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    Something New. Final Teaser.

    Well the AM Brass is due in Jan-Feb 2020 sometime.... And the tin whistle sound is also probably possible by sliding the style slider from "Classical" to "Ethnic" with piccolo their flutes library, or by delving deeper into the instrument settings.
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    Something New. Final Teaser.

    The end of the clip says "vision of a workflow" ;)
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    If you could only use 5 sample libraries?

    Samplemodeling Brass Samplemodeling Strings Audio Modeling Woodwinds ISW Ventus Ethnic Winds + Omnisphere with copious additional 3rd party banks :P
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    Brass Library (R)evolution...

    Samplemodeling Brass. Actually, speaking of evolution... I asked Audio Modeling on their forums the other day whether their upcoming brass was going to be hybrid (synthesis + samples), like their woodwinds, or entirely physical modeled (like their strings), and they said "completely physical...
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    Tiger The Frog's Alphabetical List of November 2019 Sales

    Doesn't include updates or crossgrades again. *facepalm* Best Service must really NOT want my money.
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    Feature Request thread for the Spitfire Audio sample player

    Can we have Eric Whitacre Choir in Kontakt format? Pretty please.
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    What Are You Hoping For in Sonokinetic's "12 Days of Christmas" Sale?

    The same thing I wish for every year... their discontinued Ney.
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    ALL Black Friday Deals

    Already a sticky here:
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    Tiger The Frog's Alphabetical List of November 2019 Sales

    No. They only ever do intro sales on their new products. If you don't buy them then, the price never moves.
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    USB Noise

    Some suggestions here:
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    Kontakt 6.2.0 Posted
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    Metamorpha:Allmosphere Released With Intro Pricing

    Oh. I thought maybe they had intended the changeover but forgotten they hadn't finshed it. Maybe l shouldn't have paid for and DL it then... oops. :P
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    Metamorpha:Allmosphere Released With Intro Pricing

    Hi, 1. Front page link to Allmosphere is wrong, it links to Talua instead 2. Front page info is Talua info, not Allmosphere, despite having the Allmosphere graphic
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    Black Friday 2019

    Best Service currently have 60% off Intensity until end of October, now € 149 (regular € 379)
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    Black Friday 2019

    I'm planning to buy a laptop for live performance. Probably a Razer Blade 15.
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    Black Friday 2019

    Mojo 2 is currently $100 off for Vir2's "Birthday Bash" sale, until November 5. IDK if you will be able to get it cheaper in the BF sales though. Also the KVR forum is giving away 3x copies here, if you want to try your luck out. ;) Entries close Nov 1 for that.
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    Triple Spiral Audio: Universe for Kontakt 6 + Kontakt freebie

    Awesome. This one looks right up my alley! :)
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    Adam a5x or a7x (or any other option)

    Have these. Love these.
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    Deleting doesn't delete?

    I read any ACTUAL emails from here, I just don't subscribe to any threads or topics, preferring to check the forums occasionally instead.
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    Deleting doesn't delete?

    Oh. I never thought about that.
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    Deleting doesn't delete?

    I didn't know this either. I've just been posting it and then deleting it really quickly, to get rid of it before anyone sees it. :blush:
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    Libraries and Other Stuff Coming Out Soon - Which Ones Do You Plan to Buy?

    Nothing really. Except Audio Modeling Brass. Might be a good time to buy some new hardware instead, I think. A Razer Blade laptop has been looking kinda sexy lately.
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    VENTUS WINDS DUDUK, now available from Impact Soundworks! (v1.1 update)

    Only the rest of the Ventus Winds to go then. ;) :P
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    VENTUS WINDS DUDUK, now available from Impact Soundworks! (v1.1 update)

    Yes, I hear it too. But it is not there in every demo. I have actually purchased the library too, but have not had time to test it yet either.
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    VENTUS WINDS DUDUK, now available from Impact Soundworks! (v1.1 update)

    Thanks ED. I've just bought the Duduk, and I'm also looking forward to the updates on the other winds.
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    VENTUS WINDS DUDUK, now available from Impact Soundworks! (v1.1 update)

    @zircon_st do you have an estimate for when the other Ventus Winds will be updated by?
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    We have thumbs down!

    Aww :sad: Who managed to have the most disliked post, in the short amount of time it was up? ... just out of noseyness
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    We have thumbs down!

    YOU get a dislike, and YOU get a dislike, and YOU get a dislike... EVERYONE gets a dislike :P
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    Best Service's Engine software - experiences?

    Hi, If you don't like the interface, nothing has changed. There is supposedly a new ENGINE coming out some time eventually. But considering it is a complete rewrite it might still be years away. I use the libraries in the Akai VIP software (similar to Komple Kontrol), so browsing/searching...
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    Rant about NI - Drama Spinoff

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    SWAM Saxophones question

    Not really. It's more like taking 2 different routes to the same destination. The destination is the same, but how you got there is different. The same sample source material was used/analysed in both though. So there are *some* similarities between the two. I imagine that when SM release...
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    PC Audio systems-custom builds-current companies
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    Released: Moondust for Serum

    Just as well I don't own Serum. Otherwise my wallet would be taking another hit again this month.
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    Kontakt 6 won't play user made presets from Kontakt 5

    What the heck is a tfx file? It's not a Kontakt file type.
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    The Ignore Thread

    I'm pretty sure that if you're the OP, and a user has ignored you, then your entire thread wont even be showing up for them.
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    Make my own Cubase iLok?

    No, not possible.
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    Kontakt 6, sampler in the cold?

    Yes, this has always been the case. There's no way a previous version of Kontakt can know what it's supposed to do with changes/additional features from a Kontakt version from the future. Not sure why you wouldn't just restore the files from your backups?
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    My one issue with Omnisphere

    Sounds to me like you just need to use V2 more, to familiarise yourself with it. I think you simply prefer V1 because you are more familiar with it and know where everything is. That said, I can think of a workaround for you if you still insist on swapping between both versions. Write a little...
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    Omnisphere 2.6 is Out

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    The SWAM string instruments have been updated.

    Maybe you should try reading as s-l-o-w-l-y as you're trying to explain it to me... Here Mark states that he has sent several emails to Audio Modeling You even quoted the post yourself!!! So how would that be Sample Modeling's fault for not replying?
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    The SWAM string instruments have been updated.

    But how are SM supposed to KNOW about these emails that were not even sent to their company? Telepathy?
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    The SWAM string instruments have been updated.

    Huh? How is Samplemodeling responsible for not replying to emails he has sent to Audio Modeling? :confused:
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    Sound Magic Releases Fazioli Rose, featuring four hand-picked Fazioli pianos

    I've posted questions on 4 threads on KvR and never received a reply. I gave up in the end.
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    Subscribe to Pewdiepie!!! (T-series is nr 1 atm!)

    Pewdiepie... isn't he the one who thinks it's funny to make Nazi "jokes?"
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    Bye bye Kontakt?

    Oh, right. I didn't realise that you were only trolling for opinions that agree with your own.
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    Bye bye Kontakt?

    I think your thread title is ridiculous
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    When to use 7/8 Time Signature

    Yes, a lot of his music is in 7/8. Apparently it is a common "greek thing." I'm not hating on Yanni, BTW. I am a big fan of his music.
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    When to use 7/8 Time Signature

    A good time to use 7/8 is when the director says it needs to sound "more Yanni" :P