through it when I'm 100% sure we're ready to go, but too many times I'm a bit lazy and settle for a software...
  44. Henu

    "Chamber Strings - Performance legato", what happened to the patch?

    I deleted my instruments and re-downloaded them, but performance legato is still completely unusable on runs. Shouldn't the instrument reset be enough or do you really have to download all the samples too? :cautious:
  45. Henu

    "Chamber Strings - Performance legato", what happened to the patch?

    I have the latest update, still impossible to play faster things on SCS without horrible cutting of the notes. :(
  46. Henu

    Spitfire and Embertone sales - when?

    Oh no, don't take it personally- I'm speaking of all of us, myself included. ;)
  47. Henu

    Cubase 10.5 Folder tracks (saving?)

    I've been doing that "modular template" for some time now and it's really a great way to work for me. So in that sort of a sense, this sounds like an amazing feature!
  48. Henu

    Spitfire and Embertone sales - when?

    I get it that it's been a goddamn black friday for the whole past year, but somehow it starts to puzzle me when we are now seemingly entitled for huge sales. Two weeks before actual black friday and panic creeps in if there isn't that huge sale going on already.