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    Orchestral Tools - Junkie XL Brass - Pre-Order Started!

    will it have piccolo oboes? 8 in unison, in the back of the hall? it better have piccolo oboes
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    A little bit of impressionism

    Hey man, I love the way the stings can oscillate back and forth between two notes like that without sounding synthetic! What library is that? Is it RR legato? Cheers :)
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    Is Intel still much better making music than AMD?

    It really depends what OS you're running. I always found that UNIX has a subtler, more mature sense of orchestration than the mainstream OS's.
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    Film-maker decisions ruined my score!

    One time a director took the brass completely out of an action cue (a fantasy sword fight!), leaving only random woodwind and string twiddles with huge gaps. I was mortified LOL :D
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    Daniel james live on twitch now with an important topic!

    I see, my apologies! But aren't we still worried about what other's think of it in that case? Why do I have to be an influence to others? Still not really writing from the heart. There is still a hidden attitude in there: "I want to deeply affect others with my writing" or "I want to be an...
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    Daniel james live on twitch now with an important topic!

    Composing music with regard to what, as you put it, "society receives as great and important music" is composing out of fear. Fear of not being received. Fear of being ridiculed. We must compose out of love. Love for how the music sounds. And then it will be received however it is received. We...
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    Advice for a recently made redundant, now full time freelancer (not out of choice!)

    If you send a SHORT (perhaps even mysteriously short) email or some kind of private message to a director (on linkedin, or a forum, or whatever), with an mp3 attached... They're GONNA listen. Curiosity is just too high. And if the first 15 seconds of the music is seductive... and right in...
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    Where to learn music theory and harmony and not getting bored?

    Please do man! Those 9 aspects are not rules -- they are things that any listener needs to be going well before they can enjoy the music they are hearing (and that includes the composer making the music too, of course!). If any one of the 9 pillars is not going well, you won't like the music...
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    Where to learn music theory and harmony and not getting bored?

    ...continued Ok now... BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER Once the 9 aspects of music have been truly, deeply understood (whether you can see it right now or not, music truly is: a dance of these 9 aspects -- there is no 10th aspect you can find), you need to bring it all together into a composing...
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    Where to learn music theory and harmony and not getting bored?

    I have hesitated to answer this question before on this forum, but here goes. A composition course (a theory of how one should approach composing music) must have the following goal 2 goals: To take you, the composer, to the point that your music sounds exactly the way you want -- that you...
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    Where to learn music theory and harmony and not getting bored?

    You loose interest... as you should! Because you are not interested in that, and therefore shouldn't spend time on it. What you are interested in is making the music you want. If your music already sounds how you want, you don't need to learn any theory, or to get bored reading about the...
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    Where to learn music theory and harmony and not getting bored?

    The only music theory that will not seem boring to you is music theory that directly impacts your ability to make your music sound the way you want. If something bores you, it's a sign that either a) it doesn't help you make your music sound the way you want, or b) it does, but you don't...
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    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    This would be theory done wrong. Theory done right is when you learn how to make your music sound exactly the way you want. Which would be the only point of spending time learning something :) Does your music already sound exactly and precisely the way you want? If it does, you don't need...
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    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    Theory, when done right (and more often than not it isn't!) is a tool that helps you get to get your music to sound exactly the way you want. Theory, when done wrong (most books, most courses) is a set of dogmas that have little or nothing to do with how your music sounds -- which is why...
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    Sensitive/female-sounding scales or chord progressions?

    Humans with XY chromosomes have statistically higher testosterone blood levels than humans born with XX chromosomes. This causes XY chromosome brains to generate more decisive, insensitive, risk taking, sometimes stupid and aggressive actions. It also causes higher skeletal muscle tissue...
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    Is film music just another job?

    More importantly: is 2019 the year that oboes make a comeback?
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    Developing longer pieces

    Hey man, I encourage you with all my heart to re-read my post from before! There is no form in that way that you describe :) . It (binary, ternary, etc) is a fairly destructive half-truth that proliferated in the books and which hurts our thinking, because we think in terms of sections which are...
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    Developing longer pieces

    Late to the party! I see I was mentioned above but never got an alert, not sure why! The structure of a piece of music only really has 2 important factors. 1) The subjects -- the musical heroes of your piece and 2) The harmonic journey A subject is a musical idea (usually a melodic...
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    Composing - what does your process look like?

    Good thread! I have done a lot of research into this, over almost 20 years. For myself, and for others, here is the writing approach that I recommend, for orchestral music, wholeheartedly. Music is made out of elements that come in and out of the music. An element could be a single line...
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    Noteperformer - New option to Rent-To-Own

    One of the best products out there! I don't own it myself as I don't need it, but I recommend it to all my students as it offers an above-avarage mockup (automatically!) and orchestral balance you can trust. Great product!
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    Any good composition courses (classical music)?

    Hey guys, sorry to hijack the thread, but anyone know of any good courses on becoming a chess Grand Master? I'd like to play like Kasparov, or maybe Magnus Carlsen. I'm thinking of giving it maybe 2 weeks, 3 tops. Free stuff only please, and bear in mind I don't understand when they say...
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    Is Hans Zimmer overrated as a composer?

    is overratedness overrated as an overration?
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    What's the rhythm/timing here?

    resound's takedown is good!
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    Spitfire Solo Strings: Virtuoso Violin Total Performance

    ok thanks for your answer!
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    Spitfire Solo Strings: Virtuoso Violin Total Performance

    have they created similarly-playable patches for any ensemble strings?
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    Strezov Sampling - Scene d'Amour

    I'm always up for a bit of romance :)
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    Privet from Russia! =)

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    How to imitate the "angry strings" effect in The Meg?

    that album cover scares me so much I have to scroll down to keep it off my screen :(
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    A screaming big band bit :)

    super great track! Enjoyed it a lot, thank you
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    Hi there, I'm very nervous about posting here haha

    Welcome mate, don't be shy :)
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    Spitfire British Drama test run

    So this library is basically evolving pads? The players really managed some expressive sustains in what must have been really boring sessions :)
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    Thomas Bergersen - American Dream (Teaser)

    I love it when he does orchestral :)
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    Learning structure in orchestral/classical composition

    In order to have good "form" a piece needs two ingredients. - A harmonic journey (a harmonic "story") - A musical "hero" (or several) that gets caught up on that journey It is exactly analogous to a story in a movie or a book. You have a story, and you have a character (or several) that get...
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    Hello from Glasgow

    Hello Simon! I'm from Glasgow too, originally, though I live in Barcelona now :) Welcome!
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    What instrument is providing the attack here?

    Yes, harp! And thanks for reminding me of this classic soundtrack :)
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    "Soon" jazz trio

    great playing man! Listening to Dawk's Blues at the moment. Excellent!
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    I ran out of creativity

    Hello! Inspiration is simply your desire for your music to be a certain way. Amazingly enough, this desire is completely involuntary and inevitable. It is as inevitable as whether you like chocolate or not. You put it in your mouth, and what follows you either like or don't. And you don't...
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    Muzzle on Daniel James? - With apologies, here's where I moved the posts

    Since I heard Daniel say: "I wanted to push a key and fucking Jack Sparrow to smack me in the face with his dick!", I have nothing but love for Daniel :D lul
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    Reverse engineering harmony, counterpoint, orchestration music courses?

    Hello Ed, long time, hope you are well, and thanks for the plug :D If anyone wants info on my lessons, they can find it here: Cheers!!!
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    Opening same Cubase project on different PCs

    I can confirm that what Henu said is correct!
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    When media composers write concert works

    Williams' horn concerto has some moments that sound like harry potter ;)
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    Really cool arrangement Film trailer Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum

    I like it! There is one thing that's happened in trailer music which puzzles me though. A few years ago "trailer drums" were big and thunderous, deep, rumbling, flammy, etc... But in the recent couple of years or so I have noticed a trend which I would describe as "clicky". The big trailer drums...
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    Looking for a harp

    Hello! My vote goes to the old EastWest QLSO harp. My favourite harp by far!
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    How can I improve my orchestral mix? Short Williams-esque Cue

    Hi Big, as a brass player you know how real players shape each note in terms of: - the attack of the note - the main body of the note and the way it swells or blooms - the fade out of the note So in midi mockups, the trick is to use the different articulations in your libraries, coupled with...
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    What does one do? when all else fails

    there is nothing a cup of tea can't fix <3
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    Oboes & Bassoons

    Hello! For typical slow, lyrical oboe solos, the Berlin Woodwinds Expansion B cannot be beat. It includes an excellent english horn too. It's not very nimble or playable, but for that particular mood it is excellent and worth the piano roll editing shenanigans.
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    War of the Worlds

    Yes! very good well done :D