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For new potential supporters, the question may arise,"Why should I support VI? It is on the internet for free anyway." .

This is quite true. This resource does come to you free of charge. That said, VI has been literally carried from year to year by the generous donations of a small yet dedicated percentage of our membership. But we do rely on member support for the balance to help cover bills related to forum expenses, programming, technical support and maintenance. So help us today with a one-time or a recurrent donation, to help the maintenance and future expansion of the VI Control Forum (so much more!).

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As always, thank you for all that you are to us and to this community and thank you so much for anything that can you do to help out. We really appreciate your support!

And long live VI!

VI-CONTROL - Virtual Instruments Composers Forum

Historically, VI-Control has always been a composers-based community.

The needs of composers are complex and multi-dimensional. We believe that the latest-generation of composers - using the next-generation tools of virtual instruments for their craft, and midi-mockup as their art-form - is a highly specialized and unique breed of professionals. The requirements necessary to address these specific needs is one of the many reasons we created VI-Control the Virtual Instruments Composers Forum.

Our aim is to provide a forum experience that is richly rewarding interpersonally.

It is a a hub for composers wanting to learn about what's new to help their craft, and interacting with one another and those who develop these tools.

Therefore, this online community offers an environment conducive to interaction between musicians, novice or professional and all those in between, as well as with creators and developers of virtual instruments. New releases, technical tips, reviews, promotions, critics, inspiration, support, "universe repairs." They can also receive feedback for their cues, get tips to improve sonic production values, on working with virtual instruments of all kinds (in Mac, PC or Linux environments), and discovering more about the media industry that composers and musicians are a part of.

All this and more is part of the daily interaction on the forum, in an atmosphere of honesty framed within respectful boundaries. It is also a great place to network, collaborate and find lifelong pals and colleagues.


Checkout with Paypal - safe and secure!